D&D 4th Edition 4E - The High Road (OOC)

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    4E - The High Road (OOC)

    Yes, I have flaked out/burned out on many games before. I can't promise I will not do so again although I am likely going back on medication which may help.

    Hello, I am looking to recruit 5 players for one of two new 4e D&D Play-by-post game I am running on EN World. This is a homebrew/PoL type campaign that will likely be shaped by the players as much as me. It's going to be a higher priority game than my KotS thread.

    Campaign: I'm looking to recruit a group of five adventurer's to travel around in the world, and have (wacky) adventures along the way. The characters will all have either something they are fleeing from or something they are searching for, and I see a lot of movement in their future. The specifics are yet to be hashed out. I have some ideas for sort of a "Borderlands" region, kind of a fantasy WIld West. I definitely do not yet have a plot. This is an improvised campaign, but I'm looking forward to trying to find 5 player's to hash it out with and have fun.

    I like to run an action-oriented campaign. I describe things more through reference than extensive prose, and assume your imagination fills in details. I prefer players that lean towards the same. A one sentence decription of a character that evokes flavor and detail is better to me than a page and a half of prose. I also have a preference away from RP that delves too much into character's sexuality. It's just a personal preference.
    I have some initiative and metagaming houserules purely to speed up pbp gaming.

    I'm looking for 5 players. I'm looking for people to fill the 4 roles, and the fifth slot is a little bit anything goes. Please post a Race, Class, and Alignment for your characters, and like a sentence description that captures your character.
    I will put the names of people who are interested in the roles they apply for. Hybrid characters will be put in the 5th slot only, I will not use more than one hybrid.

    Allowed Stuff:
    Everything currently on the DDI Compendium. No MM Races that have not been in Dragon. Monk OK. Hybrid OK.

    Mrs Ragedaughter Half-Orc Warlord (tactical) -EH
    Grandfather - Good Deva Druid - Shayuri
    Durindal Du'mere - Elven Avenger Unaligned. - Keia Poss hybrid
    Namelss Half-Elf Vestige Warlock U. - WD
    Please note I will be posting another recruitment thread within 24 hours. This is post is fora KotS only campaign and will not be the first one to get pushed back/canceled. The other campaign is an A-Team/Farscape/Firefly-esque campaign that I expect to advance levels in by ramping up experience and bumping up levels.... Stay tuned.
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    As commonly happens to me in situations like this, I have many ideas. I'll just shotgun a few, then narrow them down as other people post.

    Aridha - Unaligned Human Avenger
    Grim, implaccable, hypercompetent...what's she doing with THIS crowd? Has secrets in her past, and is pursuing someone, or something, she wants to kill more than she wants to live.

    Grandfather - Good Deva Druid
    A serially reincarnating druid, Grandfather is an 'old man' in attitude no matter how young his body is. He's forgotten more than most people will ever know though, so he can be a valuable dispenser of wisdom as well. He's chasing the man who killed him in his past life...tricky, because those memories are still pretty vague!

    Fyad - Unaligned Dragonborn Sorceror
    Haughty and hale and hot-tempered, Fyad has dragons on the brain and is always in the market for 'artifacts' (trinkets) from 'Lost Arkhosia' (some shyster's attic). He seems awfully protective of his pack though, especially when other dragonborn are around...

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    Durindal Du'mere - Elven Avenger Unaligned. Durindal is an Avenger of a recently dead god, one of the last surviving acolytes pursuing and being pursued by those that opposed the god in life.

    (Could go Avenger ranger hybrid or Avenger invoke hybrid).


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    Morgant - Dwarven Protector Shaman - Good

    Morgant was trained to become one of Moradin follower, but he was banned from his clan after he decide to follow the spirits of the mountain instead of the creator god. Since that time, he wander, seen as an oddity wherever he travels.
    Jarel-karn - Genasi Swordmage 12 [L4W]
    Gloom - Longtooth Shifter Paladin 11 [L4W]
    Eloan - Eladrin Warlord 7 [L4W]
    River - Longtooth Shifter Cleric 11 [LEB]
    Malehan - Elf Avenger 8 [LEB]
    Valeria - Human Witch 1

    "Experience is that great thing that allow you to see a mistake when you do it again."

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    Mr. Tarragon, gnome bard

    Mr. Tarragon is the greatest composer that has ever been born this side of the Colpeth hills. He'll tell you so, too, and tell you of the many symphonies he will someday write. His music is for the ages, and though you'll enjoy his company and you'll want to buy him a beer, you will soon realize that the musical gifts of which Mr. Tarragon boasts are not universally admired.

    Mr. Tarragon plays the banjo.

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    Jareth Grimblade -- Unaligned -- Human Fighter (Tempest Technique if double weapons are offhand on both ends, Two-handed Talent if not)

    A former soldier turned mercenary, Jareth seeks adventure in an attempt to redeem himself for atrocities he committed during a war.

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    Jhalthus Lhor


    "Take care, little one," Lhor cautioned. "My temper can be stilled only for so long."
    Leaving EN World for the land of novel writing. I'll be back someday.

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    Mrs Ragedaughter

    Half-Orc Warlord (tactical) "Dear, if you could move a little to the left?"
    Now the mother hen to a bunch of misfits, Mrs Ragedaughter or her children may have been responsible for a recent war filled with atrocities.
    Game Quote:
    "Sir is not allowed into the dance, because you don't have an invitation, your wearing a dress, and its covered in poo."

    "You all are the worst emissaries, ever!" the silver dragon declares, shaking with rage.
    "Its a game, a game, I'm only playing. " E. Wiggen
    My PbP games , Roll Dice

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    Loki Enkharnate Deva Hybrid Wizard/Cleric multiclass Ranger Lawful Good

    Bahamut, I am but a simple Deva, stripped me as you have of my angelic power, how can I "Find Your True Nature."?

    No answer came, Loki Enkharnate, trained under Justicar Ebrahim, had just been given this life's quest.

    Loki Enkharnate
    Hybrid Wizard/Cleric
    Multiclass Ranger
    Lawful Good
    (Bumbler of Bahamut)

    Charwoman Gene

    I promise to play by your rules!
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    Hi, interested:

    Drow Rogue/warlock Hybrids. Hire of incredible dark powers, but tries to ignore them (often has the warlock powers as daily as 'last ditch' effect. Not angsty like Drizzt, but more Elric. Unaligned.

    Uhm: Better idea: Half-Elf Vestige Warlock. Hiding the source of his power, but trying to do the right thing.
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    Hi I'm a comic and rpg nerd. Don't hurt me, please.

    PS: English is NOT my native language!

    May the 4th be with you!


    Invisible Castle

    Pathfinder SRD (Pathfinder_OGC)

    My Houserules

    I am SpiderClan

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