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    Block dimsdale

    OOC: placement and flying opprotunities

    Don I, please place Kruk at F12. Thank you.

    Dawn Raven, feel free to launch Kruk at a foe (or group of foes) of your choice. He'd look forward to it.

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    7 Rabbit enters the warehouse steps behind his companions, and immediately stops dead, staring open-mouthed at the ritual in progress. He studies the proceedings in fascination, barely noticing as the paladin and warlord charge away from him. As the closest chanter turns to glance at him, he raises his hand and absently blasts it with a bolt of force, still watching the ritual and muttering to himself.

    As Les's instructions reach him, Rabbit suddenly looks around and becomes aware of the battle. He hurries to follow them, short legs pumping, and calls out his conclusions.


    Start at J12.

    Minor: Warlock's Curse on the caster at K11.
    Standard: Eldritch Blast at it: 15 to hit vs Reflex, 16 damage
    Move: to I13, H13, G13, F13, E12 (gaining concealment for Shadow Walk)

    I assume that studying the ritual is a free action. If it's a move or minor action, I'll just study it instead of moving. If it's a standard action, scratch this whole post - I'll think of something else to do.

    Arcana to examine the ritual: 21

    I'm trying to figure out:

    1. What's the magic supposed to do?
    2. How much time until the ritual's complete?
    3. How much focus does each caster need to keep on the ritual, and does it take all of them? If one of them stops casting temporarily and then goes back to it, what will that do?
    4. Is there anything else that's being used in the ritual (material components, focuses, etc) and what will happen if it's disturbed?
    5. Can I think of any other way to disrupt the ritual?

    7 Rabbit stat block
    7 Rabbit- Male Dwarf Warlock 1
    Passive Perception: 11, Passive Insight: 16
    AC:15 (17 vs. OA), Fort:14, Reflex:14, Will:13 -- Speed:5
    HP:29/30, Bloodied:15, Surge Value:7, Surges left:7/10
    Initiative -1
    Action Points: 0, Second Wind: not used
    Powers: Dire Radiance, Eldritch Blast, Diabolic Grasp, Armor of Agathys

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    Active Mini Stat Block
    Ashurn Dhara (Ash) Initiative: 4
    Passive Insight: 11, Passive Perception: 15
    : Normal, Speed: 6, Size: Medium
    HP: 24/24, Bloodied: 12
    Amount of Surges: 2/7, Surge value: 6
    AC: 16(+0), Fortitude: 12(+0), Reflex: 17(+0), Will: 14(+0)
    Action Point(s): 0/1, Second Wind: Available
    Main Hand: Hzakan Shadow Blade +1 to Hit and Damage. +1 additional damage against targets Ash have CA with. Extra 1d6 damage on critical.
    Shurikens: 10/10

    Sly Flourish
    Deft Strike
    Piercing Strike

    Positioning Strike
    [Expended]Trick Strike
    *Sneak Attack: +2d8 against target I've combat advantage with.
    *Weapon Focus - Light Blades: +1 feat bonus to damage roll on attacks with light blades.

    I'll start at G13 then.

    "Got it Les." replies Ashurn as he sees Raiyek and Les starts to move towards the gnolls.
    Regarding movement
    With a speed of 6, can Raiyek and Les reach their destination? If I am not mistaken, diagonal movements takes up 1 square for the first and then 2 squares for the 2nd? So to move diagonally 2 steps, you need to use 3 squares? Just wondering.
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    Diagonal movement

    That was only the rule in 3rd Ed. In 4th Ed, they decided it was too cumbersome, so everything just takes 1. (I use the 3rd Ed rule in my games anyway, but it's a house rule.)

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    Raiyek leaps into action, cutting down the nearest cultist before racing toward the gnolls, one of which is outlined in divine fire.

    Seeing their comrade fall, the cultists balk, their ritual interrupted. For a moment, the muffled screaming ceases. A growl from Burodorub makes them begin to chant once more, only there is a slightly different cadence than before. The innermost circle glows green, and a translucent shield of energy rises from the chalk markings, protecting the figure within (G11 dies, and the inner circle is no protected by a weird green shieldy-thing. It looks like you can walk through it if you wanted to, but it won't be fun).

    The wizard Burodorub, now risen from his chair, scowls. "Do I have to do everything by myself?" he asks as he reaches into his filthy robes and grabs a pinch of red powder, which he sprinkles on his tongue. The tiefling erupts into a coughing fit, bending over in increasingly violent spasms until he hocks up what appears to be a ball of gray flesh the size of a child's head. He drops it to the ground, making a noise that is somewhere between an arcane incantation and a belch. The ball hits the ground, shudders, then unfolds into a dog-like creature made of grey flesh. Its eyes glow red, and its teeth and claws look sharp (Burodorub spends a minor action to summon, er, let's call him "Fluffy").

    Satisfied with his companion, Burodorub takes a step forward and points the roasted leg at Raiyek. A small ball of energy blasts forth from the meat, hitting Raiyek in the back as the elf lets out a yell of pain (Move action: I2. Standard action: Magic Missle on Raiyek, which hits and does 7 damage


    "Fluffy": 26
    Sessadore (20/27): 22
    Burodorub: 20
    Dawn Raven: 19<<Your Turn!
    Spear Gnoll Q7: 18
    JNC: 17
    Club Gnoll A9: 17
    Pierce: 16
    Spear Gnoll A7 (DC): 13
    Club Gnoll Q9: 13
    Dimsdale: 3

    Les and Kruk wanted to start in the same square, so I just placed her in I13. Please note that I wanted you to make your placements, not your actions, because they might change as some of the enemies will be moving before you.

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    I believed that Les wanted to start at H13, Kruk at F12(Though you did say only from G to K, 12 and 13), Rabbit at J12 while I wanted to start at G13?
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    Les' new chain strikes true, drawing both blood and a yelp of pain from the gnoll (hit!).

    One of the gnolls on the other side of the room slinks into the circle, towards the bound figure. It is about to step into the second circle when the tiefling shouts out, "You fool! Don't enter the inner ring!"

    The gnoll stops short, inches from the shield of green energy. The beast scowls, then draws crossbow from its patchwork leather armor and points it at 7 Rabbit. The bolt whizzes past a cultist, who is unflinchingly absorbed in his chanting. It buries itself in 7 Rabbit's leather chestguard, unable to pierce his armor (Q7 moves to L7 and fires a crossbow bolt at 7 Rabbit, which misses).


    "Fluffy": 26
    Sessadore (20/27): 22
    Burodorub: 20
    Dawn Raven: 19
    Spear Gnoll L7: 18
    JNC: 17<<Your Turn!
    Club Gnoll A9 (9 damage): 17
    Pierce: 16
    Spear Gnoll A7 (DC): 13
    Club Gnoll Q9: 13
    Dimsdale: 3

    Studying the ritual is a minor action. Please note that I didn't want you to act until we everyone was placed. :/
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    Then I'll use my rolls from earlier to:

    Minor: study the ritual Arcana 21
    Move: Warlock's Curse at K11
    Standard: Eldritch Blast at K11: 15 to hit vs Reflex, 16 damage

    My flavour from the last post still works for that, just that "turning to run" is something I'm starting to do at the end of my action so it can still be interrupted before I take more than a few steps.

    (Tactics: I want to take out a minion and get my +1 for next turn, when I'll follow you guys and start hammering on bigger prey.)

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    Block Lord Sessadore

    I'm wondering if it would be better if we concentrated on taking out the ritual casters first, to make sure Marley makes it. I guess Rabbit will probably be able to tell us how long we have, but if we don't have much time I think Kruk and I can try to hold off the gnolls and tiefling while the rest of you take out the cultists. Thoughts?

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