4E Running Commentary on Rel's 4e Campaign (Complete 8/2/10)
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    Running Commentary on Rel's 4e Campaign (Complete 8/2/10)

    Piratecat and his group almost certainly do this better than me. But I am finally running my first bona fide 4e campaign and I promised a few people that I'd post something about it. This is not intended as a Story Hour. It is a chronicle of how I'm using the 4e ruleset (and my changes to it) in order to present this campaign world to the players. I'll be discussing where this worked, where it didn't and any emergent features along the way. Hopefully I can get my players to chime in as well.

    Before I get into how the first session ran, here are a couple of other relevant threads:

    Those are some details about the campaign setting I've cobbled together as well as my house rules respectively. Without further ado, allow me to introduce the characters:

    Zanne (pronounced Zah-nay) - Female Human Warlock (infernal pact) played by "Marcus" - Zanne hails from the Empire of Vond to the north. She is part of a diplomatic mission from Vond (the demigod/emperor) to the kingdom of Opkhar. She likes long walks along the edge of the plateu where she can commune with the Mist Demons. Her turn-ons include herbalism and its uses in dye-making.

    Astavian (pronounced As-tah-vee-an) - Male Dragonborn Paladin of Ryukaar (Dragonborn deity of vengeance) played by Riggs - Astavian is part of a recently founded church (less than 50 years old) that worships the apparently reborn aspect of Ryukaar who was thought to have vanished in the Cataclysm some 500 years ago. When he's not smiting Mist Demons, Astavian likes to meditate and practice calligraphy.

    Eshik, Clan Moonscale - Male Dragonborn Ranger (dual wield style) played by Ba11zooka - Eshik is one of the "Edgerunners" who keeps the many evils of the world from swallowing civilization. He was employed at a quarry in his youth and knows a bit about stonework and still does a bit of small scale stonecarving and jewelry making in his spare time.

    Mialain - Female Cleric of Melora played by my wife (She'll probably have an account here soon as "Talltree") - Mialain hails from the Elven peak of Enmurinon where she was being trained to be a Ranger by her brother. When he left to undertake some mysterious mission for the Queen, she began to have visions that led her to begin worship of Melora. The trick is that the goddess Melora has been "dead" for almost 500 years. As far as she knows, she is the only cleric of Melora in the world. Her hobbies include painting and cartography.

    Up next...We actually get started playing.
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