4E [Adventure] The Darkest Night (DM: johnmeier1, Judge: Ozymandias79) - Page 66
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    Murphy strikes the wolf down as Janus moves to give Dextyr the healing potion in the bard's pocket.

    OOC: Lots of hits! Saraz? DarwinofMind? I can NPC tomorrow if there is no post. Below are some missed rolls, Dextyr does the save at the beginning of initiative.

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    Woo-hoo. 5 thp's for Murphy

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    OOC: DM: Busy weekend, so I can post this afternoon. Saraz will use an unaugmented at-will power

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    The giant wolfman rends Shorrin with a claw, sending the fighter to the ground. The beast then turns and stalks back towards Isabelle who has just risen to shaky feet. NO! Get away from him! she shouts while frozen in place.

    The wolf charges down the hill and bites Sheng, drawing blood and injured very little by the arcane energies swirling around the sorcerer. The lone wolfman at the bottom of the hill drops his club and shifts into the form of a wolf, bones shifting and growing unnaturally. He bites Janus, trying to get at Dextyr below the mage.

    OOC: Okay, finally have connection from work and the map. It is a bit confusing, but Dextyr is UNDER Janus FYI.
    Big Guy hits vs 26 AC with a claw reducing Shorrin to 0hp
    Wolf 4 charges down the hill at Sheng and hits AC 22 for 10 damage and 5 ongoing (save ends) taking 5 from Sheng's protection
    Lycan 2 becomes Wolf 6 and bites Janus (not Dex) and hits AC 29 for 10 damage and 5 ongoing (save ends), but healing him by 4hp and then shifts to U22


    Shorrin I18 0/62 dying, Cold damage warhammer
    Murphy S20 36/58 any foe that hits in melee takes 1d6, Twin in U19
    Janus T22 18/42 bloodied, ongoing 5 damage (save ends)
    Dextyr T22 10/58 prone, bloodied
    Sheng P18 18/52 +2 all Defenses and any foe that hits takes 2d6, bloodied, ongoing 5 damage (save ends)
    Saraz T23 42/42 4 PP used

    Big Guy F19 -57hp
    Wolf 6 U22 -75hp bloodied, when it makes an attack roll, Dextyrs nearest ally heals 4 hp
    Wolf 4 O18 -10hp


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    ooc: Save vs. Death roll

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    Murphy moves forward, his shadow twin joining him on the other side of the wolf, as the assassin slashes his bastard sword at the enemy.


    john - I believe missing 5 thp's for Murphy from killing Wolk 1

    Free: Shade on Wolf 6
    Move: to T21 (move assassin to V23)
    Minor: twilight assassin attack - vs ref (1d20+13=16) likely misses (if hits 6 damage)
    Standard: Shadow Storm on Wolf 6 vs ac; dmg (1d20+16=31, 1d10+7+3+5+1+2=21) hits AC 31 for 22 damage (forgot about Dextyr being adjacent)

    Murphy Tang Male Human Assassin 8
    Initiative: +6, Passive Perception: 18, Passive Insight: 15, Senses: Normal
    AC:22, Fort:17, Reflex:20, Will:20
    HP:31/58+5thp, Bloodied:29, Surge Value:14, Surges left:8/8
    Action Points: 1
    Executioner's Noose
    Shadow Storm
    Assassin's Shroud
    Shadow Step
    Changeling Disguise

    [s]Shadow Darts
    Army of the Night
    Shadow Jack
    Sneak Attack
    Changeling's Trick
    Cloak of Shadows
    [s]Slayer's Escape
    [s]Shade Form
    [s]Boots of the Fencing Master

    Targeted for Death
    Twilight Assassin
    Talon Amulet
    [s]Deathcut Leather Armour


    Important Stuff: When Murphy kills with a melee attack, gains 5 thp.
    When attacking with CA, add +1 damage (Talon Amulet)

    Full sheet: [url=http://www.enworld.org/wiki/index.php/L4W:PC:Siblyx_(renau1g)]

    Janus continues to stand defensively over Dextyr, sending a wave of thunder at the beast.


    Standard: Thunderwave on wolf 6 - vs fort; thunder (1d20+8=20, 1d6+6=7) hits Frot 20 for 7
    Minor: n/a

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    Murphy spray's the wolf's blood on the ground and Janus's thunder hits it as it barely stand before them.

    OOC: DM: Wolf 6 has 3 hp left, Fort is 20, Ref is 19 so you can check your math Did Janus want to push him with Thunderwave? Waiting for VodaVosa and DMDanW but will post for DarwinOfMind unless another PC wants to decide for Saraz.

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    OOC - I am waiting to see if that wolf gets pushed with the Thunderwave before Dextyr takes his action.

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    ooc - push 1 south

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