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    //Rules Question: Can you charge while slowed?//

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    yes, but only if the enemy is 2 squares away from you when you charges
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    Charge + slow

    That's a bit debatable. Slowed changes your speed to 2. If you use a move action to move 2 squares, can't you use another move action to move 2 more? If so, then you should be able to charge as according to the charge rules, part of the charge is a move so if you move 2 with your move action, then on your standard action, you can charge, which has a movement portion of it. Therefore, you should be able ot move up to 4 squares.


    Your speed becomes 2. This speed applies to all your movement modes, but it does not apply to teleportation or to a pull, a push, or a slide. You can’t increase your speed above 2, and your speed doesn’t increase if it was lower than 2. If you’re slowed while moving, stop if you have already moved 2 or more squares.
    You cannot benefit from bonuses to speed, although you can use powers and take actions, such as the run action, that allow you to move farther than your speed.


    A creature uses the charge action when it wants to dash forward and launch an attack with a single action. Such an attack is sometimes referred to as a charge attack.


    Action: Standard action. When a creature takes this action, it chooses a target. Determine the distance between the creature and the target, even counting through squares of blocking terrain, and then follow these steps.
    1. Move: The creature moves up to its speed toward the target. Each square of movement must bring the creature closer to the target, and the creature must end the move at least 2 squares away from its start-ing position.
    2. Attack: The creature either makes a melee basic attack against the target or uses bull rush against it. The creature gains a +1 bonus to the attack roll.
    3. No Further Actions: The creature can’t take any further actions during this turn, except free actions.

    A creature’s turn usually ends after it charges. However, it can extend its turn by taking certain free actions, such as spending an action point (which grants the creature an extra action).

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    OOP:a slowed creature can move 2 with his move and then charge an enemy 2 squares away with his standard action. That is my Ruling as judge, OK?. 'NUFF SAID!!!

    - Ozymandias79

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    Tonk gains 5 THP for being bloodied.


    Tonk maneuvers into position and charges the riderless horse.

    //Move: from H8 to F10. Standard: CHARGE! -- from F10 to G12, for the flank -- 1d20+10+2+1=16 v. AC, Damage: 1d8+10+2d8+1d8=19 NON-LETHAL!//
    • Rattling: If the attack hits, the horse suffers a -2 penalty to all attack rolls until Tonk's EONT.
    • Marauder Armor: Tonk gains +1 to AC until EONT.
    • Badge of the Berserker: Tonk shifts one square to G13. (Someone else can take the 'sweet spot' opposite Shorrin for a quick flanking bonus.)
    • Save v. Slow: 1d20=3. POOP!

    //Guys! We're doing non-lethal damage to the horses, right? They have resale value.

    What the heck happened to horse 1? It's unconscious, I hope.//

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    Horse 1

    Yup, Dextyr knocked it out with an OA.

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    Janus quickly cast a barrage of icy missiles at the angry horse.
    Move Action: NAStandard Action: MM @ Horse 2 vs Ref: 1d20+7=9; DMG: 2d4+6=9http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/2558428/I'm starting to think there is something not quite right with Invisible Castle.
    Stat Block
    Janus Reinhardt - Male Human Wizard 4Passive Perception: 15, Passive Insight: 21AC: 20, Fort: 14, Reflex: 18, Will: 18 -- Speed: 6HP: 34/34, Bloodied: 16, Surge Value: 8+2, Surges left: 7/7Initiative: +6Action Points: 1, Second Wind: AvailablePowers: Magic Missile, Ray of frost, Thunderwave, Icy Terrain, Color Spray, Freezing Cloud (Not Memorized), Sleep (Memorized), Expeditious Retreat (Memorized), Feather Fall (Not Memorized)Dragonling: Furi-ZuAC: 20, Fort: 14, Reflex: 18, Will: 18 Speed 5, Fly 6 (hover)HP: 1. a missed attack never damages it.Constant Benefits: Can read and speak Draconic. When you spend a healing surge regain 2 additional HP. Active Benefits: Dragons Breath. Once per encounter, use dragonlingĺs space as origin square for a close blast arcane attack power.

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    err yeh non leathal damage...Can I do that with a spell??]if so I will.

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    OOP: non-lethal damage can be dealt by anyone

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    Horse 1 is just unconcious but it would clutter the small map Tonk and Janus miss with their attacks. Hey, IC hates me and loves your AoO usually ;P

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