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    Blight Makes Right (DM: TwoHeadsBarking. Judge: Lord Sessadore)

    Once outside of the tavern Yelder starts leading you through Daunton's streets towards one of the gates. Without turning around to look at you, he asks, "So, what makes you all so special, anyway? Any of you got names?"

    General Info
    Ideally, everyone would post at least once per day, especially during combats and skill challenges. We don't live in an ideal world, though, and sometimes delays are inevitable. Please let me know if you are going to be away for an extended period of time (like, 2+ days) so I can NPC you if necessary.

    I haven't yet decided whether I'll be using traditional initiative or group initiative. I'll probably start with the former, and then get frustrated and switch to the latter. Either way, I'll be rolling everyone's initiative.

    Please use Invisible Castle for your rolls, and I'll do the same. Also, I'd like it if during combat, after you describe what your character is doing, everyone would put their actions and stats in little spoiler boxes, like so:

    Move: Move to I3, gaining concealment from Shadow Walk.
    Minor: Curse gnome.
    Standard: Flames of Phlegethos against the gnome. Hits Reflex 20 for 29 fire and 1 untyped. Hit or miss, 5 ongoing fire, save ends.

    Haruka Sato- human warlock 1
    Initiative: +1 | Passive perception: 9 | Passive Insight: 15
    AC: 15 | For: 15 | Ref: 15 | Will: 14
    HP: 30/30+4 | Bloodied: 15 | Surge value: 7 | Surges: 7/10
    Speed: 6 | Languages: Allarian, Tsugo
    AP: 0 | Second Wind: not used
    Basic Attack/Opportunity attack: +2 vs AC, 1d6
    Powers: Eldritch Blast, Hellish Rebuke, Dire Radiance
    Vampiric Embrace
    Flames of Phlegethos

    This will help me keep track of everything during combat. Also, please have a link to your character sheet either in your signature or in the stat block (or both).

    Everyone should choose a unique, non-white color for their character's voice. Right now I've reserved whatever this color is for Yelder, so you can't use that one. Sorry *shrugs*.

    There will be rewards, eventually. If you don't have a wishlist in your character sheet, you should be thinking of one. If you don't have one by the time I decide to start distributing treasure, I'll do my best to give you something awesome. I find picking out items to be fun, so don't feel like you need a wishlist for my sake.

    Finally, I know some of you are newish to 4e/pbp. That's fine. If you have any questions, just ask. I'm sure I, another player, or our strictly hypothetical judge will be happy to answer.

    Speaking of which, any judges want to judge this?
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