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    [M&M] Buffyverse game? (OOC) [Recruiting CLOSED]

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    Due to some unemployment-induced idle time, I've been rewatching my Buffy and Angel DVDs lately, and about halfway through that I started kicking around ideas for a game in the BtvS universe. Probably in concept more like Angel (i.e. largely adult characters, and more episodic than 'big bad' focused), set here and now in 2009 (i.e. about 5 years after the shows went off the air) and ignoring anything other than the TV shows (i.e. comics, novels, etc.) because I haven't seen it.

    Big Questions

    1 - System

    I've got the Angel RPG, but have never used it (and don't have the Buffy RPG). Also, it's just the core rulebook; I don't have anything else (and I don't know if anything else was ever published). I've got and have played Mutants & Masterminds 2e, which is probably what I'd end up using here; nothing else seems sufficiently flexible (though I'd put a pretty strict limit on how many points could be spent on powers). The only other things I've got that might sort of work are d20 Modern, True20, and a hyper-tweaked SWSE.

    UPDATE: It will be M&M 2e. PL8 characters, details down-thread.

    2 - Setting

    Real (mostly) or fictional (i.e. LA or Sunnydale)? If real, somewhere I sort-of know (which basically means San Diego, Cleveland, or upstate NY) or just wing it?

    I'm going to assume that any major characters that didn't die on-screen are alive (with the exception of Gunn, who was both dying and heading into a doomed battle when we last saw him; Angel and Spike were heading into a doomed battle as well, but they don't seem to stay dead).

    UPDATE: The game will be set in San Diego, CA, USA.

    3 - Characters

    Post-season 7 finale there are quite a few active Slayers, but I can't see have more than two as PCs (and that's pushing it). I'm thinking mostly unique characters; you could run someone who had a bit part and wasn't mostly evil. Angel showed a fair number of 'freaks' with some sort of psi powers (one major telekinetic and electro-girl Gwen come to mind) and both shows had well-trained normals that could hold their own in a fight with demonkind (Riley, Robin Wood, Gunn). Probably the ability to at least appear human would be required.

    Anyway, would anyone be interested?

    Update: Tenative character mechanics guidelines

    Base PL8/120 points with the following restrictions

    - normal humans cannot have any attributes above 20 (either base or via the Enhanced Ability power), or more than one attribute above 16
    - slayers, half-demons, and robots can have physical stats of up to 24

    - no special restrictions

    - only normal humans can take Fortune feats
    - minions are not allowed

    - I'm not going to have many hard and fast rules, as even a normal human might want some powers, perhaps bound in a Device (weapon or armor) or to learn some Magic, but try to stay in the range of things that good guys have had on the shows (and Dark Willow is not a good guy, nor is Illyria!); Slayers typically have Regeneration
    - However, these are outright banned: boost, duplication, gestalt, mimic, mind control, mind switch, nullify, nemesis, possession, power control, space travel, summon (minion), teleport, transfer, any form of time travel/temporal control (some of these have been used in the shows, granted, but I don't think I want them in any good guy's stock abilities)

    - PCs should be able to live like middle-class Americans at minimum. This game is not going to be set in NYC, so it's probably a good idea to have a car. Guns don't kill vampires (and have limitted effects on heavily armored demons) but will probably be more useful in this game than they were on the show
    - Unless you're an active member of a military organization, getting military weapons will be difficult. However, with some persistance, adult PCs should have no trouble acquiring standard firearms (non-autofire weapons), even in California.

    Character guidelines

    For one reason or another, your character has been dragged into the fight against things that go bump in the night, and is doing that in San Diego, California.
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