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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkhandus View Post
    Well, frankly, they look broken.

    However, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and allow you to try it. But, who knows, maybe in play it won't turn out to be as broken as I think. At least you're not proposing a Flamekin Monk.

    Flamekin will need a +1 Level Adjustment, however. Their Heat of the Flame ability and their Elemental type (as they cannot possibly have any other type, though the PDF author seems to try dodging that inevitability by never specifying their creature type), are too much for an LA+0 race, considering their other racial traits (and maybe even without those). So they get the standard benefits of the Elemental type (as listed in the SRD) and will be LA+1 in this game. You'll start with the same 1st-level GP and 0 XP as everyone else, but the Level Adjustment will delay your further advancement slightly.

    Also, no Fortitude save DC is listed for their maintaining consciousness when submerged in water; I'm setting the DC at 15, +1 per previous round spent submerged, with 1 minute outside of water resetting the DC. I've read the Lorwyn novel; they ought to need a Will save just to cross water and to avoid panicking if submerged, but I'll ignore that issue.
    Seeing whether or not it was balanced in practiced was one reason I wanted to try it. I'll try to get him worked up shortly. Also, one question: The description of the Brightsoul's Surges does not specify a caster level with them. Given the mention of initiator level being equal to Brightsoul level, should I assume a brightsoul's CL with surges is equal to his brightsoul level?

    Edit: Also, in regards to stat layout. Is it possible to get beyond an 18 ability score using stat adjustment for race? Just want to clarify that as well. (Putting an 18 in Charisma for a Flamekin wouldn't make sense if it doesn't, as they get a +2 bonus to it)
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    Well, here's Metliz again. Hope this time she's fine!
     Name: Metliz
    Class: Shugenja
    Race: Human
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Female
    Alignment: Chaotic good
    Spirits of nature: Air
    Str: 14 +2     Level: 1      XP: 0
    Dex: 18 +4     BAB: +0       HP: 10 (1d6+4)
    Con: 18 +4     Grapple: +2  Dmg Red: 0
    Int: 12 +1     Speed: 30'    Spell Res: 0
    Wis: 15 +2     Init: +4      Spell Save: +4
    Cha: 18 +4     ACP: 0        Spell Fail: 0%
                  Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc 
    Armor:          10    +2    +0    +4    +0    +0    +0    16
    Touch: 14              Flatfooted: 12
                              Base   Mod  Misc  Total
    Fort:                      0     +4          +4
    Ref:                       0     +4          +4
    Will:                      2     +2          +4
    Weapon                Attack   Damage     Critical
    Quartefstaff           +2     1d6+3        20x2
    Light crosbow(80f)     +4     1d8       19-20x2
    Languages: Comon, Elven
    Sense Elements 3
    Elemental Focus: Air (Soshi)
    Feats:  Point blank shot, Combat casting.
    Skill Points: 24      Max Ranks:
    Skills                   Ranks  Mod  Misc  Total
    Concentration                4    +4          +8
    Diplomacy                    4    +4          +8
    Craft(alchemy)               4    +1          +5  
    Heal                         4    +2          +6
    Knowledge (Religion)         4    +1          +5
    Spellcraft                   4    +1          +5
    Equipment:               Cost  Weight
    Sacred ofuda             15gp    3lb
    Spell component pouch     5gp    2lb
    Light Crosbow            35gp    4lb
    Quarterstaff                     4lb
    Flint and steel           1gp    -
    Backpack                  2gp    2lb         
    Bedroll                   1sp    5lb 
    Fishook                   1sp    -
    Rope, Hemp                1gp   10lb  
    Ration, Trail(3 day)     15sp    3lb               
    Scroll case               1gp  0.5lb          
    inkpen                    1sp 
    vial of ink               8gp
    Scroll paper x10          2gp
    clothes                          0lb
    Bolts(30)                 3gp   3lb
    waterskin                  1p    4lb   
    Leather armor            10gp   15lb
                             Weight 55lb
    light: 58, medium: 59-116, heavy: 117-175
    Spell DC: 4 (Cha) + Spell Level +10 base +1(conditional; Air)
    Shugenjas Spells:
    Level 0: (5/day)
    Cure Minor  Wounds
    Detect magic
    Ghostly sounds 
    Level 1: (4/day)
    Disguise self
    Burning hands
    Age: 15
    Height: 1.8 meters
    Weight: 60 kg
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Blond
    Skin: Tanned
    Metliz is a cheerful person, she loves walking under the sunlight and running in the forests, he uses her hair wild, no quite clean, but any defect she have, vanish when her shiny smile apears in her face.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Theroc View Post
    Seeing whether or not it was balanced in practiced was one reason I wanted to try it. I'll try to get him worked up shortly. Also, one question: The description of the Brightsoul's Surges does not specify a caster level with them. Given the mention of initiator level being equal to Brightsoul level, should I assume a brightsoul's CL with surges is equal to his brightsoul level?

    Edit: Also, in regards to stat layout. Is it possible to get beyond an 18 ability score using stat adjustment for race? Just want to clarify that as well. (Putting an 18 in Charisma for a Flamekin wouldn't make sense if it doesn't, as they get a +2 bonus to it)
    Yes, use Brightsoul level as caster level for spell surges. And yes, racial adjustments apply after the initial ability score assignments, so they can raise stats beyond 18, as normal (as shown in a few of the other PCs I've already gone over).

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    Metliz Review #3....

    ....you still haven't fixed Strength or Wisdom for Metliz; one of those should be a 15. Your Shugenja School should be listed as Soshi, because you selected spells from the Soshi School list. Metliz should be 15 years old.

    A scroll case is 1 gold. The 10 sheets of paper are 4 gold. Each waterskin costs 1 gold and weighs 4 pounds. The crossbow weighs 4 pounds. Every 10 crossbow bolts weigh 1 pound. It's not clear how many waterskins you've got now. If you want to just have a light load, make it 2 waterskins, which is 8 pounds (4 each) and 2 gold pieces.

    You're carrying 48 pounds, plus whatever your unlisted number of waterskins weighs (56 pounds if you make it 2 waterskins as noted above). Clothes worn do not count towards carried weight for encumbrance. Since I've already reviewed Metliz twice, I'm not gonna bother any further in trying to help you pick out the last few items for her gold to be spent on. Whatever gold she hasn't spent after you fix her sheet next will just be lost. If you want to get her any further supplies or items, add them to her sheet in your next revision of it.

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    Falryn's Review, Again

    I asked you to edit your original character sheet post, rangerjohn, not the second one where you just quoted yourself..... The quote version is harder to read with the italics and all.

    Your armor bonus should be +3 now that you've switched to Studded Leather. However, your total AC is correctly listed as 18, and your flat-footed AC is correctly listed as 13, so this is only a minor typo.

    You STILL have 4 skill points left to spend with Falryn. Your max skill rank listing is still off, and should be 4/2. Your Climb total should be +9. Your Jump total should be +7.

    You spend a tiny bit too much; just drop 1 sunrod and that'll suffice for simplicity's sake (that's worth a bit more than the excess, but you don't really need that many sunrods). You should add one or two sacks to your gear, for carrying the toolkits and tent since they're rather bulky and won't both fit into your backpack alongside everything else. You still don't have Falryn's current, medium, and heavy loads listed on the sheet.

    Your carried weight should be 124 pounds, a medium load. Strength 18 yields a light load capacity of 100 pounds, a medium load of up to 200 pounds, and a heavy load of up to 300 pounds. To avoid the drawbacks of a medium load in combat, you'll have to remove your backpack and sacks of gear before combat, or suffer the speed reduction, 2-point AC reduction, and -3 armor check penalty of the medium load. Outside of combat it won't matter much.

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    Holly cow! Am I too stupid or you too nitpick? =P Character revised. If I don't add anything else to equipment, is because I don't want to, so that's one less thing for you to worry about.

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    You check out my stuff yet by any chance ark?

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    I think this is it, finally.

    Angrboda, Mother of the Hu-Charad
    Class: Wood Witch
    Race: Hu-Charad (AE Giant)
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Female
    Alignment: N
    Str: 20 +5              Level: 1        XP: 0000 / 0000
    Dex: 14 +2   (+1 pt.)   BAB: +0         HP: 8 (1d6+2) Current: 8
    Con: 14 +2   (+2 pt.)   Grapple: +5     [HP: 9 during Chi-Julud]
    Int: 16 +3   (+1 pt.)   Speed: 30'      SF: 10%
    Wis: 18 +4              Init: +2        
    Cha: 13 +1   (+1 pt.)   ACP: -0         
                       Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc
    Armor: 14           10    +2    +0    +2    +0    +0   (+1)*
      Touch: 12
      Flat-footed: 12
    *Luck bonus vs. weapons containing wood.  See Witchery below.
                             Base   Mod  Misc
    Fort:   +2                 0    +2    +0
    Ref:    +2                 0    +2    +0
    Will:   +6                 2    +4    +0
    Weapon                 Attack   Damage     Critical
    Bare fist (nonlethal)    +5       1d3+5        x2
    Javelin                  +2       1d6+5        x2     30 ft. increment
    Living Blade (Greatsword)+5       2d6+7*    19-20/x2
    *2d6+11 against nonliving targets
    [Chi-Julud Living Blade  +9       2d6+13    19-20/x2]
    Languages: Common, Giant, Dwarven, Elven, Orc
    Hu-Charad Base Abilities
    - Ability modifiers: +2 Str, -2 Dex
    - Giant type 
    - Medium size
    - +2 racial bonus to Diplomacy, Sense Motive, & Craft
    Witch Abilities
    - Proficient with simple weapons, light armor, shields
    - Witchery: If attacked by a ranged or melee weapon containing wood, 
    the wood witch gains a +1 luck bonus to Armor Class.
    - Living Blade: The wood witch creates a short sword, longsword,
    or greatsword out of wood. The witch is proficient with the blade,
    which operates in all ways like a normal sword except that it
    inflicts upon nonliving targets additional damage equal to the
    witchs Wisdom bonus per hit; witches with no Wisdom bonus
    gain no benefit from this ability. Only the witch who created it
    can use the sword. He can create it at will, requiring a standard
    action. The sword disappears when out of the witchs grasp.
    Spells (any simple available) DC 14 +spell level
    0 lv. Spell slots  3
    1st lv. Spell slots  1
    Spells readied:
    0 level: Canny Effort, Contact, Sense Thoughts
    1st level: Transfer Wounds (Lesser)
    -- material components required or casting time doubled, without
    somantic/verbal components double casting time again
    Chi-Julud (Ceremonial) AE pg. 131  [full round, DC 15 Concentration to
    Born Leader (Talent) +4 Diplomacy; +1 DC to compulsion spells/spell-like
    Skill Points: 28       Max Ranks: 4/2
    Skills                     Total  Ranks  Mod  Misc
    Concentration                +6     4    +2
    Craft (Stonemasonry)         +7     2    +3    +2 (racial)
    Craft (Tattoo)               +9     4    +3    +2 (racial)
    Diplomacy                    +7     0    +1    +2 (racial) +4 (talent)
    Knowledge (Architecture)     +5     2    +3 
    Knowledge (Ceremony)         +7     4    +3
    Knowledge (Giant)            +5     0    +3    +2 (racial)
    Knowledge (Nature)           +7     4    +3
    Sense Motive                 +10    4    +4    +2 (racial)
    Survival                     +8     4    +4
    [During Chi-Julud, the following skills alter to have a new total as listed:
    Concentration +7; Diplomacy +6; Sense Motive +6; Survival +4]
    Equipment:                      Cost  Weight
    Javelin (x3)                     3g     6 lbs.
    Leather Jack                    10g    15 lbs.
    Explorers outfit (worn)        10g     --
    Witchbag (component pouch)       5g     3 lbs.
    Backpack                         2g     2 lbs.
    -Bedroll                         1s     5 lbs.
    -Blanket, winter                 5s     3 lbs.
    -Rations (10 days)              50s   10 lbs.
    -Waterskin (x3)                  3g    12 lbs.
    -Soap                            5s     1 lbs.
    -Artisans tools (stonemason)    5g     5 lbs.
    -Block & tackle                  5g     5 lbs.
    -Rope, silk (50 ft.)            10g     5 lbs.
    -Artisans tools (tattoo)        5g     5 lbs.
    -Fishing net                     4g     5 lbs.
    -Iron pot                        5s     2 lbs.
    -Shovel                          2g     8 lbs.
    Pouch, belt                      1g    .5 lbs.
    -Flint & Steel                   1g
    -Whetstone                       2c     1 lbs.
    Chickens (20)                   40c
    Pigs (10)                       30g  
    Goats (10)                      10g
    Barrel                           2g    30 lbs.
    -Canvas (7x7 yards)             49s    49 lbs.
    -Salt, 5 lbs.                    25g
    -Seed stock, 20 lbs.              ?
    Iron, 50 lbs.                   50s
    Total Weight: 97.5 lb
                               Lgt   Med   Hvy  Lift  Push
    Load:                      133   266   400
    Angrboda is taller than most creatures and heavier (69; 236 lbs.). While not a beauty she still carries herself with unusual grace and elegance for someone of her size. She is extremely muscular but well-rounded in hips and chest. Her skin is pale but heavily freckled; her hair long, curly, and a dark auburn in color; and her eyes a lively shade of hazel. Despite being newly created, physically she is as a young adult Hu-Charad: 60 years old.
    When Angrboda Awoke she was filled with a sense of purpose. She knew right away that she was destined to be the mother of a powerful race and that it was her task, and that of her mate, to ensure not just the survival of her race but also its preeminence in the world to come. To that end Angrboda has worked: collecting things that she feels she may need in the days to come and stockpiling them and endeavoring to get with child.

    Angrboda feels that there is some power beyond herself. Unlike others she has encountered who claim the patronage of some so-called 'god' Angrboda feels that power is more than just a being but more a force throughout all things, stronger in some places than others, perhaps stronger in some people than others, but a force that she can work with instead of for, a unity of being and one which she has yet felt to have in common with any of the others of the first generation. She wants to find a way to connect more strongly with this force and to open others' eyes to it. She is discovering certain small rituals aid her and is working to perfect them and through them her connection to this power.
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    Elidar's Review

    Quote Originally Posted by Willette View Post
    Name: Elldar
    Class: Artificer
    Race: Forest Gnome
    Size: Small
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Str: 14 (15-2 racial+1)   +2  Level: 1                 XP: 0
    Dex: 18 (18)                +4  BAB: +0                  HP: 9 (1d6+3)
    Con: 16 (12+2 racial+2) +3  Grapple: -2 (0+2-4)  Dmg Red: -
    Int: 18 (18)                 +4  Speed: 20 ft            Spell Res: -
    Wis: 16 (15+1)             +3  Init: +4                  Spell Save: +4
    Cha: 13 (12+1)             +1  ACP: 0                   Spell Fail: -
                       Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total
    Armor:              10     +3   +1    +4    +1                 19
    Touch: 15             Flatfooted: 15
                             Base   Mod  Misc  Total
    Fort:                       0    +3    +0     +3
    Ref:                        2    +4    +0     +6
    Will:                       0    +3    +0     +3
    Your armor check penalty should be -2.

    Quote Originally Posted by Willette
    Weapons:                Attack      Damage Critical
    Morningstar             +3 (0+2+1)  1d6      20/x2
    Dagger                   +3 (0+2+1)  1d3    19-20/x2    
    Light Crossbow         +5 (0+4+1)  1d6   19-20/x2
    Device powers: 0th 4+1, 1st 2+1 
    Acid Splash
    Detect Poison
    Mage Hand
    Shocking Grasp
    Expeditious Retreat
    Languages: Gnome, Common, Forest Animals, Dwarven (Int), Orc (Int), Elven (Int), Giant (Int)
    You don't learn bonus device powers for high Intelligence, just as a sorcerer doesn't get more spells known based on Charisma. So you only have 4 device powers known of 0-level and 2 known of 1st-level. Drop one of each level to fix that.

    You should also have Sylvan among your set of automatic languages. Technically, Elven is an automatic language for you, but Common is one of your bonus languages for high Intelligence.

    Quote Originally Posted by Willette
    Pass without Trace (Su): A forest gnome has the innate ability to use pass without trace (self only, as a free action) as the spell cast by a druid of the forest gnome’s class levels.
    +1 racial bonus on attack rolls against kobolds, goblinoids, orcs, and reptilian humanoids. 
    +4 racial bonus on Hide checks, which improves to +8 in a wooded area. 
    +2 Constitution, -2 Strength. 
    Small size. +1 bonus to Armor Class, +1 bonus on attack rolls, -4 penalty on grapple checks, lifting and carrying limits  those of Medium characters. 
    A gnome’s base land speed is 20 feet. 
    Low-light vision. 
    +2 racial bonus on saving throws against illusions. 
    +4 dodge bonus to Armor Class against creatures of the giant type (such as ogres, trolls, and hill giants). 
    +2 racial bonus on Listen and Craft (alchemy) checks. 
    Favored Class: Bard.
    Feats: Artificer Item
    Artificer Item isn't a feat, it's a class feature that lets you create items with your device powers. So pick a feat for 1st-level.

    You should note Weapon Familiarity (Gnome Hooked Hammer), +1 to Illusion spell save DCs, and Spell-Like Abilities (Dancing Lights, Ghost Sound, Prestidigitation, 1/day each, caster level 1st, save DC 11) on the sheet. Also, note the +4 Hide bonus for Small size next to the Small size details.

    Quote Originally Posted by Willette
    Skill Points: 32       Max Ranks: 4/2
    Skills:                        Ranks  Mod  Misc  Total
    Appraise                       2      3               5 
    Alchemy                       2      4       2       8
    Craft (weaponsmithing)   4      4               8
    Craft (armorsmithing)      4      4               8
    Disable Device               2      4                6
    Knowledge (engr&arch)   4      4                8
    Profession                    4      3                7
    Listen                          2      3        2      7
    Search                        4      4                8
    Use Magic Device          4      4                8
    Appraise is Intelligence-based, so its modifier should be 4 and total should be 6. Profession needs a specific specialty, just like craft skills; apothecary, engineer, or siege engineer would be the most appropriate options. The Alchemy skill is Craft (Alchemy) in 3.5 and should be noted as such. Use Magic Device IS NOT a class skill for you. It will only become one after you reach high levels in the class. Replace those 4 ranks in UMD with something else.

    Quote Originally Posted by Willette
    Equipment:                        Cost  Weight  Charges
    Artisan's Tools                   5 gp   5    lb
    Explorer's Outfit                 0 gp   2    lb
    Rations (4 days)                20 sp  1    lb
    Bedroll                              1 sp   1.25 lb
    Fishhook                            1 sp
    Scroll Case                         1 gp   0.5  lb
    Flint and Steel                    1 gp
    Waterskin (2)                      2 gp   1    lb
    Belt Pouch                          1 gp   0.125lb
    Ink                                    8 gp
    Inkpen                               1 sp
    Parchment (8)                    1.6gp
    Sack                                  1 sp   0.125lb
    Morningstar                         8 gp   3    lb
    Light Crossbow                   35 gp  2    lb
    Dagger                               2 gp   0.5  lb
    Bolts (30)                           3 gp   1.5  lb
    Studded Leather Armor        25 gp  7.5  lb
    Buckler                             15 gp  2.5  lb
    Artificer Item: Flare Goggles  90 gp  2.5  lb     9
                                        200 gp  30.5 lb
                              Lgt  Med    Hvy      Lift    Push
    Max Weight:         44  44-87 88-131 131/263 656
    Age: 76 
    Height: 3'00"
    Weight: 40lb
    Eyes: Large Black
    Hair: Shaggy brown
    Skin: Mottled Green Brown
    Studded Leather weighs 10 pounds for Small characters. Waterskins weigh 1 pound each for Small characters. Your actual carried load is 34 pounds. Your light load capacity is 43.5 pounds, medium load is 87 pounds, and heavy load is 131.25 pounds (I know that's just nitpicking).

    The Flare Goggles need to have their second slot noted. Goggles slot + either the belt slot or cloak slot, depending on how they're built (back-mounted mini-generator or belt-mounted battery pack?). Also, why Goggles? Flare zaps a critter with a pulse of bright light to dazzle them, so it's not really something you'd use to enhance your vision. Fine with me if you want it to be a goggle device though, just not sure why that choice was made for it.

    Elidar's age should be 80 years. Normally the minimum for a young adult gnome is 40 years, but Forest Gnomes are even longer lived, averaging 500 year lifespans, so I'm going to say that each of their age categories lasts twice as long as those of other gnomes, except that their maximum age is still 3d% (3d100) years beyond Venerable.

    Quote Originally Posted by Willette
    So heres my first draft buildwise. Hope the formatting is right as its my first time trying to use the enclosed boxes :P haha

    A few issues:
    1. I was thinkin the same on the UMD skill and it seems as since i have no pre-req concentration is a little unnecessary as i'll never use spells or would using a device (i.e. pressing a button or whatnot) count for attack of oppurtunity/interruption? Also open lock might be a decent skill to tack on as this guy is essentially a tinkerer so lock mechanisms seem up his alley.

    2a. With using devices what action would switching from device to device or device to weapon use as if i can't take feats like quick draw maybe this would result in me being very slowed down due to all the switching.

    2b.Also in the device thread would my starting item be ok? goggles that cast flare take up slot for eyes and maybe cloak or hat slot for fuel. I also considered a shocking grasp gauntlet which could be used in combat as i have buckler leaving my hand free. Having a hard time finding players who've used this class and hence sample items.

    2c. Could i utilize devices in conjunction with weapons or armor like a flare mace or something as the picture from MoF has the guy holding what looks to be an augmented x-bow. For example electric jolt on armor set off when i'm hit or acid splash on crossbow optional in place of a bolt.
    1. Use Magic Device is not a class skill at low levels; only high-level artificers develop any ability to utilize magic to some degree. Concentration is unnecessary for the artificer.

    As noted in the book, activating a device is a standard action that does not provoke AoOs, and cannot be interrupted, and anyone can activate it (you can give the devices to allies or trade them away if desired).

    I didn't want to alter the class' basic traits or first 10 levels. But admittedly, it doesn't make much sense for them to not have Open Locks as a class skill, nor to lack any decent trap-disarming capacity with all their technological expertise. So I *guess* I'll houserule in Open Locks as a class skill for them, and Trapfinding at 1st-level as a class feature like the rogue. Also, since Alchemy is a class skill for the class' 3.0 version (and in 3.0 it's a prestige class for dabblers in the arcane), I'm saying the artificer can use Craft (Alchemy) without being a spellcaster.

    2a. Each device takes up 1 or 2 slots (your first device and the bonus devices gained later are all 2-slot items, using either the belt or cloak slot and any single other slot). You can use a weapon and shield (or just a two-handed weapon) and still use your devices, but it does take a free hand to activate a device (flipping switches, adjusting dials, cranking gears, pulling triggers, etc.), so a light shield or buckler would not interfere (those leave your hand free enough to handle other objects).

    Switching between devices that use the same slots would take as much time as changing a piece of clothing; something in the belt slot would probably take a full-round action to remove, for instance, to unbuckle and unstrap and set down, while a cloak slot item (a flamethrower's fuel tank and such for instance) might just be a move action to remove. It'll depend on the individual device and the slots it occupies. Of course this is irrelevant until you accumulate 2 or 3 more devices.

    2b. Artificer items need to use either the belt or cloak slot as their second slot. A Shocking Grasp Gauntlet would be fine, but cost 10 more GP than the current Flare Goggles and have only 5 charges. You'll be able to acquire materials to create additional items during play, but you'll have to find them or find NPCs who've got them (such as finding an NPC who is mining for metals).

    2c. Your devices are separate from normal armor and weapons, and don't actually take up a hand (though they need to be triggered by a free hand). You can't have an impact-triggered counterattacking device, nor a weapon that has added effects on impact. The gnome in the Magic of Faerun picture is carrying a Launch Bolt device with many charges (bolts) remaining, essentially similar to a normal crossbow with only minor differences. And wearing goggles of some other device power, probably See Invisibility or Detect Poison, and wearing a harness/gauntlet of what's probably a Bull's Strength device.
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    Alright made the changes (i hope they were on a different page) and teh background was done i copy/pasted it in it doesn't really have his seven days just his birth

    Name: Forge
    Class: Paladin
    Race: Human
    Size: Medium
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Deity: Torm
    Str: 18 +4      Level: 1        XP: 0
    Dex: 13 +1      BAB: +1         HP: 15 (1d10+2+3)
    Con: 14 +2      Grapple: +5     Dmg Red: none
    Int: 16 +3      Speed: 20'      Spell Res: 0%
    Wis: 16 +3      Init: +1        Spell Save: 13+ spell lvl
    Cha: 18 +4      ACP: -5         Spell Fail: 0%
                       Base  Armor Shld   Dex  Size   Nat  Misc  Total
    Armor:              10    +5          +1                      16
    Touch: 11              Flatfooted: 15
                              Base   Mod  Misc  Total
    Fort:                      2    +2          +4
    Ref:                       0    +1          +1
    Will:                      0    +3          +3
    Weapon                  Attack   Damage     Critical   Range
    Greatsword                +5     2d6+6      19-20x2     ---
    Dagger,mw(melee)          +5     1d4+4      19-20x2     ---
    Dagger,mw(thrown)         +2     1d4+4      19-20x2     10' 
    Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven, Goblinoid
    Abilities: Human traits (phb pg13), Aura of good, detect evil,smite evil1/day 
    Feats:  Prof. with all simple and martial weapons, proficient with all types
     of armor (heavy, medium, and light) and with all shields (except tower  
    shields),  Toughness(lvl1), Skill Focus- Craft(Blacksmithing)(human bonus) 
    Skill Points/lvl: 6/lvl   Max Ranks: 4/2
    Skill points: 24       
    Skills                      Ranks  Mod   Misc   Total
    Concentration                4     +2            +6
    Craft(blacksmithing)         4     +3     +3    +10
    Craft(armorsmithing)         1     +3            +4
    Craft(weaponsmithing)        1     +3            +4
    Knowledge(religion)          2     +3            +5
    Sense Motive                 4     +3            +7
    Appraise(cc)                 1     +3            +4
    Spot(cc)                     2     +3            +5
    Kowledge(architecture&       1     +3            +4
    Equipment:                         Cost  Weight
    Artisan's Outfit                   free     ---
    Chainmail                         150gp    40lb
    Greatsword                         50gp     8lb
    Dagger                              2gp     1lb
    Holy Symbol,silver                 25gp     1lb
    Backpack                            2gp     2lb
      -artisan's tools                  5gp     5lb
      -trail rations(2days)             1gp     2lb
      -waterskins(2)                     1gp     8lb
      -torches(4)                       4cp     4lb
      -flint&steel                      1gp     ---
      -whetstone                        2cp     1lb
      -fishhook                         1sp     ---
      -piton(2)                         2sp     1lb
      -candles                          4cp     --- 
    Bedroll                             1sp     5lb
      -blanket,winter                   5sp     3lb
    Rope(hempen,50')                    1gp    10lb
    Total Weight:93lb      Money: starting= 240gp spent= 240gp leftover = 0gp
                                     Lgt   Med  Hvy  Lift  Push
    Max Weight:                100   200  300  600  1,500
    Age: 15
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 165lb
    Eyes: light brown
    Hair: brown
    Skin: light

    tink, tink, clang, What is that? tink, tink, clang, Could that be me? Who am I? tink, tink, clang, That sound it makes me feel warm ,so very warm. tink, tink, clang, Sound? Feel? Warm? What are these things? I don't know how but I seem to understand. tink, tink, clang, Is that the sound of me? My heart? No the sound is the same as my heart. tink, tink, clang, tink, tink, clang,

    It is dark and could around me. Where am I? the sound keeps me warm. tink, tink, clang, I am me that sound comes from somewhere then where am I? tink, tink, clang, I need to find a way out. Why is it warm here? I am kept warm, am I safe? tink, tink, clang, Safe? What is that? I am here and nothing can hurt me, who would hurt me? Why? I need to become sharper, stronger, no I am not ready to leave. tink, tink, clang, tink, tink, clang,

    Ah I am almost ready, What do I need to be ready for? My world is the dark, the sound, and the warmth, but there is hurt outside of the darkness, there is pain, Ow what was that? tink, tink, clang, Do I really have to come out of the dark? What is it I must do? Really I can become more than I am? What would you have me do? Then outside the darkness is what? tink, tink, clang, tink, tink, clang, tink, tink, clang, Yes do it I am ready.

    Quench in the spirit of purity
    Shaped by the will of wisdom
    Sharpened by the knowledge of the Gods

    Forge steps forth from the very thing for which he is named.
    Last edited by HolyMan; Saturday, 10th October, 2009 at 02:11 PM.

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