Ars Magica 5e, Rhine Tribunal, 1220 - Characters
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    Ars Magica 5e, Rhine Tribunal, 1220 - Characters

    Characters for the Rhine Tribunal.

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    Block Yair

    Leo Braveheart Ilfetwis
    Size: +1
    Age: 25 (Apparent 25)
    Personality Traits: Lion (Fierce, Brave) +1, Idealistic +3, Curious +1; Weakness +3, Vow +3
    Characteristics: Int +3, Per 0, Pre +3, Com -3, Str +1, Sta 0, Dex 0, Qui 0
    Virtues & Flaws: (Free) The Gift, Hermetic Magus, Heartbeast; (Minor Virtues) Clan Ilfetu, Inspirational, Inoffensive to Animals, Nature Lore, Subtle Magic, Unbound Tongue, Large, Ways of the Forest, Puissant Rego, Puissant Forest Lore; (Major Flaw) Pagan, Twilight Prone; (Minor Flaw) Vow (obedience to Huntress hierophants), Weakness (submission), Deleterious Circumstances (in human shape), Weak Enchanter
    Confidence Score: 1 (3)
    Abilities: Lake Nemi Lore 2, Athletics 2, Animal Handling 1, Italian (archaic dialect) 5, Stealth 1, Survival 2, Brawl (unarmed) 2, Hunt 1, Leadership 3, Order of Hermes Lore 1, House Bjornaer Lore 4 (house initiations), Intrigue 1 (sniffing out plots), Artes Liberales 1, Latin 4 (hermetic usage), Magic Theory 3 (inventing spells), Parma Magica 1 (An), Concentration 1 (maintaining a spell), Gothic 4 (house initiations), Magic Lore 1 (great beasts) , Huntress Lore 1 (inventing new initiations), Forest Lore 1+2, Heartbeast 1 (change into heartbeast)
    Wizard's Sigil: Leo's spells are imbued with majesty and serenity.
    Arts: In 1, Mu 5, Re 8+3, An 5, He 5, Me 4, Vi 3
    Spells: Casting Total is given in Heartbeast/Human-form. Note the +3 in forests is not included.
    Clothes for the Bjornaer: Make the caster look and feel like he's dressed. MuIm 4 (B2, +2 Sun): CT +8/+2
    Strike of the Angered Branch ReHe 15: CT +19/+8
    Spasm of the Uncontrolled Hand ReCo 5: CT +14/+5
    Sooth the Ferocious Bear ReAn 10: CT +19/+8
    Shiver of the Lycanthrope InAn 10: CT +9/+3
    Image of the Beast InAn 5: CT +9/+3
    Wizard's Sidestep ReIm 10: CT +14/+5
    Aura of Rightful Authority ReMe 20: CT +18/+7
    Unseen Arm ReTe 5: CT +14/+5
    Trackless Step ReTe 10: CT +14/+5
    Scales of the Magical Weight InVi 5: CT +7/+2
    Sense the Nature of Vis InVi 5: +7/+2
    Gather the Essence of the Beast ReVi 15: CT +17/+7
    Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
    Soak: 0
    Brawl: Init 0, Attack +3, Defense +3, Damage +1
    Wound Penalties: -1 (1-6), -3 (7-12), -5 (13-18), Incapacitated (19-24)
    Appearance: Leo is a large man, nearly 7 feet tall, with a short but flowing mane of blonde hair and beard. He has impressive features and a regal manner, but there is a spark of wildness in his eyes. His attire varies, but is always respectable and has a certain elegance to it, even when dressed in peasant's ware; close inspection will reveal it to be illusiory, as Leo doesn't actually wear clothes nor carries any gear.

    In lion form:
    Characteristics: Int +3, Per 0, Pre +3, Com -3, Str +6, Sta +3, Dex +2, Qik +1
    Size: +2
    Confidence Score: 2 (6)
    Virtues and Flaws: gain Ferocity (self-defense), Puissant Brawl, Self-Confident, Tough, Proud
    Qualities: Aggressive, Ambush Predator, Crafty, Good Jumper, Hardy, Imposing Appearance, Large Claws, Large Teeth, Tough Hide, Vocal
    Personality Traits: (gain Proud)
    Reputations: None (yet)
    Claws: Init +1, Attack +15, Defense +12, Damage +10
    Bite: Init +1, Attack +13, Defense +9, Damage +9
    Soak: +8
    Fatigue Levels: OK, 0/0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
    Wound Penalties: -1 (1-7), -3 (8-14), -5 (15-21), Incapacitated (22-28), Dead (29+)
    Abilities: gain Athletics 5* (pouncing), Awareness 2 (smell), Brawl 5+2 (claws), Hunt 4 (deer), Stealth 4 (stalking), Survival 5 (arid climates). Can speak with lions.
    Gets +3 to jump-related rolls.
    Natural Weapons: Large claws: Init 0, Attack +5, Defense +3, Damage +4; Large teeth: Init 0, Attack +4, Defense +1, Damage +3. Its hide gives it a Protection of +2.
    Appearance: Leo is a particularly large lion, weighing in at about 35 stone (490 pounds) and with a body length of over ten feet. It has a short, broad muzzle with powerful jaws and teeth. Its coat is tawny and so is his majestic mane.

    Background: Leo was raised by an eremite Bjornaer magus at a secret glade near Lake Nemi in the Rome Tribunal. From early age he was indoctrinated into the cult of the Huntress in the Wood, and is now a devout pagan worshipping the old nature deties and devoted to restoring the wild magic of old. In many ways, he is a stereotypical Bjornaer. His fellow House and Clan members (with the notable exception of his parens) see his devotion to the cult as mild insanity - not too surprising in an Ilfetu. As long as it doesn't interfere with his House duties, which he and his parens perform diligently, it is tolerated. His fellow cult members see him and his parens as both assets and dangerous mystics. For while the cult sees the House mysteries as irrelevant, Leo's parens sees them as corrupted teachings of Merinita, that they seek to purify and integrate into the Cult's practices. So far Leo has only assisted his parens on some minor aspects of this research, but generally he adheres to his parens' teachings on this, although seemingly with less passion. The cult, too, tolerates the lineage's idiosyncracies, if only due to the great respect the Ilfetu are granted among other Bjornaer.

    For his initiation into the cult, he traveled to the great forests of the Rhine Tribunal, where he communed with the forest spirits of the Rhine Gorge. This made a lasting impression on him, and he is now ecstatic about the great forests. He and his mystagogue were both surprised to find a redcap looking for him, however, who delivered the letter from Murion. The hierarch didn't know why Murion summoned him, and even more importatntly how she knew where to find him. Fearful that Murion has some intelligence source on the cult, he sent Leo to her with clear instructions to do as she says but reveal nothing of the cult and try to ascertain how much she knows and, if possible, how. Leo is not quite sure how to do that, and is rather nervous about the meeting.

    Guerino, the Sour
    Age: 20
    Characteristics: Int -3, Per +1, Pre 0, Com -3, Str 0, Sta +3, Dex +3, Qui +3
    Virtues & Flaws: Puissant Great Weapon, Tough, Warrior; Ability Block (social skills), Branded Criminal (Social Status), Pessimistic (Personality Flaw).
    Abilities: Athletics 2, Awareness 2 (hidden weapons), Brawl 3 (fist), Carouse* 2 (games of chance), Great Weapon 5+2 (Staff), Italian 5, Legerdemain 1 (con games), Mafia Lore 4 (crime lords), Nemi Glade Lore 2 (covenfolk), Profession: Ruffian 3, Stealth 2 (in city), Storytelling 1,Venice Lore 4 (dark alleys)
    * This represents knowledge and skill in the games, but not friend-making behavior, which Guerino is unable to master. Guerino may play well, but he doesn't play nice.
    Personality Traits: Pessimistic +3, Tale-spinner +1 (morbid tales), Stubborn +3
    Equipment: Staff (Init +2, Atk +3, Dfn +3, Dam +2, Load 2), Leather Scale Hauberk (Protection/Load 3)
    Burden 2 [4 points]; Encumbrance 2 [reduces Initiative and athletic activities]
    Soak: 9
    Staff: Init +3, Atk +14, Dfn +14, Dam +2
    Fist: Init +1, Atk +7, Dfn +7, Dam +0
    Kick: Init +0, Atk +6, Dfn +5, Dam +3

    Background: Growing up as a ruffian in Venice left Guerino with a rather dour and morbid take on life. He was always tough and capable, but never much-liked, and he didn't like the job too much. Not the sharpest knife in the shed, Guerino got caught for beating some noble's son up, and ended up branded as a criminal. Though this didn't hurt his buisness much, he didn't like the duke's prison, at all, and decided to seek alternative employment. He eventually landed in the Nemi Glade as a guard, but his sour outlook soon led him to be "exported" into serving as Leo's bodyguard when he was sent to the north, to Germany. Guerino doesn't mind - he much prefers this job, and is rather surprised things didn't go much worse for him. If he was a betting man, and he is, he'll bet that this is just a curse in disguise, and he'll surely die at some dragon's jaws or something soon enough. Until then, he's determined to live his life the way a man should - with force and tenacity.
    The only problem is that no one seems to speak Italian is these foreign lands. He can't make sense of their barbarian speech. This leaves him only the company of Leo, which neither one of them particularly enjoys.
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    Still working on a name. Maybe going by Brother Thomas is public.

    You are now Commutatis (or whatever you prefer) of Ex Miscellania; an excellent if wondrously varied house. I chose this house due to Bjornaer disliking shapechangers as a rule, and you being one. Regardless, now there's none of that strange cult philosophy to worry about.

    Your mage has an interesting history. He is Danish, and from a line of shape-changing mages who descend from the apprentice of Father Weathersky.

    Farmer Weathersky - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Your line, a relatively small one of perhaps you and five others, focus on your understanding of shapechanging and the forest. Your line has an interesting history; not one of the original founders, your ancestor was actually found and 'Recruited' into the order with a 'Join or Die!' statement. Eventually finding themselves in Ex Miscellania, they have effectively a small true lineage; most live amongst the forests quite happily, though members often have some issues with mundanes plundering the forest or slaughtering all their animal friends. For the most part your lineage are left to their own, barely hearing of Hermetic politics and unused to hermetic life. (An excellent reason to not know what the frig is going on, too. Asking dangerous questions in character can be fun. .) Getting a letter from the Prima of House Bonisagus was obviously completely out of the blue, especially when it was delivered by a talking raven with a rather imperious tone.

    You have the supernatural ability to talk to animals, as well as Ways of the Forest which means most animals treat you well - even predators won't be hostile.

    I have given you two shapechanging spells, wolf and raven, but you may change those to any mammal or bird you please without being overly huge. If you choose those I can find the statistics.

    As well as this, you don't need to speak or make any motion to cast any spells, and therefore can cast while in animal form with no problems.

    The effects of the gift work normally with people, but animals are unaffected by it. In fact, you get along better with animals than people. You are particularly effective with forest magics and while your learning has been specific up to now, you see magic as a unified whole, so get bonus experience points to unrelated magical arts when studying.

    All this comes at a price - you have weak magic resistance when not in a forest, are somewhat prone to Twilight, have a reputation as a hedge wizard due to not being from a latin-focused tradition, and Enemies. You have enemies of two sorts, both of a medium consequence rather than one enemy of potency. You have a general beef with mundanes who wreck the forests and magical places, and House Bjornaer seem to have a beef with your lineage, though you have no idea why. Your master recommended that you keep your magical history to yourself, however.

    From the top -

    Commutatis (or whatever) of Ex Miscellania

    Player: Walking Dad

    Year 1220

    Race: Danish

    Religion: ?

    Confidence 1(3)

    Age 25

    Gender (?)

    Size 0

    Decreptitude = 0 Warping = 0

    Int +3 Per +1 Stre - 1 Sta + 2 Pre +1 Com+1 Dex +1 Qik +1

    Personality Traits
    Paranoid + 4 (I chose this as a major personality flaw. Feel free to change it to another major flaw.

    Virtues House - Minor Mag Focus - Shapechanging
    Ways of the Forest

    Subtle Magic 1
    Quiet magic x2 2
    Improved characteristics x2 2
    Inoffensive to animals 1
    Secondary insight 3
    puissant herbam 1

    House flaws
    Weak Magic Resistance (not in a forest)
    Twilight Prone
    Enemies (Mundanes, Bjornaer)
    Hedge Wizard


    Artes Liberales 1
    Athletics 1
    Awareness 2
    Brawl 1
    Charm 2
    Concentration 2
    Finesse 1
    Folk ken 1
    Hunt 1
    Language: Danish 5
    Latin 4
    Area Lore (Denmark) 2
    Magic Theory 3
    Parma 1
    Penetration 1
    Stealth 1
    Survival 2
    Animal Ken 4

    Cr 1 IN 1 MU 10 RE 3 COR 5 HERB 9+2 (11)


    Shape of the Great Stag, LVL 20 +22
    Cloak of Black Feathers LVL 30 +22
    Eyes of the cat LVL 5 + 17
    Pass the unyielding Portal (Open doors like they are made of play-doh) LVL 5, + 23
    Piercing shaft of wood LVL 10 + 23
    Intuition of the forest (group spell), LVL 10, + 14
    Shriek of the impending shaft LVL 15 + 14
    Trap of the entwining vines LVL 15 + 14
    Shroud Magic (make any magic difficult to detect) LVL 10 + 12

    So, how does that seem?

    Edit: You can't change into rings or stones yet, but with a bit of study there's no reason why not for the full shapechanging mage.
    Your Ways of the Forest virtue means you get + 3 to every roll within a forest, including spells and don't botch as often. Interestingly, in the forest you can deal with people without them thinking you are dangerous and strange, but in a town they recognize you don't 'belong', which is an unexpected side effect. You just don't belong outside of forests. This also means that living in a busy, urban covenant is going to be painful for you, but a quiet forest away from any villages would be playing to your strengths.

    Your weak magic resistance is painful, almost terribly so. You are well advised to never let anyone know about it, and to draw them into the forest.

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    I Defended The Walls!

    Block Shayuri

    Size: +0
    Age: 25 (Apparent 25)
    Personality Traits: Carefree +2, Optimistic +2, Curious +1, Provocative +1
    Characteristics: Int +3, Per +1, Pre +2, Com +2, Str -1, Sta +1, Dex +1, Qui +1
    Virtues & Flaws: (Free) The Gift, Hermetic Magus, Faerie Magic; (Major Virtues) Gentle Gift, Strong Sidhe Fey Blood (Minor Virtues) Skilled Parens, Venus' Blessing, Improved Characteristics x2 (Major Flaw) Restriction: Cannot use magic when in contact with iron, Plagued by Supernatural Being (Minor Flaw) Prohibition: Must keep sworn oaths, Meddler, Incomprehensible, Weird Magic
    Confidence Score: 1 (3)
    Abilities: Native Language: English 5
    Area Lore (Ireland) 1
    Area Lore (Somewhere) 1
    Athletics 1
    Awareness 2
    Brawl (knife) 2
    Carouse (holding drink) 1
    Charm 3
    Folk Ken 2
    Guile 4
    Music (singing) 1
    Second Sight 1
    Stealth (moving quietly) 1
    Survival 1
    Swimming 1
    Artes Liberale 1
    Magic Theory 3
    Latin 4
    Parma Magica 1
    Concentration 1
    Fineese 1

    Wizard's Sigil: Puff of sparkles, quiet tinkling noise.
    Arts: Cr 5 Per 5 In 5, Mu 5, Re 5 / An 2, Aur 3, Cor 3, Her 3, Ima 6, Men 5, Ter 3, Vi 1
    Casting Skill: (Max Level = Tech + Form + Int + Magic Theory + 3)
    Spells: (150lvls)
    Soothe The Ferocious Bear (ReAn 10)
    Ward Against Rain (ReAu 10)
    Spasm of the Uncontrolled Hand (ReCo 5)
    Phantasmal Animal (CrIm 20)
    Prying Eyes (InIm 5)
    Disguise of a Transformed Image (MuIm 15)
    Veil of Invisibility (PeIm 20)
    Silence of Smothered Sound (PeIm 20)
    Wizard's Sidestep (ReIm 10)
    Palpitations of the Lovelorn Heart (CrMe 15) (Note - A "love spell" based on the spells that cause fear and anger from the book)
    Call to Slumber (ReMe 10)
    Crystal Dart (MuTe 10)
    Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
    Soak: 0
    Weapon: Init, Atk, Dfn, Dmg
    Wound Penalties: -1 (1-5), -3 (6-10), -5 (11-15), Incapacitated (16-20)
    Appearance: Short of stature and slim of build, with laughing round cheeks and luminous green eyes framed by golden-blonde hair, Ilshana is often mistaken for being much younger than her twenty-five years. Her natural beauty is reinforced by a subtle innate glamour that emphasizes what each observer likes most while subtly causing any flaw to be less noticible.

    Characteristics: Int , Per , Pre 0, Com , Str 0, Sta , Dex, Qui
    Virtues & Flaws:
    Personality Traits:
    Burden Encumbrance
    Weapon: Init, Atk, Dfn, Dmg

    Yes, she can see through Leo's clothes. No, she doesn't mention it right away.

    Childhood 45
    Native Language 5
    Area Lore 1 5
    Athletics 1 5
    Awareness 1 5
    Charm 1 5
    Folk Ken 1 5
    Guile 1 5
    Stealth 1 5
    Survival 1 5
    Swim 1 5

    Later in Life 75
    Area Lore 1 (5)
    Awareness +1 (10)
    Charm +2 (25)
    Guile +2 (25)
    Folk Ken +1 (10)
    Second Sight 1 (free)

    Apprentice 160+139=299
    Artes Liberale 1 (5)
    Latin 4 (50)
    Magic Theory 3 (30)
    Parma Magica 1 (5)
    Concentration 1 (5)
    Finesse 1 (5)
    Penetration 1 (5)
    Magic Lore 1 (5)
    Faerie Lore 1 (5)
    Brawl 2 (15)
    Guile +1 (20)
    Carouse 1 (5)
    Music 1 (5)
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    Name: Gorgamesh
    House: Criamon
    Age: 25 Size: 0 Confidence: 1

    appearance and info

    Birth Place: Poland
    Gender: Male
    Height: 165 cm
    Weight: 75 kg
    Hair: Dark brown
    Eyes: Deep black
    Description: A horribly ugly haunchback with a tattooed face.


    Intelligence Int +3
    Perception Per 0
    Presence Pre (ugly) -4
    Communication Com +1
    Strength Str 0
    Stamina Sta +3
    Dexterity Dex 0
    Quickness Qik 0

    Virtues and Flaws

    The Gift (Special)
    Flexible Formulaic Magic (Major, Hermetic)
    Subtle Magic (Minor, Hermetic)
    Quiet Magic (2) (Spellcasting Penalty: None for not speaking)
    (Minor, Hermetic)
    Method Caster (Formulaic Spells: +3) (Minor, Hermetic)
    Sense Holiness and Unholiness (Minor, Supernatural)
    Hermetic Magus (Free, Social Status)
    Skilled Parens (Minor, Hermetic)
    The Enigma (Minor, Hermetic)

    Disfigured (criamon tattoes) (Minor, General)
    Twilight Prone (Major, Hermetic)
    Hunchback (Penalty: -3 on agility, balance and Com rolls involving
    good looks) (Minor, General)
    Weak Spontaneous Magic (Major, Hermetic)
    Poor Presence (Minor, General)


    10 Enigmatic Wisdom (interpreting signs) 2
    5 Philosophiae (ritual magic) 1
    30 Dominion Lore (divine creatures) 3
    15 Athletics (climb) 2
    30 Brawl (Bite) 3
    30 (Durenmar) Lore (personalities) 3
    5 Artes Liberales (ritual magic) 1
    75 Magic Theory (Vim) 5
    10 Magic Lore (regiones) 2
    5 Parma Magica (Vim) 1
    5 (Tribunal) Lore (geography) 1
    5 Guile (elaborate lies) 1
    5 Stealth (hide) 1
    0 German (specific dialect) 5
    15 Order of Hermes Lore (personalities) 2
    5 Church Lore 1
    25 Sense Holiness and Unholiness (good) 3
    75 Latin (hermetic usage) 5

    Magical Arts

    Technique Score Exp
    Creo 0 0
    Intellego 5 15
    Muto 2 3
    Perdo 4 10
    Rego 4 10

    Form Score Exp. Bonus MR
    Animal 0 0 0 5
    Aquam 0 0 0 5
    Auram 0 0 0 5
    Corpus 5 15 1 10
    Herbam 0 0 0 5
    Ignem 0 0 0 5
    Imaginem 0 0 0 5
    Mentem 5 15 1 10
    Terram 0 0 0 5
    Vim 10 55 2 20


    Dodge (Init)+0 (DFN)+3
    Bite (Init)+0 (ATK)+4 (DFN)+4 (DAM)+0
    Fist (Init)+0 (ATK)+3 (DFN)+3 (DAM)+0
    Kick (Init)-1 (ATK)+3 (DFN)+2 (DAM)+3


    Spell - (CT) (Level) (Range) (Duration) (Target) (Pen.)
    Agony of the Beast (+7) (PeAn15) Voice Conc Ind -8
    Wizard's Communion (+15) (MuVi15) Voice Mom Group +0
    Piercing the Divine Veil (+18) (InVi20) Per Conc Vision -2
    Sense of Divine Power (+18) (InVi2) Touch Mom Ind +16
    Sense the Nature of Vis (+18) (InVi5) Touch Mom Ind +13
    Aura of Rightful Authority (+12) (ReMe20) Eye Sun Ind -8
    Disguise of the new visage (+10) (MuCo10) Per Sun Part +0
    Endurance of the Berserker (+12) (ReCo15) Per Conc Ind -3
    Gift of the Frog’s Legs (+12) (ReCo15) Touch Mom Ind -3
    Lifting the Dangling puppet (+12) (ReCo15) Voice Conc Ind -3
    Preternatural Growth and Shrinking (+10) (MuCo15) Touch Sun Ind -5
    Whispers Through the black gate (+13) (InCo15) Touch Conc Ind -2
    Panic of the Elephant’s mouse (+7) (ReAn15) Eye Conc Ind -8
    The Wound that Weeps (+12) (PeCo15) Voice Mom Ind -3

    Base Casting Total

    Fast Casting Speed - 0 (Qik) + 0 (Finnese) = 0
    Determining Effect - 0 (Per) + 0 (Awareness) = 0
    Base Targeting - 0 (Per) + 0 (Finnese) = 0
    Concentration - 3 (Sta) + 0 (Concentration=) = 3
    Magic Resistance - 1 (Parma) X 5 = 5
    Multiple Casting - 3 (Int) + 0 (Finnese) = 3


    Gorgamesh is exceedingly ugly, a deformed haunchback of terrible quitessence whose master only added sin to inquity by blatantly tattoing his face with mystic symbols. Little girls have been known to run screaming at his sight.
    Gorgamesh's parens is Master Cato, a Criamon member of Durenmar whose studies focus on the formation of magic and magic auras. He brought Gorgamesh to Durenmar as a babe (no one knows from where), and started his tutalage early. The true story is that when Gorgamesh was born, the town's people declared that he was cursed by demons when he was in the womb. His mother decided to give him away to the church, but an old man, that felt that the little baby got something special took him to Durenmar.

    He encouraged Gorgamesh to join #name of new place#, urging him to get out into the world and put his theories to test. Gorgamesh casts all his spells with no gestures or words, bringing forth magic with mere thought. He has learned many spells, and can stretch his Formulaic spells somewhat. His spontanous spellcasting ability, however, is very weak. His spells focuses on sensing the divine and physical deformations, and he is fairly skilled in Vim and Rego, and has an uncanny ability to notice the Divine.


    Name: Tuk
    Age: 26 Size: -1 Confidence: 1
    Birth Name: Jeremiah Isaac Hudson

    appearance and info

    Gender: Male
    Religion: Christian
    Title/Profession: Royal Jester
    Social status: Wanderer
    Height: 1.45 m
    Weight: 47 kg
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Handedness: right


    Intelligence Int (+1)
    Perception Per (+1)
    Strength Str (-2)
    Stamina Sta (+1)
    Presence Pre (+2)/(+3)*
    Communication Com (+2)/(+3)*
    Dexterity Dex (+2)
    Quickness Qik (+1)
    *Vs. Sexually compatible characters.

    Virtues and Flaws

    Maestro (Free)* – associate with magic realm.
    * Affinity with Enchanting singing
    Enchanting singing (minor, super natural) – inducing emotions and beliefs in others. (Faerie realm)
    Unbound tongue (minor, supernatural) – may speak human language in animal form.
    Faerie blood Satyr (Minor, supernatural)
    Shapeshifter (Major, supernatural) – Shape changing to animals. (Faerie realm)
    Luck (minor, general) - +1 - +3 to luck rolls.
    Improved characteristics (Minor, general)
    Gossip (minor, general) – roll of 6+ to hear news before everyone.
    Inspirational – A stirring speaker Give others +3 for personality traits.

    * Susceptibility to divine power (minor, Hermetic) – Suffer twice the penalties from dominion
    Small frame (minor, general) – Size reduced to -1
    Indiscreet (Major, story) – Unable to keep secret unless pass 9+ int stress roll.


    [0] Language: English (5)
    [50] Charm (4)
    [30] Guile (3)
    [70] Enchanting Singing (5) {Affinity virtue}
    [70] Shape Shift (5) {Crow/Shark/Horse/Cat/Wolf}
    [75] Music (5)
    [5] Brawl (1) {Jester Scepter a.k.a mace}
    [10] Folk ken (2)
    [5] Stealth (1)
    [5] Athletic (1)
    [0] Awareness (0)
    [10] Bargain (2)
    [50] Lore (4) {area}
    [0] Etiquette (0)
    [0] Finesse (0)
    [0] Hunt (0)
    [0] Penetration (0)
    [5] Ride (1)
    [0] Survival (0)
    [0] Swim (0)


    Name: Theodor Bergo
    Age: 23 Size: 0 Confidence: --

    appearance and info

    Gender: Male
    Religion: Christian
    Nationality: German
    Birth place: Hamburg
    Title/Profession: Hunter
    Social status: Wanderer
    Height: 1.70 m
    Weight: 65 kg
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Hazel
    Handedness: right


    Intelligence Int 0
    Perception Per (Acute) +2
    Presence Pre (Unkempt) -1
    Communication Com (Loner) -2
    Strength Str 0
    Stamina Sta (Athletic) +2
    Dexterity Dex (Agile) +3
    Quickness Qik (Cautious) -1

    Virtues and Flaws

    Animal Ken (Minor, Supernatural)
    Wilderness Sense (Minor, Supernatural)
    Warrior (50/50) (Minor, General)
    Wanderer (Free, Social Status)

    Compassionate (Major, Personality)


    0 German (specific dialect) 5
    25 Wilderness Sense (resources) 3
    25 Animal Ken (birds) 3
    50 Bows (Bow, Short) 4
    15 Single Weapon (Sword, Short) 2
    5 Brawl (Fist) 1
    30 Folk Ken (peasants) 3
    30 Animal Handling (falconry) 3
    30 Athletics (running) 3
    15 Swim (long distances) 2
    30 Awareness (alertness) 3
    30 Hunt (tracking) 3
    15 Stealth (natural areas) 2
    30 Survival (forests) 3
    30 Germany Lore (geography) 3
    5 Pommerania Lore (geography) 1


    Dodge (Init)-3 (DFN)+0
    Short Bow (Init)-4 (ATK)+11 (DFN)+4 (DAM)+6 (Range) 15
    Short sword (Init)-2 (ATK)+9 (DFN)+3 (DAM)+5
    Dagger (Init)-3 (ATK)+6 (DFN)+0 (DAM)+3
    Fist (Init)-3 (ATK)+5 (DFN)+1 (DAM)+0
    Kick (Init)-4 (ATK)+4 (DFN)-1 (DAM)+3

    Arrows: (X20)


    Theodor has wandered the forests and woodlands of Germany for most of his life. Born with an uncanny ability to commune with animals - a gift never understood or accepted by his family or the villagers of his home village - and with a most intuitive sense of the forest ways, Theodor would often disappear for weeks at time before returning to his home. His absenses were little spoken of, nor was there much joy shown upon his return, though his family did - with no show of gratification - greedily accept the meat and furs he would invariably return with. At a point in his early teens, Theodor left once again, and this time did not return.

    More the next many years Theodor lived off his own wits and the bounty of the forests, hunting and fishing for his needs, and only going into town or village when absolutely necessary. He was discovered by a resident member of Durenmar who initially hired him on merely as a guide for a few weeks of service, but upon learning of his impressive aptitudes, offered him a home within the covenant. There, Theodor found acceptance within the turb, despite his peculiar gifts, which no one seemed to mind and, in fact, proved quite useful on more than one occassion. He remained with Durenmar through the intervening years, though his wanderer nature occassionaly distracted him back to the forests for weeks at a time.



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    Walking Dad, here is your stag and bird. You get these statistics and can do things that they can normally do. You cannot talk to humans in animal form, but you can talk to all other animals. You can cast spells in these forms easily, and don't move to do so. You have all of your normal skills but doing things like trying to write as a stag is difficult to impossible, for instance. These extra skills are given to you when you are in this form.

    Stag (Cervus)
    Characteristics: Int +3 , Per +1, Pre 1, Com 1,
    Str +2, Sta +2, Dex 1, Qik +2
    Size: +2
    Confidence Score: 0
    Virtues and Flaws: Improved Characteristics,
    Higher Purpose (protect the herd)
    Qualities: Defensive Fighter, Extra Natural
    Weapons, Large Antlers, Fast Runner, Good
    Jumper, Sharp Ears
    Personality Traits: Brave +1
    Reputations: Noble (local) 2
    Antlers: Init +4, Attack +7, Defense +8, Damage +5
    Hooves: Init +4, Attack +6, Defense +8, Damage +3
    Dodge: Init +2, Attack n/a, Defense +7, Damage n/a
    Soak: +2
    Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
    Wound Penalties: -1 (1-7), -3 (8-14), -5 (15-
    21), Incapacitated (22-28), Dead (29+)
    Abilities: Athletics 4 (sprinting), Awareness 3 (predators),
    Brawl 4 (dodge), Survival 3 (woodlands)

    Falcon (Falco)
    Characteristics: Int + 3, Per + 1, Pre + 1, Com + 1
    Str -6, Sta +2, Dex +1, Qik +6
    Size: -3
    Confidence Score: 1 (3)
    Virtues and Flaws: Ferocity (swooping attack),
    Keen Vision, Fragile Constitution
    Qualities: Accomplished Flier, Fast Flier, Keen
    Eyesight, Pursuit Predator, Extra Natural
    Personality Traits: Fierce +3
    Reputations: None
    Talons: Init +5, Attack +6, Defense +12, Damage -4
    Beak: Init +6, Atk +6, Defense +9, Damage -5
    Soak: -2
    Fatigue Levels: OK, 0/0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
    Wound Penalties: -1 (1-2), -3 (3-4), -5 (5-6),
    Incapacitated (7-8), Dead (9+)
    Abilities: Athletics 5 (swift flight), Awareness
    4 (spotting prey), Brawl 2 (talons), Hunt 4
    (game birds), Survival 3 (cold climates)
    Natural Weapons: The weapon statistics for a
    falcon's talons are Init -1, Atk +2, Def +3,
    Dam +2. The statistics for its beak are Init
    0, Atk +3, Def +1, Dam +1.
    Appearance: These statistics are for a gyrfalcon,
    the largest and most prized of falcons.
    Its wingspan can exceed four feet. It has a
    short, hooked beak and dark eyes. Its plumage
    may be white, grey, or dark brown and
    has a banded pattern.
    The falcon is among the swiftest of birds and
    hunts on the wing, overtaking its prey in flight.
    Nobles use falcons to hunt game birds such as partridge.
    In the wild, the gyrfalcon can kill prey as
    large as a goose, and usually hunts birds and small
    rodents. It lives in cold northern lands including
    Scandinavia, Iceland, and Russia.

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    Block Yair

    Some spells:

    Undoing the Mason's Work
    ReTe 5
    This spell causes a wall, or a part of it, to topple down. In Leo's version of the spell, the effect is accompanies by a trumpet call, and the stones fall off in a way that creates a path, as if the walls fall to open the way for a coming king.
    (B 2, +1 stone, +1 touch, +1 part)

    Gauging the Width
    InTe 10
    This spell gives the wizard a sense of the width of the wall he is touching.
    (B4, +1 touch, +1 part)

    Sidestepping the Mundane Obstacle
    ReCo 25 [15 at Target:Individual]
    This spell teleports the target a short distance, up to 10 paces. It is intended to be used to teleport beyond walls, but can have other uses.
    Casting requisites are not required to transport personal gear.
    (B10, +1 touch, +2 group)

    Thamatrugical Transformation of Stone to Air
    MuTe(Au) 20
    This spell transforms a portion of a wall into air, allowing anyone to walk through it. The wall keeps maintaining its property of support, so that the rest of the wall or structure is not damaged and when the spell ends the wall returns to its normal, stoney, state.
    (B4, +1 stone, +1 touch, +1 part, +1 diameter; Auram requisite)

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    Sniff the Infernal Stench
    InVi 5
    This spell allows the caster to "smell" the strength of an Infernal aura. Depending on the breeze, the scent can be carried some distance away from the aura, or the scent of a distant aura can drift into the place he is at.
    (B2, +3 smell)

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    Sorry to be so late, but I had a message to deliver. Although Gifted Mercere spend less time on the road than our more well-traveled brothers, no one is immune when duty calls.

    (Can someone tell me how to use spoiler blocks? sblock doesn't seem to work)

    Wolfgang of Mercere

    BACKGROUND: Wolfgang von Graz is a cousin of Duke Leopold Babenberg ("the Glorious") of Austria, and though not in the line of succession he enjoyed a privileged life as a child, with an excellent education including an introduction to the Minnesanger schools of music. Shortly after Leopold became Duke, he began to quarrel with Wolfgang's father, Franz. Fearing the Duke's power, Franz and his family moved to Milan.

    They left Wolfgang behind at the University of Vienna, at the urging of a teacher who was impressed with the boy's potential. The teacher was a friend to Hiram of Mercere, and brought young Wolfgang to him as a promising student. Hiram agreed, and took him as an apprentice, making a generous donation to the University as a finder's fee.

    Wolfgang excelled at his studies, particularly Magic Theory, and devised a theory of his own that took advantage of common elements between the four classical Greek elements. He was always confused by Mentem magic, though, and had trouble improvising spells in haste.

    Wolfgang cannot abide injustice or ill-treatment of anyone, particularly bullying of the weak or helpless by those with power or authority. When he sees suffering, he is moved to try to prevent or ease it.

    Sigil: His spells, even non-elemental ones, have traces of all four elements in them.

    Age 25
    Size -1 (see Flaws)
    Confidence 1

    Int +3 (6)
    Per +1 (1)
    Str -2 (-3)
    Stm +2 (3)
    Prs +1 (1)
    Com +1 (1)
    Dex +1 (1)
    Qik -2 (-3)
    total +7

    The Gift (free)
    Hermetic magus (free)
    Puissant Creo (free from House Mercere)
    Elemental Magic +3
    Inventive Genius +1
    Skilled Parens +1
    Good Teacher +1
    Privileged Upbringing +1
    total +7

    Weak Spontaneous Magic -3
    Deficient Form: Mentem -1
    Compassionate (minor) -1
    Driven (to protect helpless) (minor) -1
    Small Frame (-1)
    total -7

    (A) early childhood: 45 + Lang: German 5
    (B) later life: 75
    (C) privileged upbringing:50, may include academic and martial
    (D) apprenticeship (skilled parens): 300, may include arcane, academic, martial

    Language: German 5 (A, 0) nuance and subtlety
    Language: Italian 3 (A, 6) music
    Language: French 3 (A, 6) friendly banter
    Area Lore: Vienna 4( A,10) museums, theaters, palaces
    Awareness 5 (A, 6) (B, 9) alertness
    Charm 3 (A, 6) social superiors/ elders
    Folk Ken 3 (A, 6) wealthy people
    Guile 4 (A, 3) (B, 7) lies of omission
    Athletics 1 (A, 1) sprinting
    Swim 1 (A, 1) surviving in rough water
    Concentration 6 (B, 15) (D, 6) spell concentration
    Etiquette 4 (B, 10) court
    Teaching 6 (B, 21) teaching adults
    Craft: clockmaking 3 (B, 6)
    Music 3 (B, 6) theory
    Ride 1 (B, 1) calm, gentle mounts
    Language: Latin 5(C, 15) academic
    Artes Liberales 4 (C, 10) geometry
    Single Weapon 3 (C, 6) sword
    Philosophiae 4 (C, 10) natural
    Profession: scribe 3 (C, 6) interpreting poor originals
    Intrigue 2 (C, 3) rumors
    Code of Hermes 3 (D, 6) redcaps' duties and privileges
    Magic Theory 8 (D, 36) enchanting items
    Parma Magica 1 (D, 1) mentem
    Finesse 3 (D, 6) precision
    Penetration 3 (D, 6) creo
    Dominion Lore 2 (D, 3) saints
    Faerie Lore 3 (D, 6) unseelie
    Infernal Lore 2 (D, 3) undead
    Magic Lore 3 (D, 6) creatures
    Organization Lore: Hermes 3 (D, 6) politics
    Area Lore: Tyrolia 2 (D, 3) roads
    Area Lore: Piedmont 2 (D, 3) covenants

    spent 91 apprenticeship points, leaving 209 for arts

    Cr 7 (+3 = 10, virtue) (28)
    In 2 (3)
    Mu 7 (28)
    Pe 2 (3)
    Re 10 (55)

    An 1 (1)
    Aq 11 (66)
    Au 11 (0, elementalist)
    Co 1 (1)
    He 1 (2)
    Ig 11 (0, elementalist)
    Im 1 (1)
    Me 1 (1)
    Te 11 (0, elementalist)
    Vi 6 (21)

    SPELLS, 150 levels (skilled parens): In + magic theory + 3 = 14
    casting totals below do not include the local aura

    Cr Aq 30 Bridge of Frost 10+11+2 = +23
    Cr Au 35 The Incantation of Lightning 10+11+2 = +23
    Cr Ig 35 Ball of Abyssal Flame 10+11+2 = +23
    Re Te 20 Crest of the Earth's Wave 10+11+2 = +23
    Re Vi 30 Aegis of the Hearth 10+6+2 = +18
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    Fezzik, Wolfgang's shield grog
    Age 19
    Size: +2

    Int 0
    Per +1 (1)
    Str +4 (6) see virtues
    Stm +4 (6) see virtues
    Prs -2 (-3) (-5 involving good looks)
    Com -3 (-6) (-5 involving voice)
    Dex +2 (3)
    Qik 0
    total +7

    Early childhood: 45 + Speak German 5
    Later Life:

    Giant Blood +3 - grants +1 to str, stm

    Afflicted Tongue -1 (speech impediment)
    Judged Unfairly -1 (assumed to be stupid)
    Branded Criminal -1

    A) Early Childhood: 45 + Speak German 5
    B) Later Life: 210, may take martial abilities.

    Speak German 5 (A, 0)
    Athletics 5 (A, 15)
    Brawl 8 (A, 15) (B, 21)
    Awareness 5 (A, 6) (B, 9)
    Survival 4 (A, 3) (B, 7)
    Swim 5 (A, 3) (B, 12)
    Area Lore: Vienna 2 (A, 3)
    Great Weapon 11 (B, 66)
    Single Weapon 7 (B, 28)
    Thrown Weapon 7 (B, 28)
    Animal Handling 3 (B, 6)
    Chirurgy 6 (B, 21)
    Hunt 5 (B, 15)
    Craft (Leatherwork) 3 (B, 6)

    Fezzik was an object of torment on the streets of Vienna, and when he lashed out at a gang of boys who were throwing rocks at him, he landed before a magistrate. Wolfgang intervened and paid his fine, reducing the penalty to a brand on the cheek, and the two have been together ever since, though Fezzik sometimes stayed behind with Hiram when Wolfgang traveled.
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