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    It's weird b/c I know both players have been active elsewhere

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    I actually lost track of where I was in the game (move wise). I admit I have been checking this thread about every other day (still in the process of getting moved into a new home). I will try to check it more often.

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    Sorry I've been going through a lot, had to force myself to update my own game...

    I'm ok with your suggested actions there

    Saraz shift and focuses her mind but she cannot get contact do to all the distractions.

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    Murphy kills the soldier near him, his sword drawing in its lifeforce. Janus's spell covers all the creatures but most of them shrug off the sleepiness. Tonk's assault bloodies the robed hobgoblin. Dextyr continues to inspire his friends, while Saraz retreats and concentrates. Shorrin slides along the enemy, trying to force them back with his shield but they resist.

    The hobgoblin facing Shorrin smacks him with a flail, tangling up the dragonborn's feet. The groggy robed enemy moves slowly next to the fighter and swings his staff. Though no arcane might is behind it, the quarterstaff knocks him right in the nose. I kill you pirate! it shouts is broken Common.

    Another charges up it's staff with electricity and swings at Tonk, but the half-orc easily dodges the clumsy swing. The robed hobgoblin next to Tonk shifts away and tries to rope Dextyr with invisible force, but the bard holds firm. It barks at the remaining hobgoblin in its gutteral tongue, and the soldier comes up and bashes Tonk with his flail, bloodying the rogue.

    Murphy gets temporary hitpoint for killing with his sword, right?
    OnlyTheStrong seemed okay with Shorrin's actions too, but I rolled bad for him... he still marks H3.
    H3 will attack Shorrin with a Flail 1d20+7=24 (vs AC) for 1d10+4=13 damage, Shorrin is slowed and marked by H3 TENT, H3 saves vs Slow
    W1 will recharge nothing and move up to Shorrin and staff 1d20+8=28 CRIT for 1d8+1=9 damage and does not save vs slow
    W3 will move to M4 recharge Shock Staff and use it on Tonk 1d20+8=15 (vs AC) for 2d10+4=13 lightning damage MISS
    W2 doesn't recharge, shifts away from Tonk, and uses Force Lure to try to dunk Dextyr 1d20+7=10 vs Fort 2d6+4=10 MISS
    H5 will move up to Tonk and try his flail 1d20+7=27 CRIT for 1d10+4=14 and Tonk is slowed and marked by H5 TENT


    Murphy I3 29/45 AP 1 Shade Form
    Janus H2 15/34 AP 1 bloodied
    Tonk L5 14/44 +1 to AC TENT, bloodied, Slow and marked (H5)
    Dextyr J5 22/43 Burst 5 allies +1 to attack
    Saraz H4 15/38 AP 1 bloodied
    Shorrin L2 2/50 AP 1 bloodied, slow and marked (H3)
    Hobgoblin H3 M2 -34hp bloodied, marked by Shorrin
    Hobgoblin W1 M3 -8hp Slowed save ends
    Hobgoblin W3 M4 -0hp
    Hobgoblin W2 N4 -30hp bloodied
    Hobgoblin H5 M5 -19hp


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    The shade formed Murphy drops his dagger, calls upon a shadow to latch onto the hobgoblin with the staff threatening Tonk and picks up his bastard sword. He moves behind Dextyr and uses the allies shadow to hide himself from the enemies. Murphy continues to stay in his shadow form.


    Free: shroud on hobbo at W3
    Free: Drop dagger
    Minor: Pick up bastard sword
    Standard: Move to I6 and hide stealth (1d20+14=27) against those who Dextyr provides cover from.
    Move to Minor: Sustain Minor: The form persists. (Shade Form)

    Murphy Tang Male Human Assassin 4
    Initiative: +6, Passive Perception: 17, Passive Insight: 14, Senses: Normal
    AC:22, Fort:17, Reflex:20, Will:20
    HP:45/45, Bloodied:22, Surge Value:11, Surges left:8/8
    Action Points: 1
    Executioner's Noose
    Shadow Storm
    Assassin's Shroud
    Shadow Step
    Changeling Disguise

    Shadow Darts
    Army of the Night
    Sneak Attack
    Changeling's Trick
    Cloak of Shadows
    Slayer's Escape
    Shade Form

    Targeted for Death
    Twilight Assassin
    Talon Amulet
    Deathcut Leather Armour


    Important Stuff: When Murphy kills with a melee attack, gains 5 thp.
    When attacking with CA, add +1 damage (Talon Amulet)

    Full sheet: [url=http://www.enworld.org/wiki/index.php/L4W:PC:Siblyx_(renau1g)]

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    Shorrin smashes into the line of hobgoblins, "You will find only death here!


    Standard: Tide of Iron on M2. 1d20+9=24 vs. AC, 1d10+5=8 Push the guy at M2 back to N2, Shift to N2

    Move: Shift to N1 (if it misses, then shift to M1)

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    //Can anyone set me up with a flank?//

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    No I can't. Sorry Tonk. Anyone else going?

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    From the steps below comes Captain Passerine running like the wind. He skids to a halt at the top of the steps gaping at the hobgoblins. Uh, oh, they got us... he mumbles before heading back below decks. The robed one nearest him turns and points at the retreating figure.

    The captain came up to L1 and then went right back down.

    Dextyr, Janus, and Saraz to go in addition to Tonk (maybe Dextyr can move adjacent to Tonk to give him CA with his at will?

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    Sorry guys - lost track of where we where. I'll try and get a post in today.

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