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    Block garyh

    Growl returns to his huge, somewhat-metallic bear form, then charges one of the centipede swarms, mauling it with his paws and diverting its attention from his allies.

    Minor action - Assume bear form.

    Move action - Move to N17.

    Standard action - Charge Swarm 2, using Pounce as my attack and ending the charge in L15.

    Pounce (Charge, CA from Flanking) (1d20+4+2+1=26, 1d8+4=11)

    Hits Reflex 26 for 11 damage, and on a hit, Swarm 2 grants Combat Advantage to the next creature that attacks it before my turn.

    Growl's Info
    Growl- "Male" Warforged Druid 1
    Initiative: +0, Passive Perception: 19, Passive Insight: 19
    AC: 17, Fort: 14, Reflex: 11, Will: 16 - Speed: 6
    HP: 27/30, Bloodied: 15, Surge Value: 7, Surges left: 8/11
    Action Points: 1

    Chill Wind
    Savage Rend
    Wild Shape

    Darting Bite
    Second Wind
    Warforged Resolve

    Faerie Fire

    Full character sheet

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    Like I said, Swarm 2 is in J16, not L14. Let's say Growl moved to flank Swarm 1 instead. The CA would go to Adran, which cancels out the -2 to attacks from being in the cloud (don't forget!), but his attack still misses.

    Growl crunches some centipedes under his paws. The swarm has been significantly depleted, but it is still a threat.

    Lephisto rushes out of the cloud to engage the goblins, but the rat intercepts him, clawing and biting to little effect. The paladin swears a holy oath and brings his sword down in a glittering arc on the diseased creature.

    Yelder backs away from the fight.

    The goblin archer reloads its crossbow and takes aim at Lephisto, but the other creature shoves him and points at the bladeling. Nodding, the archer fires at Feyr. The bolt lodges in Feyr's neck, nearly dropping him outright. The goblin snickers and reloads.

    I'm going to say the situation hasn't significantly changed. Using Shout of Triumph is still a smart move, it's just a shame you rolled so poorly. And Feyr certainly still needs that healing. If you want to slide Growl, you can do so.

    Adran moves up and shouts both encouragement to Feyr and reprimand to the swarm. The former is clearly more effective than the latter, although Feyr is able to take advantage of the moment to fall back somewhat.

    The hexer snarls as Feyr is healed, and aims his rod at Lephisto. Red spectral hornets appear around the rod and fly out at the paladin, dealing little damage but also forcing him to keep his eyes shut. The hexer then gestures towards the cloud and seems to drag it towards him.

    Your captive continues to cough up its insides onto the forest floor.

    25: Goblin Sharpshooter (-14)
    20: Adran (28/28)
    19: Goblin Hexer
    18: Alek (29/30) <== Your turn.
    17: Feyr (13/26+4, bloodied, ongoing 5 poison (save ends), weakened (save ends), +2 damage to next damage roll)
    16: Blighted Rat (-11)
    10: Centipede Swarm 1 (-39, bloodied)
    10: Centipede Swarm 2 (-37, bloodied, ongoing 5 (save ends))
    10: Centipede Swarm 3 (Cursed)
    4: Growl (27/30)
    3: Lephisto (14/27, blinded (save ends))

    Lephisto moves out of the cloud, triggering the Blighted Rat's readied charge, which misses. Lephisto responds with a Divine Challenge and a Holy Strike, which hits for 11 radiant damage.

    The goblin sharpshooter attacks Feyr, nearly critting and dealing 9 damage.

    The hexer attacks Lephisto with a Blinding Hex, hitting for 4 damage and blinding (save ends). He then sustains the cloud and moves it up to 5 squares.
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    Alek takes a small step back to clear the obscuring fog and glares at the swarm in front of his ally. He then sends a blast of energy towards the most harmed swarm.

    move= Q13
    Minor= Curse Swarm 1
    standard= Eldritch blast 16 vs Reflex for 5 damage With curse damage 1

    Alek Nethendal stat block
    Alek Nethendal- Male Human Warlock 1
    Passive Perception: 12, Passive Insight: 15
    AC:15, Fort:15, Reflex:15, Will:14 -- Speed:6
    HP:29/30, Bloodied:15, Surge Value:7, Surges left:8/10
    Initiative +0
    Action Points: 1 <> Second Wind
    Powers: Dire Radiance, Eldritch Blast,
    Eldritch Strike,
    Vampiric Embrace,
    Flames of Phelgethos


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    ooc: That hits. Swarm 1 is still alive, but barely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwoHeadsBarking View Post
    If you want to slide Growl, you can do so.
    OOC: Wow, this is much more tactical than 3e! Any suggestions for where to slide Growl, given that this occurs before Lephisto's encounter with the rat?

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    ooc:Actually, since you go between the goblins, the slide would take place after Lephisto goes. Or went. Whatever.

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    Block Velmont

    Feyr pull back, and shoot two bolt of ligthning.

    Move: Feyr move to [Q16]
    Standard: Divine Bolt: Attack Swarm 1 and 2, Damage, Save (1d20+4=15, 1d20+4=13, 1d6+4=6, 1d20=5) May hit. Weakened and Range attack vs a swarm, that would probably be only 1 damage.

    By the way, Armor of Wrath have done 4, not 3 damage (plus vulnerability), as it is an encounter power and I do 1 more point of damage per target for encounter and daily power, thanks to my covenent. So swarm 2 should have 1 more point of damage.

    Miss save.

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    ooc: The poison and weakened are separate effects, so you get two saves. Update coming in a sec.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwoHeadsBarking View Post
    ooc:Actually, since you go between the goblins, the slide would take place after Lephisto goes. Or went. Whatever.
    OOC: That being the case, I would slide Growl up next to Lephisto - specifically to K13 - but I don't know if he'd thank me for it.

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    Alek fries some of the centipedes. There aren't many remaining, but it may be enough.

    Again, Covenant of Wrath only applies to powers you use during your own turn. Even if it didn't, the wording is +1 to damage rolls, so I doubt it would apply to Armor of Wrath anyway.

    Feyr sends a blast of forked lightning at the swarm, but the cloud provides sufficient concealment to throw off his attack.

    The rat continues to be able to find an opening in Lephisto's armor.

    The remaining centipedes mass on Growl and Lephisto. The two adventurers put up an impressive defense, but they have nothing to show for it but a multitude of bites.

    25: Goblin Sharpshooter (-14)
    20: Adran (28/28)
    19: Goblin Hexer
    18: Alek (29/30)
    17: Feyr (12/26, bloodied, ongoing 5 poison (save ends), weakened (save ends))
    16: Blighted Rat (-11)
    10: Centipede Swarm 1 (-41, bloodied, Cursed)
    10: Centipede Swarm 2 (-42, bloodied)
    10: Centipede Swarm 3 (Cursed)
    4: Growl (22/30, ongoing 5 poison (save ends)) <== Your turn.
    3: Lephisto (9/27, bloodied, blinded (save ends), ongoing 5 poison (save ends))

    The rat misses.

    Swarm 1 attacks Lephisto, hits for 5 damage and ongoing poison. Swarm 2 misses Lephisto. Swarm 3 hits Growl for 5 damage and ongoing poison. Rolls. Swarm 2 saves against the ongoing damage.

    Growl will start his turn adjacent to two swarms, so he will take 5 damage. Lephisto will be taking 7 unless Growl does something about it. He will then take 5 ongoing poison, which will knock him unconscious. No pressure, Growl.

    Lephisto is probably going to Second Wind on his turn if he doesn't drop. Remember that one of you needs to tell me to have him do anything special, like his Channel Divinity that lets someone take a save with a +1 bonus. I'm just saying...

    I would also like to remind everyone that you have action points. And dailies.
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