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    Arcana or Nature 20
    Upon closer inspection, you realize that, like the hounds, the goblin appears to be somewhat blighted. Its body is more asymmetric than what might otherwise be normal, although in this case, rather than rotting away the flesh, the blight seems to have warped it.

    History 20
    You recall stories of some goblin tribes dabbling in alchemy and performing experiments on themselves, and any other available test subjects, in attempts to become stronger. However, you weren't aware of any such tribe operating nearby.

    Perception 10
    The goblin is still dying, by the way. Someone better stabilize it (ooc: Heal check) if you want to ask it some questions. Also, besides its primative axe and crude armor, it's carrying a vial of liquid. Careful examination reveals that it is a Potion of Healing, although it smells exceptionally foul and looks revoltingly greasy.

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    What would be the effect of pouring the healing potion down his throat? If not than Heal check ,would anyone like to aid another?
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    ooc: Well, if you want to waste use waste the potion on the goblin, it will certainly stop him from dying. Otherwise, DC 15 heal check to stabilize.

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    Heal check
    Let me try that again Success

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    I can't really let you keep rerolling until you succeed. If someone else (well, two someone elses) want to roll to assist you, that's fine. If someone else wants to try to do it on their own, that's fine too. As things stand though, the goblin is too close to death for you guys to get second chances at stabilizing him.

    For future reference, remember that if you want to take an enemy alive, you simply need to state that you're doing non-lethal damage (before they get to 0 hp), and you'll knock them out rather than kill them.

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    Growl looks the goblin over and manages to stabilize him.

    Heal Check (1d20+4=19)

    "Now, lets see what this one knows," he rumbles.

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    Adran shares his insights with the group at large. (OOC: feel free to read the sblocks! )

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    "It may not be a great idea to drag that thing," Yelder gestures at the goblin, "into town. I know a place we can bring it, a small shack just outside of town. Come on."

    Unless someone objects, he leads you through the forest to a dilapidated shack. It looks like it's been abandoned for quite some time now, and it's clearly ready to fall apart. Inside there is only one room, containing a couple chairs and a chest in various states of disrepair.

    "Found this place a few months ago when I was hunting game. I don't think the original owners, whoever they are, will mind if we borrow it for awhile."

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    "Fine, let's start to question that goblin." tells Feyr, putting words into action. He takes the goblin and look at him. "What happen to you, you you sicks. Tell us what happen to you, and where is your tribe." after a moment without answer, he look at the others "Can someone translate?"

    Sorry,lots of work, I even work on Saturday

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