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    Growl tries to savage two of the enemies with his claws before backing away, then returns to his warforged form and moves out of the cloud. Growl then sends an icy wind blowing around Lephisto, but neither the paladin or any of the enemies surrounding him seem to notice. Finally, Growl moves over near the sharpshoot and hexer to distract them from his allies as his innate toughness shakes off the lingering poison.

    Standard action - Darting Bite vs Swarm 1 and Blighted Rat.

    Darting vs Bite Swarm 1 and Blighted Rat (1d20+4=7, 1d10+4=9, 1d20+4=22, 1d10+4=12)

    Hits Reflex 5 (forgot cloud penalty) for 9 damage against Swarm 1, and hits Reflex 20 (forgot cloud penalty) for 12 damage against Blighted Rat. If at least one attack hits, Growl can shift 2 squares. I'm going to assume the rat was hit, so shift to K11.

    Minor action - Return to warforged form and shift for free to K10.


    Standard action - Chill Wind vs Lephisto, Blighted Rat, Swarm 1, Swarm 2, Swarm 3.

    Chill Wind vs Lephisto, Blighted Rat, Swarm 1, Swarm 2, Swarm 3. (1d20+4=15, 1d20+4=6, 1d20+4=6, 1d20+4=6, 1d20+4=9, 1d6=6)

    Hits Fort 15 for 6 damage against Lephisto, hits Fort 6 for 6 damage against Blighted Rat, hits Fort 6 for 6 damage against Swarm 1, hits Fort 6 for 6 damage against Swarm 2, and hits Fort 9 for 6 damage against Swarm 3.

    Move action - Move to F8.

    End of Turn - Save vs Poison OGD:

    Save vs Poison OGD (1d20+2=10)


    Man, that Chill Wind really seemed like a good idea. With any luck I would have been able to slide at least some of the swarms away from Lephisto.

    Growl's Info
    Growl- "Male" Warforged Druid 1
    Initiative: +0, Passive Perception: 19, Passive Insight: 19
    AC: 17, Fort: 14, Reflex: 11, Will: 16 - Speed: 6
    HP: 17/30, Bloodied: 15, Surge Value: 7, Surges left: 8/11
    Action Points: 0

    Chill Wind
    Savage Rend
    Wild Shape

    Darting Bite
    Second Wind
    Warforged Resolve

    Faerie Fire

    Full character sheet

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    Man, that's some poor luck, guys. Hopefully next turn will be better.

    Growl carves a deep gash in the rat before darting away. The centipedes seem to be entirely unaffected by the sudden drop in temperature.

    Lephisto falls the the multitude of poisonous mandibles.

    The goblin draws his shortsword and stabs at the druid, but Growl is easily able to dodge the attack.

    25: Goblin Sharpshooter (-14)
    20: Adran (28/28) <== Your turn.
    19: Goblin Hexer
    18: Alek (29/30)
    17: Feyr (12/26, bloodied, ongoing 5 poison (save ends))
    16: Blighted Rat (-23, bloodied)
    10: Centipede Swarm 1 (-41, bloodied, Cursed)
    10: Centipede Swarm 2 (-42, bloodied)
    10: Centipede Swarm 3 (Cursed)
    4: Growl (12/30+4, bloodied)
    3: Lephisto (-3/27, dying (0 strikes), blinded (save ends))

    Growl's attack bloodies the rat, making him the only target for Virtue of Valor. I'm going to assume he gets the temp hp.

    Lephisto takes a total of 12 damage, and drops. At the end of his turn, he saves against poison and doesn't get worse, death-wise. Rolls. Huh, too bad those weren't in a different order.

    The goblin sharpshooter attacks Growl, and misses.
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    Second save:Save vs Weakened (1d20=15), so I am not weakened anymore.

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    Shift to M15.

    Can Lephisto benefit from (or make) a healing surge if he's dying? I'll assume that he can, and Adran will expend his second Majestic Word on him. That's a healing surge + 4 hp for Lephisto, and he'll slide him to L15.

    Then he'll make a War Song Strike against Swarm 1, just on the off chance that he doesn't destroy it, and that Lephisto can somehow reap the temporary hp next turn.

    I know that swarms take half damage from melee weapons but he's all out of close attacks.

    War Song Strike (vs AC) against Swarm 1: (1d20+7-2=15, 1d8+4=11)

    Hmm, does that do it?

    Oh, by the way, Growl gets the benefits of Virtue of Valor and Strength of Valor, so that's 4 temp hp and a +2 on his next attack.
    Adran calls out praise for Growl's sudden burst of heroism, then steps forward to engage the seething swarm of centipedes himself. As he does so, he sings of the hero Eruvann's courage and determination, hoping fervently that somehow Lephisto can hear him. Then he attacks.

    Hmm, if his attack misses, I think I'll spend an action point to attack again. 2HB, can I leave the rolls to you if that's the case?
    Adran Cassis, Bard 1
    Initiative: +1 | Passive perception: 16 | Passive Insight: 14
    AC: 15 | For: 13 | Ref: 14 | Will: 15
    HP: 28/28 | Bloodied: 14 | Surge value: 7 | Surges: 8/10
    Speed: 6 | Languages: Allarian, Draconic, Eladrin
    AP: 0 | Second Wind: not used
    Basic Attack/Opportunity attack: +3 vs AC, 1d8
    Powers: Guiding Strike (PHB2), War Song Strike (PHB2)
    Acid Orb (PHB2), Majestic Word (2 of 2 used) (PHB2), Shout of Triumph (PHB2), Words of Friendship (PHB2)
    Slayer’s Song (PHB2)
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    A dying ally can be healed in the same ways a living one can, and they regain hp starting at 0. So even though Lephisto was at -3, your Majestic Word heals him to 10. Which is pretty nice.

    Also, anyone can use the Heal skill as a standard action to heal an adjacent ally. DC 10 to let someone spend their second wind, although they don't get the defense bonus. If a dying character has already spent their second wind, DC 15 to stabilize them so they don't need to take death saves. Finally, DC 15 to allow an ally to either immediately take a saving throw, or gain +2 to their next saving throw they take at the end of their turn.

    The above options aren't great from an action economy standpoint, but they're better than nothing.

    Adran shouts encouragement to his allies. Growl feels a rush of bravery, and Lephisto opens his eyes and crawls away from his attackers. Adran then lunges at the swarm, and in a flurry of hacking and stomping he manages separate the mass, weakening its effectiveness. Alek feels a rush of power as he does so.

    The goblin caster steps back from Growl and aims his rod at the druid's feet. Spectral vines studded with thorns burst from the ground and lash around Growl's legs. While they don't pierce the warforged's armor, they threaten intense lacerations should he try to move away.

    The captive collapses and lies still.

    25: Goblin Sharpshooter (-14)
    20: Adran (28/28)
    19: Goblin Hexer
    18: Alek (29/30+4) <== Your turn.
    17: Feyr (12/26, bloodied, ongoing 5 poison (save ends))
    16: Blighted Rat (-23, bloodied)
    10: Centipede Swarm 1 (-44, dead)
    10: Centipede Swarm 2 (-42, bloodied)
    10: Centipede Swarm 3 (Cursed)
    4: Growl (12/30+4, bloodied, +2 to next damage roll, Hexed (save ends))
    3: Lephisto (10/27,blinded (save ends), prone)

    Adran's first attack misses, but the second one hits, and even with the half damage it's enough to kill the swarm. This triggers Alek's pact, granting him 4 temp hp. So that was a pretty good turn, I'd say.

    Thanks for reminding me about Strength of Valor. I actually did remember it, but I keep forgetting that it's +2 damage on the next damage roll rather than +2 damage to the next attack. Since Growl had missed his next attack, I thought it had been lost, but that is not the case.

    The Hexer shifts away and attacks Growl with a Stinging Hex, that hits. Growl is now Hexed (save ends). If he moves during his turn, he takes 3d6+1 damage. As a minor, the Hexer sustains the cloud, but leaves it where it is.
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    Alek smiles as the caterpillars are defeated. He then focuses his patron's attention on a different enemy. After enjoying his moment he summons a dark spear of energy and chucks it at the one of the remaining swarms.

    Minor= Curse swarm 2
    Standard= Dire radiance on Swarm 2 17 vs fort 8 damage and 2 curse damage
    Plus 8 damage if it moves
    Move= None

    Alek Nethendal stat block
    Alek Nethendal- Male Human Warlock 1
    Passive Perception: 12, Passive Insight: 15
    AC:15, Fort:15, Reflex:15, Will:14 -- Speed:6
    HP:29/30, Bloodied:15, Surge Value:7, Surges left:8/10
    Initiative +0
    Action Points: 1 <> Second Wind
    Powers: Dire Radiance, Eldritch Blast,
    Eldritch Strike,
    Vampiric Embrace,
    Flames of Phelgethos

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    ooc: Swarm 2 dies. You couldn't have cursed it, though, because Swarm 3 was closer.

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    Swarm 3 was already cursed

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    You can only ever curse the nearest enemy. If the nearest enemy already has a curse on it, then the only way you can curse someone is if you move around so someone else becomes closer than the cursed guy. For example, if you have moved to M16 as your first action, then you could have cursed Swarm 2. Actually, you could have cursed it from N16 too, because no enemy would have been closer than Swarm 2.

    Yeah, the targeting restriction kind of sucks. But you killed it anyway, and temp hp don't stack, so it didn't matter in this case.

    When I play my warlock, I am constantly moving around, for two reasons. First, warlocks gain concealment if they move more than two squares from their starting point, and second so I can spread my curse around as much as possible.

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    Feyr call upon the gods and his voice is amplify so it can hurt his enemies. Targeting the last swarm, the rat and the hexer, it seems the god didn't answer his call.

    Thunder of Judgement on Swarm3, Rat, Hexer (1d20+4=7, 1d20+4=5, 1d20+4=15, 1d6+4=6) Might hurt the hexer. Push anyone hit 3 squares straight North East.

    Save (1d20=15) No more ongoing

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