4E A Problem of Nobility or Things that go Bump in the Night (Covaithe Judging) - Page 11
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    Yes that's fine

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    I'm not exactly Captain Perception, but I guess it couldn't hurt. Get in there and stealth it up, you taffers, and good luck.
    Perception (1d20-1=13)

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    Kruk eagerly waits for something to happen...

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    Quote Originally Posted by renau1g View Post
    A single candle burns outside the shop in a lantern above the front door. You hear no movement inside, nor see anything in the darkness.
    Grim will circle around back and check for any other entrances/exits, as well as any signs of recent passage.

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    Grim silently moves around the back of the shop, it's a tight squeeze as the alley is very narrow, but the bugbear does make it around the back. You only find a solid wall here, curiously there are no windows, doors, or other entrances on either the side or back of the shop.

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    Grim mutters to himself "Welp... the front door it is, then." and moves back around front, whispering to the rogue to ask her to pick the lock.

    Stealth (1d20+9=19)

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    Have you tried to open the door? If so, you notice it isn't locked

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    Carolina nods in agreement when Grim talks about picking the lock, then reaches out and turns the knob, gently pushing the door open. "Good idea," she deadpans.

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    As Carolina opens the door, you see a small door in the back of the store, faint light drifting through the cracks around the edges around the frame.

    You see nothing in this room outside the ordinary, there are various components hanging on the wall, in glass cases, on the floor, a largely disorganized place.

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    "Murderous bastards don't even lock up after themselves. Must be real sure that the guard's powerless." Grim mutters as he heads for the door in the back.

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