D&D 4th Edition [Adventure] The Darkest Night (DM: johnmeier1, Judge: Ozymandias79)

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    [Adventure] The Darkest Night (DM: johnmeier1, Judge: Ozymandias79)

    A continuation of Just Before Nightfall...

    An adventure for a party of level 4-5

    Determine the final fate of a poor, mislead girl and her supernatural suitor

    Players: KenHood (Tonk), DMDanW (Dextyr), renau1g (Murphy), OnlytheStrong (Shorrin), DarwinofMind (Saraz)
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    //I think we already know what the final fate of her suitor will be...//

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    Yes we should not leave any loose ends this time around...

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    So far renau1g and OnlytheStrong have said they will play through PM and you two have responded IC. DarwinofMind has declined. I PMed changer but he has not responded (it has only been a week).

    Feel free to recruit 1 more (not sure if there are any around) but your party of 4 could take it

    DMDanW, what level is Dextyr now? I didn't think you had updated his character sheet after the XP from Just Before Nightfall.

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    Dextyr's update..

    I have not updated his sheet yet. He hit 4th level with the xp from your adventure and I have figured out all the options I'm taking - I just have not gotten around to updatiing his character sheet wiki page. I know, I know, I should get to that soon and get him sent in for approval, but I have been busy with work lately. Will try by the end of the week to get him submitted.

    Recruiting another palyer

    Well I think that we could definitely use either another controller (or a controller if changer does not join up) or another leader.

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    ooc: Updated character careers here. Enjoy the adventure.
    Characters: Kruk (Lvl 11), Max (Lvl 11), Lerrick (Lvl 6)

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    If Saraz wants to come with us she can't be approved until April 16th, but at least one judge has added some PHB3 material to his CS so maybe she could come and be approved on the way? I have the book so i can look it over if you want John to make sure it's good?

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    I would not have a problem with DarwinofMind's new psionic PC. Go ahead and recruit. I can wait to award XP for a while (or if the middle of the adventure happens around April 16th, I can do it then)

    I figure we can give changer until the end of the week, when DMDanW will update Dextyr and then start. There is not much more to tell in the Hanged Man, so after you get the party together, I will post more story here.
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    Shorrin turns to Tonk, slugging him hard. "PUNCH BROTHER!"

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    "Hee-hee!" says Tonk, pinching closed one nostril and blowing a big wad of blood and snot out the other.

    "PUNCH BROTHER!" he shouts, throwing a spinning backfist into Shorrin's jaw.

    He hugs Shorrin, slapping him hard on the back. "Is joy! Is catharsis! Soon we all Punch Brother, then we KILL EDDY! (Or at least beat him up much!)"

    The half-orc roars with laughter, shaking his mace so that the shard of elemental floating in its cage of spikes rattles, spins, and hurls small bolts of lightning.

    Tonk taps Murphy on the shoulder. As the assassin turns, Tonk shouts, "PUNCH BROTHER!"

    And treats his friend to a knuckle sandwich.

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