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    Alek breaths deeply for a few moments before saying "Thanks for the help Adran."He inhales and continues "Hey Yelder what happened to no pets?" He then continues breathing heavily.

    Alek spends three surges to get to 28/30 and 7/10 I have no idea what bonuses a bard gives to healing so would someone please tell me?
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    Adran takes a shaky breath and releases it abruptly. He sprawls on the road, leaning back on splayed hands. After a while, he starts humming a tune - a curiously comforting sound.

    OOC: Song of Rest. Any ally expending a healing surge regains an additional 4 hp. Adran spends two surges to bring him up to full hp.

    Adran Cassis, Bard 1
    Initiative: +1 | Passive perception: 16 | Passive Insight: 14
    AC: 15 | For: 13 | Ref: 14 | Will: 15
    HP: 28/28 | Bloodied: 14 | Surge value: 7 | Surges: 8/10
    Speed: 6 | Languages: Allarian, Draconic, Eladrin
    AP: 1 | Second Wind: not used
    Basic Attack/Opportunity attack: +3 vs AC, 1d8
    Powers: Guiding Strike (PHB2), War Song Strike (PHB2)
    Acid Orb (PHB2), Majestic Word (2 of 2 used) (PHB2), Shout of Triumph (PHB2), Words of Friendship (PHB2)
    Slayerĺs Song (PHB2)

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    Well then 7/30 becomes 28 in one so... 28/30hp 9/10 surges

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    Ghdeh1: Correction, 1 raise you only to 18, another one would bring you to 29. I suggest to takes 2 to have 29/30

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    Growl returns to his warforged form, the toll of the battle eased from his limbs as he listens to Adran's song. He then inspects the goblin and hounds for clues as to their condition.

    I have Growl finishing the fight at 16/30, due to using a Second Wind in the last round.

    Growl will use one more surge, which will heal 11 HP combined with Song of Rest, putting him at 27/30 HP and 8/11 surges.

    Nature check on opponents:

    Nature (1d20+11=26)

    Growl's Info
    Growl- "Male" Warforged Druid 1
    Initiative: +0, Passive Perception: 19, Passive Insight: 19
    AC: 17, Fort: 14, Reflex: 11, Will: 16 - Speed: 6
    HP: 27/30, Bloodied: 15, Surge Value: 7, Surges left: 8/11
    Action Points: 1

    Chill Wind
    Savage Rend
    Wild Shape

    Darting Bite
    Second Wind
    Warforged Resolve

    Faerie Fire

    Full character sheet
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    Yelder pushes himself to his feet and nods at the party. "Well done there.". He walks over to the goblin and prods it none too gently with his foot. "It's not dead yet, but it won't be long. I speak a little goblin, if none of you can." He looks down the road in the direction of Hilgrund, "We're almost there."

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    Well then 29/30 8/10; I think we should tie up the goblin and make our way to the town, sitting in the middle of the road interogating a goblin would probally have more enemies on us in a heartbeat.
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    ooc: So, what's the plan?

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    After a while the young bard stirs himself, jumps to his feet and says to his companions, "Now, I'm no expert, but shouldn't we search the goblin for any clues to what's going on, search the area for anything of interest, and then get on to our destination?"

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    Alek straightens and says "That sounds like a good idea." He then checks the goblin and the hounds for any magical effects or answers to why the Goblin and hounds attacked.

    Arcana check(For anything strange about the goblin)
    History check(see if he knows of the Goblin's clan)
    Perception check

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