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    Murphy catches himself before he ends up falling over the side of the railing and then disappears from sight. He reappears near the edge of the ship and points his blade at the fleeing enemy, a black noose appearing and wrapping around the hobgoblin's neck. Unfortunately, the boat lurches somewhat and the assassin loses his concentration and the shadow noose disappears.


    Free: shroud on bloodied hobbo
    Move: stand up
    Standard: Executioner's Noose - vs fort; damage (1d20+9=11, 1d6+6+4+1=17) on a miss still do 2 shroud damage - shroud damage (2d6=8)

    Murphy Tang Male Human Assassin 4
    Initiative: +6, Passive Perception: 17, Passive Insight: 14, Senses: Normal
    AC:22, Fort:17, Reflex:20, Will:20
    HP:36/45, Bloodied:22, Surge Value:11, Surges left:8/8
    Action Points: 1
    Executioner's Noose
    Shadow Storm
    Assassin's Shroud
    Shadow Step
    Changeling Disguise

    Shadow Darts
    Army of the Night
    Sneak Attack
    Changeling's Trick
    Cloak of Shadows
    Slayer's Escape
    Shade Form

    Targeted for Death
    Twilight Assassin
    Talon Amulet
    Deathcut Leather Armour


    Important Stuff: When Murphy kills with a melee attack, gains 5 thp.
    When attacking with CA, add +1 damage (Talon Amulet)

    Full sheet: [url=http://www.enworld.org/wiki/index.php/L4W:PC:Siblyx_(renau1g)]

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    I'm alittle unsure of where the last foe is... so I just threw something. Let me know if I am out of range and I will retract the post.

    Shorrin bends and picks up another piece of armor from one of the fallen. With a great heave he casts it at the hobgoblin.


    Giantkind Gloves: 1d20+6=20, 2d6+4=10

    20 vs. AC to hit, 10 dmg.

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    The hobgoblin is bloodied. Shorrin hits with his attack (moved you to S2 and he had cover, but that still hits AC 18. I will let Janus and Dextyr go before I run the other PCs since they are not around.


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    Janus rushes towards the stern in an effort to slay the last Hobgoblin. Skidding to a halt at the rail he manages to hit the beast with a freezing ray....


    Move Action: Expeditious Retreat to u4
    Standard Action: RoF @ Hobgoblin vs Fort: 1d20+7=26; DMG 1d6+6=12 Cold Damage. Target is Slowed UEoNT

    Stat Block

    Janus Reinhardt - Male Human Wizard 4
    Passive Perception: 15, Passive Insight: 21
    AC: 20, Fort: 14, Reflex: 18, Will: 18 -- Speed: 6
    HP: 15/34, Bloodied: 16, Surge Value: 8+2, Surges left: 7/7
    Initiative: +6
    Action Points: 1, Second Wind: Available
    Powers: Magic Missile, Ray of frost, Thunderwave, Icy Terrain, Color Spray, Freezing Cloud (Not Memorized), Sleep(Memorized),
    Expeditious Retreat (Memorized), Feather Fall (Not Memorized)

    AC: 20, Fort: 14, Reflex: 18, Will: 18 Speed 5, Fly 6 (hover)
    HP: 1. a missed attack never damages it.
    Constant Benefits: Can read and speak Draconic. When you spend a healing surge regain 2 additional HP.
    Active Benefits: Dragons Breath. Once per encounter, use dragonlingĺs space as origin square for a close blast arcane attack power.

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    Janus freezes the retreating hobgoblin in the boat, it bobs in the water still tied to the ship. Captain Passerine and the crewman put down the chest they are carrying up the stairs with relief. Passerine puts his hands to his sides and breathes heavily a smile of thanks on his face. Tonk begins to tie up the robed hobgoblin he knocked down and carry him over to one of the ropes hanging down from the yardarms, it is unconscious but not dead.

    Yay the fight is over, but there are two PCs MIA at the moment so I will do minor RP for Tonk and Saraz along with the remaining NPCs. Does everyone have approval, I could do some XP now or wait. Current status is below if you want to use Healing Surges (remember Dextyr can use Song of Rest)


    Name HP Surges AP Daily Powers and Items used
    Murphy 15/45 8/8 1 AP Deathcut Armor
    Shorrin 14/50 11/13 1 AP
    Janus 15/34 7/7 1 AP Sleep, Expeditious Retreat
    Tonk 3/44 7/8 0 AP Bat Aside, Gloves, Marauder's Armor
    Dextyr 9/43 10/10 0 AP Song of Courage
    Saraz 15/38 6/6 0 AP Telekinetic Lift

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    "Nice work guys, ain't nobody get away ta tell the tale. That'll learn'em fer attacking us. So el capitan, whatcha be carrying about in that chest there? Seems like its right important fer ya to be leavin' us all alone up on deck ta try and save it." Murphy asks after he goes to pick up his dropped dagger.


    Murphy will use 2 surges which are 15 hp each (incl. song of rest) to get back to full

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    Yes Dextyr will use Song of Rest during the upcoming short rest. As well he will use 3surges to get himself up to full hit points

    Dextyr makes his way tot he center of the ship and sits down with his back to the main mast. He pulls out his lute and begins playing away. The small Imp Jax climbs up atop Dextyrs shoulder and taps his foot along to the beat of the tune.

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    Murphy looks at the creature with Dextyr, "Ya got yerself a new friend Dextyr?" Murphy asks as he examines the imp from afar.

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    With a puff, Shorrin plops down on the deck. "Fair bit of a fight." he comments to no one in particular.


    Shorrin will go ahead and spend 3 healing surges, bringing him back to max health.

    He is approved for 4th level... so whenever everyone else is ready you can throw some xp out

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    The captain takes of his hat and coughs into his hand. This is some of our cargo and valuables that those Pirates were surely after. It's a good thing you killed them all he looks over his shoulder at Tonk.

    Insight 20
    He doesn't actually think they were pirates

    I don't think I can give XP since Murphy and Saraz are not approved. If they are in the pipeline and ready, I can do it as soon as they are approved to get Shorrin his level

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