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    I'm pretty sure none of you can speak goblin. Too bad, you'll just have to rely on Yelder. It's not that his grasp of the language is bad, per se, it's just a little... unpolished.

    "Let me try," Yelder offers, as no one else steps forward. For a few minutes he converses with the goblin with a language that seems to be comprised mostly of grunting and screeching. Then he turns back to you.

    "Um, I'm not sure how much of that I got. He says he's a member of the Spider Eye tribe, or something like that. It's Io-Rach, in his tongue. He didn't really tell me where his tribe is, but it sounds like it's really far away." Yelder pauses and scratches the back of his neck, "Or, at least, that's what I think he said. He sounded pretty proud about his, uh, deformities. He said he was chosen by the tribe's shaman, or maybe elder, well, some kind of leader to receive these gifts. And there was something about a wild man. Or maybe an animal corpse. Or a bug nest." Yelder looks at you somewhat sheepishly. "Did I mention I'm not fluent?"

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    Alek thinks for a moment and says "Well it seems that there are some goblins near here. We should probably try to get to them to find where this...He pauses for a moment blight came from." Alek waits a moment for the group to decide what they were going to do.

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    Sorry, busy couple of days. I know I've come in after Yelder has translated but Adran has the Comprehend Language ritual which he can cast, possibly after hearing the goblin speak with Yelder for that time.

    Let me know if you want me to go ahead with that.

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    It's up to you if you want to ritual it up. There may be additional information to gleaned from the goblin, either that Yelder didn't catch or from follow-up questions

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    Let's Adran cast a comprehend language on the goblin. Then let the goblin repeat his first answer. Then, let's ask him more detail about that Wild Man/ Bug Nest/ Animal Corpse.

    I would be willing to buy back the component used for that ritual from the money gain form this adventure, before splitting it.

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    The ritual sounds good to me, and I'm also up for refunding Adran the cost of the ritual before splitting treasure.

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    ooc: Boddyknock, you going to cast the ritual?

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    Having listened to Yelder interrogating the goblin, Adran fishes in his rucksack and removes his ritual book. Opening it to the second page, he clears his throat and begins a ritual to enhance his understanding of the creature's tongue.

    After 10 minutes, he turns to the prisoner and speaks haltingly, with much hesitation. He gestures to Yelder to assist where necessary.

    "You tell again. Where you get sick?"
    Arcana check for Comprehend Language ritual: (1d20+7=15)

    Adran can now understand what the goblin is saying but is far from fluent in speaking the language himself (DC 35 to speak fluently).
    Adran Cassis, Bard 1
    Initiative: +1 | Passive perception: 16 | Passive Insight: 14
    AC: 15 | For: 13 | Ref: 14 | Will: 15
    HP: 28/28 | Bloodied: 14 | Surge value: 7 | Surges: 8/10
    Speed: 6 | Languages: Allarian, Draconic, Eladrin
    AP: 1 | Second Wind: not used
    Basic Attack/Opportunity attack: +3 vs AC, 1d8
    Powers: Guiding Strike (PHB2), War Song Strike (PHB2)
    Acid Orb (PHB2), Majestic Word (0 of 2 used) (PHB2), Shout of Triumph (PHB2), Words of Friendship (PHB2)
    Slayerĺs Song (PHB2)
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    The goblin looks at you curiously, then sneers and begins to talk:

    "As I already told your man-servant, I am not sick. I am strong. How many other goblins have you seen like me? None. I am a warrior of the Spider Eye tribe, and I have been blessed appropriately. Our reach extends far, far beyond this pathetic town. But that doesn't mean we won't attack you where you are weakest, where the opportunity presents itself."
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