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    The Old School: 1e adventuring! (RG)

    Here is the list of characters for the Old School PBP campaign. Anyone can join!
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    Kelthalas "Kel" Greyleaf

    Elf Thief
    Neutral Good

    Strength - 12
    Intelligence - 12
    Wisdom - 16 (17 - 1 age)
    Dexterity - 19 (18 + 1 elf)
    Constitution - 15 (15 -1 elf +1 age)
    Charisma - 13

    HP: 7
    AC: 3

    Saving Throws:
    Paralysis, poison, death magic: 13
    Petrification, Polymorph: 12
    Rod, Staff, Wand: 14
    Breath Weapon: 16
    Spell: 15

    Thief Skills:
    Pick Pockets: 50%
    Open Locks: 40%
    Find / Remove Traps: 30%
    Move Silently: 35%
    Hide in Shadows: 35%
    Hear Noise: 15%
    Climb Walls: 85%
    Read Languages: -

    Elf Abilities:
    90% resistance to sleep and charm
    +1 to hit with bows, short swords, long swords
    60' Infravision
    Notice secret/concealed doors 1/6
    Find secret doors 2/6
    Find concealed doors 3/6
    Surprise 4/6 when not in metal armor and with only other elves or halflings

    Weapon Proficiencies: Longsword, dagger

    Secondary Skills: Miner

    Psionics: None.

    Languages: Common, Neutral Good, Thieves' Cant, Elf, Gnome, Halfling, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Orc, and Gnoll

    Equipment: Longsword (15 GP), Dagger x10 (20 GP), Leather Armor (5 GP), Belt (3 SP), Low Soft Boots (8 SP), Cloak (5 SP), Backback (2 GP), Small Silver Mirror (20 GP), Flask of Oil x5 (5 GP), Large Belt Pouch x2 (2 GP), Rope 50' (4 SP), Large Sack (16 CP), Thieves' Picks and Tools (30 GP), Tinder Box with Flint and Steel (1 GP), Standard Trail Rations for 1 Week (3 GP)

    Money: 5 GP, 18 SP, 4 CP (Starting money 110 GP)

    Height: 4'9", Weight: 100 lbs., Age: 114 (Young Adult: +1 Con, -1 Wis)

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    Block ghostcat

    Female Human Druid
    True Neutral

    Strength - 14
    Intelligence - 9
    Wisdom - 14 (15 - 1 for age)
    Dexterity - 14
    Constitution - 14 (13 + 1 for Age)
    Charisma - 15

    HP 8
    AC 7

    Saving Throws:
    Paralysis, poison, death magic: 10
    Petrification, Polymorph: 13
    Rod, Staff, Wand: 14
    Breath Weapon: 16
    Spell: 15

    Spells: 4 1st Level (2+2 bonus)
    Detect Snares & Pits,
    Pass without Trace

    Weapon Proficiencies: Sling, Club

    Secondary Skills: None

    Languages: Common, True Neutral, Druidic (can learn 1 more)

    Equipment: Oaken Cudgel, Sling (10SP), Sling Stones x20, Leather armor (5GP),
    Wooden Shield (1GP), Cloak (5SP), Boots - High Soft (1GP), Backpack (2GP),
    Wax Candle x5 (5SP), Small Sack x2 (2SP), Iron rations for 1 week (5GP)),
    Waterskin x2 (30SP), Oil Flasks x1 (30SP), Bullseye Lantern (12GP),
    Iron Cooking Pot (10SP), Large Belt Belt pouch (1GP), Small Belt pouch (15SP),
    Chalk x2 (4CP), Fishhook x5 (10SP)), Flint and steel (1GP), 10' Cord,
    50' Silk Rope (10GP)

    Money: 60 GP, 10 SP, 7 CP (Starting Money: 110 GP)
    Movement: 9" (Enc. = 891 GP)

    Height: 6'2", Weight: 118Ilb, Age: 20 (Young Adult +1 Con, -1 Wis)

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    Amirad (the Gallant – I love 1e titles)
    Human Paladin level 1 , Lawful Good,
    Age: 18 Height: 5"7' Weight: 182 lbs

    Str: 13 Weight allowance +100, Open Doors 1-2, Bend bars 4%
    Int: 15 Common, Lawful good, dwarven, gnome, goblin, ogrish
    Wis: 15 Bonus spells potential, bonus save +1
    Dex: 18 +3 reaction adj/ranged attack, - 4 AC
    Con: 12 System shock 80%, Resurrection survival 85%
    Chr: 17

    Level: 1 Exp: 440/2750 (treasuer from first expedition)

    AC: 0 (-2 vs evil) Hit Points: 10

    Rod, Staff, Wand:14
    Breath Weapon: 15
    Death Magic, Paralysis, Poison: 12
    Petrifaction, Polymorph: 13
    Spells:15 (14 , +1 wisdom bonus for saves involving will)

    Weapon Proficiency: Sling, hand/throwing axe, bastard Sword,

    Deity: Solinar, LG god of the sun, truth, protection. Symbol: sun amulet

    Detect Evil 60', Immunity to Disease, Protection from Evil, 10' radius, Paladin’s Code
    Lay on Hands 2hp/day, Cure Disease 1/week

    Secondary Skills: teamster/freighter

    Cash: 42 pp, 18 gp, 8 ep, 8 sp. (Starting gold 120)
    Tithe owing: 4pp, 2g.p., 14sp (from first expedition)

    Splint mail (80gp), Sling + 42 bullets (25sp.), Sword, Bastard (25gp.), hand/throwing Axes(3) (3gp.)

    Holy symbol(Solinar, sun amulet), wooden (7s.p.), boots high, hard (2g.p.), Cloak (15s.p.), belt (3 s.p.)

    Backpack (2g.p.), waterskin (15s.p.), small belt pouch (15 s.p.), large sack (15 s.p.)

    Standard Rations (3 g.p.), tinderbox+ flint and steel (1 g.p.), 5 torches (5 c.p.)

    Note: Should Amirad reach the ripe old age of 21, he will gain 1 point of str and 1 point of wisdom.

    Just call me the paladin who gave all my ‘excess’ wealth away...

    Short statistics:
    Amirad the Gallant
    AC: 0(-2), HP: 9/10,
    Sling THAC0 17 (1d4+1/1d6+1)
    Axe throwing THAC0 17 (1d6/1d4)
    Axe, off-hand THAC0 21 (1d6/1d4)
    Bastard sword, main hand THAC0 20 (1d8/1d12)
    Two-handed bastard sword THAC0 20 (2d4/2d8)
    Lay on Hands 2hp/day: 2
    Other edges - immune to disease, +3 against surprise/ranged initiative, detect evil, protection from evil, cure disease 1/week
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    Block The Digger

    Litlandial Mohindran (Little Mo) First level;

    Female; Chaotic good; Half-Elf Cleric (of Corbila)/Fighter/Magic-User ;

    Str 15 (+20lbs carry)
    Int 15 (Understand spells 65%)
    Wis 18 (Exp bonus) (+4 mental save)
    Dex 15 (-1 AC)

    Con 15 (+1 HP/die)
    Cha 12

    Hit Points 8 [(11+9+5)/3)]
    AC 6 (leather & shield & Dex)
    To Hit AC 0 = 20

    Saving Throws
    od, staff, wand 11

    Breath Weapons 15
    Death, Paralysis, Poison 10
    Petrifaction, Polymorph 13
    Spells 12

    30% resistance vs Charm & Sleep
    Infravision 60
    Secret doors 1/6 (2/6)

    Encumbrance 82/90: Move 90/round
    Proficiencies: Short Bow, Longsword, Light Mace, Dagger
    Languages: Common,
    elvish, gnoll, gnome, goblin, halfling, hobgoblin, orcish.

    Cleric: Cure Light Wounds (2) Protection from Evil
    Magic User: Read Magic, Charm Person, Shield, Identify

    Leather Armour, Light shield, Long Sword, Short Bow & 20 arrows, Light Mace, Dagger (2), Leather Scroll cases (4), Backpack, Iron Rations (7 days), Waterskin, Spellbook, 50' Hemp Rope, Pitons(10), Hooded Lantern, Oil Flasks(5), Tinderbox, Wooden Holy Symbol of Corbila, Grappling hook, Ink.

    Money: 21GP Height: 5' 1.5" Weight: 96 Age: 48: Secondary Skill: Forester

    Turning Undead:

    Skeleton 10
    Shadow 13
    Ghoul 16
    Zombie 19
    Wight 20

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    Human Ranger level 1 , Chaotic Good,
    Age: 23 Height: 5'9" Weight: 175 lbs

    Str 17
    Int 13
    Wis 16
    Dex 13
    Con 18
    Cha 17

    HP: 19
    AC: 5

    Saving Throws:
    Paralysis, poison, death magic: 16
    Petrification, Polymorph: 17
    Rod, Staff, Wand: 14
    Breath Weapon: 15
    Spell: 17

    5’9” 175lbs
    23 years old

    Secondary Skills:

    Psionic ability: 214: 107 attack, 107 defense

    Psionic Blast (20)

    Mind Blank (1)
    Thought Shield (2)
    Tower of Iron Will (10)

    Sensitivity to psychic impressions (1/round)
    (At 3rd level Expansion (5/round))

    Scale Armor (-4)
    Shield Med (-1)

    Long Bow
    -arrows (20)
    Long Sword
    Axe, Battle

    Case, Map
    Flint & Steel
    Rations, Trail (4days)
    Rope, Silk
    Signal Whistle

    1pp 4gp 9sp 8cp

    +1/lvl to damage vs 'Giant' class monsters. Bugbears, ettins, giants, gnolls, goblins, hobgoblins, kobolds, ogres, ogre magi, orcs & trolls.

    Suprised only on a 1 (d6)
    Suprise on 1-3(d6)

    Underground must have observed the target within the last 3 turns (30 minutes).

    Outdoors 90% base chance.
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    Male magic user
    Chaotic neutral

    Strength – 16 (15+1 for age)
    Intelligence - 16
    Wisdom - 15
    Dexterity - 14
    Constitution - 17 (16 + 1 for Age)
    Charisma – 11

    HP 6
    AC 10

    Saving Throws:
    Paralysis, poison, death magic: 11
    Petrification, Polymorph: 15
    Rod, Staff, Wand: 14
    Breath Weapon: 13
    Spell: 12 (11 +1 wisdom bonus for those involving will)

    Spells: 4 1st Level
    Read Magic
    Burning Hands
    Detect Magic
    Dancing Lights

    Weapon Proficiencies: Staff

    Secondary Skills: Mason/Carpenter

    Languages: Common, Chaotic neutral, +5 more

    STR Bonus to damage +1, encumbrance adjustment in pounds +35, minor tests (forcing doors) 1-3, major tests (bending bars) 10%
    INT maximum additional languages 5, Experience Bonus
    WIS Mental saving throw +1
    DEX no adjustments
    CON +2 hp per die, 98% raise dead, 97% system shock

    bedroll, ink, parchment (5 sheets), rations (3 days), candle (5), dagger, staff, backpack, chalk (5 pieces), inkpen (3), cloak, boots, low soft, wateskin, torch (3)

    Starting gold 20, Gold remaining 2 gold, 5 silver, 7 copers
    Height: 5' 8.5"
    Weight: 204
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    Block Scott DeWar


    I am thinking Human Cleric. What are the gods of the land?

    Cleric of Solinar, giver of light and truth

    Alignment: LG

    Austin Haarelsen

    Str : 13 doors: 1-2 BBLG 4%
    Int : 13
    Wis: 15
    Dex: 10
    Con: 15
    Chr : 15

    Age : 24 height : 5' 9" weight : 207
    Hit Points: 7/9 Level: 1
    Exp : 8/1550

    A/C :5 (scale + Shield)

    2ndary skill :Trader/Barterer (business man)

    Rod, Staff, Wand:14
    Breath Weapon: 16
    Death Magic, Paralysis, Poison: 10
    Petrifaction, Polymorph: 13

    Cash: 25 gp, 22 sp, 7 cp
    weight allowence Base:150; Str:+10 total = 1600 gpw

    armour :
    scale mail            45 gp
    shield, small         10 gp
    great helm            15 gp
    weapons :
    mace, footman's        8 gp  100 gpw 2-7/1-6
    Hammer, Lucern         7 gp  150 gpw dam 2-8/1-6
    Hammer, non-weapon     1 gp   50 gpw 
    Misc Eqpt :
    leather backpack        2 gp
    case, bone, map/scroll  5 gp
    Lanturn, hooded         7 gp
    Oil, flask of X 10     10 gp
    Large belt pouch X 2    2 gp
    rations, iron, 1 week   5 gp
    holy symbol, iron       2 gp
    tinderbox, flint/steel   1 gp
    rope X 100'                   8 sp
    waterskin                    15 sp
    -mead-pint                    5 sp
    iron spikes X 10              1 sp
    torch X3                         3 cp
    belt                       3 sp
    boots, hi hard         2 gp
    cloak                      5 sp

    level 1:1 + 2


    Austin was an orphan, the son of traders in the local area. His parents were busy on a usual trade run to one of the mines when they were attacked and killed in a bandit raid. he was one of two survivors, the other being another trader. the kindly gentleman turned the lad over to the temple of Solinar to give him direction, other then revenge.

    It was a gambit that paid off. Austin has been working in the temple, studying the ways of the light bringer, while giving back by working in the stores and purchases department. However, this young lad has the typical wanderlust of one his age, not to mention the traveling desires of his parents bred into him.

    Today, he finishes his work a bit early and wanders down to the tavern where the celebratory fests are occurring succeeding the graduation ceremony, and enters the tavern...

    Where he happens upon his childhood play mate and cousin Amirad! He has followed in his fathers footstep but with a holy twist for he has accepted the holy vows of a paladin. together with a team of adventurers they follow in the steps of their younger years and take to the land to defeat evil foes. in this case they have accepted to task of ridding a mine of undead.

    [sblock=xp history]swarm o' rats in mine shaft: 8 xp
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    Sgt Stubbs Silverhammer

    Originally Posted by Deuce Traveler
    Going with a Dwarven Fighter, so the stats should now be as follows:

    Str 14, Int 12, Wis 14, Dex 14, Con 15, Cha 10

    Character will be named Sgt Stubbs Silverhammer, an odd dwarf who left home at his young age to join the humans fighting on their borders because he grew up dreaming about riding with a lance on horseback. Poor Corporal Silverhammer wants to become a knight or a paladin, not understanding the biases of both his own dwarves and of humans. He worked for the militia along the human borderlands, and impressed the humans he worked for enough to reach the rank of sergeant and earn some significant pay that he worked hard to save. The money purchased his equipment once his term of 3 years of service in the militia expired. He insists on keeping his rank, as he believes that titles are important to men.

    Will purchase some items and finish up his racial advantages and post a complete character sheet soon.

    Sgt Stubbs Silverhammer, Male Dwarf, Fighter 1, Alignment: Lawful Good

    Strength - 14
    Intelligence - 12
    Wisdom - 14
    Dexterity - 14
    Constitution - 15 (+1 to hp)
    Charisma - 10

    Armor Class: 3
    Hit points: 11

    Saving Throws:
    Paralyzation, Poison, and Death Magic: 14
    Petrification or Polymorph: 15
    Rod, Staff, or Wand: 16
    Breath Weapon: 17
    Spells: 17

    Languages: Common, Lawful Good, Dwarf, Gnome, Goblin, Kobold, Orcish

    Racial Bonuses:

    +4 bonus to saving throws for magic wands, staves, rods, and spells.

    +4 bonus to saving throws vs toxic substances

    Extra Languages: Common, Lawful Good, dwarven, gnome, goblin, kobold and orcish

    Infravision, 60'

    Able to detect the following when within 10 feet: detect grade or slope in passage (75%), detect new construction or passage/tunnel (75%), detect sliding or shifting walls or rooms (67%), detect traps involving pits, falling blocks, and other stonework (50%) or determine approximate depth underground (50%)

    In melee combat, add 1 to dice rolls to hit half-orcs, orcs, goblins, and hobgoblins
    Subtract 4 from opponents roll when oppenent is a ogre, ogre magi, troll, giant or titan

    Add 1 to Con, subtract 1 from Cha

    Equipment: Banded Mail, Small Shield, Long Sword, 2x Throwing Axes, Backpack, Tinderbox w/ Flint and Steel, 1 Week Iron Rations, 5 Torches, Full Waterskin, Large Sack

    Money: 3gp, 29 cp

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    Maruial "Forestkin" Afalines, Male Elf, Fighter 1 / Magic-User 1, Veteran Prestidigitator
    Chaotic Neutral

    Strength - 16 (+1 Damage, +350 W.A, Open doors on 1-3, Bend Bars 10%)
    Intelligence - 14 (7th level spellcasting, 6-9 spells, 55% learn spell)
    Wisdom - 12
    Dexterity - 14
    Constitution - 12 (System Shock 80%, Revival 85%)
    Charisma - 14 (No. Max Henchmen: 6, +5% loyalty, +10% reaction)

    Armor Class: 6
    Hit points: 7
    THAC0 20
    Longsword THAC0 19, 1-8 SM, 1-12 L
    Short Bow THAC0 19, 1-6 SML, 2 Attacks per Round, Range 5-10-15

    Saving Throws:
    Paralyzation, Poison, and Death Magic: 14
    Petrification or Polymorph: 13
    Rod, Staff, or Wand: 11
    Breath Weapon: 15
    Spells: 12

    Spells: Read Magic, Charm Person, Protection From Evil, Detect Magic

    Weapon Proficiencies: Short Sword, Long Sword, Short Bow, Long Bow

    Languages: Common, Chaotic Neutral, Elvish, Gnome, Halfling, Goblin, Hobgoblin, Orcish, Gnoll

    Secondary Skills: Hunter

    Racial Bonuses: 90% resistance vs Sleep and Charm;
    +1 to attack rolls with Bows, Short Swords, and Long Swords;
    60' infravision;
    Notices secret doors 1:6, Finds secret doors 1:3, Finds concealed portals 1:2;
    Surprises monsters 2:3 outside of armor and 90' from party, Surprises monsters 1:3 when entering through portal

    Equipment: Studded Leather, Large Shield, Small Helm, Long Sword, Short Bow, Quiver of Score, Twenty Arrows, Backpack, Waterskin, Large Belt Pouch (Components), Small Belt Pouch (Money), Tinder Box, Belt, Hard Boots, Cloak, Spellbook, Hooded Lantern, 3x Flasks of Oil, 50' Rope, 2x Leather Scroll Cases, Large Sack, Standard Rations

    Money: 5gp, 8sp, 4cp

    Height: 4'10", Weight: 120, Age: 180

    XP: 0/0

    A short, wiry elf dressed in just enough armor to keep mobile. He has extremely curly black hair that touches his neck and a pair of violet eyes. Despite never having adventured in the past, Maruial is amongst the oldest of the youngster elves from his arboreal home. He's soft spoken, but keeps an open mind and is always open for suggestions. His current motivation for adventuring is to prove to his mentors that he has become both a capable wizard and fighter and finally be free of apprenticeship.
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