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    Janus's icy rays almost drop one of the robed hobgoblins as he races to the side of the boat. Dextyr disappears beneath the calm waters, weighed down by his armor and equipment. Murphy maneuvers around opposite of Tonk and the dazed half-orc shifts to threaten and taunt the bloodied goblinoid. Murphy's shadows reach out and he kills the creature. The shadows wrap around the assassin and seem to protect and invigorate him. Saraz looks at the remaining robed figures and moves back cautiously. She seems to want to avoid the water but shows concern for Dextyr. She moves towards the side and draws upon her reserves of strength to mentally lift the bard out of the water. He floats up, suspended in the air above the water.

    I am NPCing Saraz and Tonk, so only Shorrin has to go yet
    Tonk is dazed so he just shifts to give Murphy the kill.
    Saraz will use Dishearten (augment 1) and make W1 -2 to attack and will be invisible to it. She moves to see Dextyr (G7) and will use her AP and Telekinetic Lift to slide Dextyr 3 squares up (2 squares above the water)

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    A hiss escapes Shorrin's lips as the pain mounts, "You will NOT defeat me!


    Spend a healing surge (+12 hp)... total defense

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    Only two robed hobgoblins remain. Looking nervous they exchange harsh whispers. The rear hobgoblin waves his staff towards Tonk, but the half-orc resists the pull of force. It moves away towards the rear of the ship and Murphy hits it along the way. The remaining hobgoblin swings at the rogue and misses. He shouts over his shoulder angrily and takes a careful step back.

    W3 recharges his Force Lure, but it misses Tonk. It walks to R5, provoking from Murphy who hits (do you want use the shrouds, roll damage). W1 just makes a melee basic attack on Tonk missing wildly. It just shifts back to N3. Fight should be over soon (sad that I didn't recharge OR HIT!)


    Murphy N5 Cloak of Shadows, Dagger in I3 29/45
    Shorrin N1 bloodied, +2 to Defenses 14/50
    Janus L7 bloodied 15/34
    Tonk L3 bloodied 3/44
    Dextyr Q9 bloodied, Immobilized until Saraz 9/43
    Saraz F4 bloodied -4 PP 15/38
    Hobgoblin W1 N3 -20hp
    Hobgoblin W3 R5 2 shroud -8hp


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    Shorrin grabs a piece of armor from a fallen hobgoblin and throws it wildly at one of the casters.


    Do I need to roll anymore? lol Can't I just call it a miss and move on?

    Giantkind gloves: 1d20+6=8, 2d6+4=12 8 to hit vs. AC LOL

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    Seeing Dex lifted out of the water by some Mysterious force, Janus shrugs and returns his attention to the fight, seending more missiles at the enemy.


    Move Action: NA
    Standard Action: MM @ N3 Vs Ref: 1d20+6=14; DMG: 2d4+5=8

    Stat Block

    Janus Reinhardt - Male Human Wizard 4
    Passive Perception: 15, Passive Insight: 21
    AC: 20, Fort: 14, Reflex: 18, Will: 18 -- Speed: 6
    HP: 15/34, Bloodied: 16, Surge Value: 8+2, Surges left: 7/7
    Initiative: +6
    Action Points: 1, Second Wind: Available
    Powers: Magic Missile, Ray of frost, Thunderwave, Icy Terrain, Color Spray, Freezing Cloud (Not Memorized), Sleep(Memorized),
    Expeditious Retreat (Memorized), Feather Fall (Not Memorized)

    AC: 20, Fort: 14, Reflex: 18, Will: 18 Speed 5, Fly 6 (hover)
    HP: 1. a missed attack never damages it.
    Constant Benefits: Can read and speak Draconic. When you spend a healing surge regain 2 additional HP.
    Active Benefits: Dragons Breath. Once per encounter, use dragonlingĺs space as origin square for a close blast arcane attack power.

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    With one enemy down Murphy quickly calls another shadow ally to latch onto the bloodied hobgoblin. With Shorrin's distracting throw, Murphy decides to take advantage and slashes outward with his sword, three black bolts emit from the blade. One of them sails over the hobgoblin's head, but the second one slams into his chest, the third one is near the enemy.

    Murphy then moves up the stairs towards the other enemy, "Oh, no, you ain't goin' nowhere, not if ol' Murphy's got anything ta say about it" the assassin hisses


    Free: shroud on bloodied hobbo
    Standard: vs ref (1, 2, 3); cold damage (1, 2, 3); shroud (1d20+9=11, 1d20+9=28, 1d20+9=19, 1d8+8=16, 1d8=2, 1d8=2, 1d6=2) ok so the first is certainly a miss and the second certainly a hit. So the second one hits for 18 cold damage and if 19 ref hits, add 2 more cold damage.
    Move: to Q5
    Minor: n/a

    Reaction: Slayer's Escape - teleport to S4 and invisible TSNT - trigger: Murphy's hit by an attack (it's an immediate reaction though so the attack still hits)

    Murphy Tang Male Human Assassin 4
    Initiative: +6, Passive Perception: 17, Passive Insight: 14, Senses: Normal
    AC:22, Fort:17, Reflex:20, Will:20
    HP:45/45+5thp, Bloodied:22, Surge Value:11, Surges left:8/8
    Action Points: 1
    Executioner's Noose
    Shadow Storm
    Assassin's Shroud
    Shadow Step
    Changeling Disguise

    Shadow Darts
    Army of the Night
    Sneak Attack
    Changeling's Trick
    Cloak of Shadows
    Slayer's Escape
    Shade Form

    Targeted for Death
    Twilight Assassin
    Talon Amulet
    Deathcut Leather Armour


    Important Stuff: When Murphy kills with a melee attack, gains 5 thp.
    When attacking with CA, add +1 damage (Talon Amulet)

    Full sheet: [url=http://www.enworld.org/wiki/index.php/L4W:PC:Siblyx_(renau1g)]

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    Tonk moves up and bonks the hobgoblin on the head, knocking it down. Saraz concentrates for another second, moving Dextyr back onto the ship before unleashing her mental might against their last foe.

    Shorrin sees out of the corner of his eye the captain and his remaining crew member slowly carrying a large chest up the stairs from below.

    Tonk killed/incapacitated W1 and Saraz damaged W3 (who is still not bloodied but has 2 shrouds) Dextyr is prone in Q6, DMDanW and you are the last to go before the end

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    Dextyr lifts himself up off the deck and coughs out the remaining seawater that had invaded his throat. "I do so dislike the open seas" he mutter to no one in particular. Those close enough to Dextyr can also hear someone or something else coughing up the seawater. The air shimmers slightly above Dextyrs left shoulder and the form of a small imp appears, coughing and spitting out water. "Ajshdj klsdje jio iueireu" it says out with an annoyed look on its face. "Yes I know Jax" Dextyr responds, "I don't like getting dumped into the ocean either. YOU could have jumped off my shoulder then if you didn't like it since I was the one getting knocked overboard".

    Dextyr looks up to take in the current state of affairs on board and regains his bearings.


    Not really taking any meaningful actions beside standing up. I kind of lost track of where we are in the battle right now anyway. IF Dextyr is in immediate danger he will move somewhere where he is out of danger (and away from the railings...)
    Thought now would be a good time to introduce Jax, Dextyrs Book Imp Familiar

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    You are right next to a bad guy, so you can shift away or just strike out at him after you stand up. He is the only guy left, but he is uninjured so he likely won't surrender. I assume you will move out of the way.

    The last hobgoblin shakes his staff in desperation and it shimmers with invisible force again. He looks at Murphy standing next to him and makes an arcane gesture. The assassin swings his bastard sword but misses as the bolt of force hits him and knocks him towards the edge of the boat. He disappears!

    The hobgoblin moves over the back of the boat into the dighey tied there and lowers it to the waters below.

    He tries to recharge and only gets Force Lure. He will use a ranged attack next to Murphy, provokes an AoO which misses. His Lure on Murphy will 1d20+7=24 for 2d6+4=14 force damage and slide him 3 off the ship (but I think he uses Slayer's Escape, renau1g can figure out how this resolves)
    He moves to V6 and begins to lower the boat 10 feet to the water (minor action)

    If you let him go the fight is over, but if you go after him let me know and I will update the map and status information.

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