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    The wolf howls and seems to go into a bloodthirsty frenzy. It moves away from Janus and he swings his staff instinctively but missing. It pounces on Dextyr, rending his arm and sending him to the ground bleeding terribly. AROOOOOOOOO! it howls.

    The creature above begins to descend in a daze, coming to rest near the middle of the hill and recovering his senses. Which wanna youse did dat? I gunna tear im a new one!

    OOC: The wolf regenerates 5hp, climbs (no shifting on the hill!) over the Dextyr (Janus misses with the AoO). It critically hits Dextyr and drops him dying with 5 ongoing damage. The other big guy climbs down and saves vs dazed.


    Shorrin I18 0/62 dying (1 failed save), Cold damage warhammer
    Murphy R20 36/58 5thp any foe that hits in melee takes 1d6, Twin in T21
    Janus T22 29/42 ongoing 5 damage (save ends)
    Dextyr T20 -5/58 dying, ongoing 5 damage (save ends), Majestic Word(1/2)
    Sheng V18 30/52 +2 all Defenses and any foe that hits takes 2d6
    Saraz U23 42/42 4 PP used
    Big Guy K17 -88hp Whenever Dex ally hits they heal 4 124 212
    Wolf 4 S21 -90hp bloodied


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    Does Murphy get an OA on the wolf? He moved without shifting right? Don't think it'll be enough to save Dextyr, but worth a try. If so MBA (1d20+9=23, 1d10+2=6)

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    OOC: renau1g, I don't think he had to move past/away from Murphy, just the Twilight assassin if the map is correct. Let me know

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    Murphy chuckles as the wolf ignores him, despite the grievous wound his ally suffered. He gestures to Dextyr and the fallen bard's shadow climbs aboard the wolf, a phantom rider that begins tearing into the creature's neck as Murphy's blade stabs forward, the assassin twisting the enchanted weapon and as the wolf falls a trio of shades begin feasting on it. Murphy himself drains the bits of vitality remaining through his blade, although he has little use for it himself.

    Seeing Janus standing there, he calls out "Quickly Janus, grab the potion from my pack and get Dextyr back up. The big guy's mine." he says, gesturing to the large foe and his shadow twin moves across the hill in the blink of an eye, attempting to harry the foe.

    "C'mon tall, stupid and ugly, let's dance" Murphy hisses, pointing the blade at the werewolf, a claw of shadows bursts from the ground and grabs the enemy, or at least it thinks that is the case as the chill touch exists only in its mind, but that doesn't make the wounds any less real.


    Free: Shade on Wolf 4
    Standard: shadow storm, dmg, shroud (1d20+14+2+1=24, 1d10+7+5+3+2+1=28, 1d6=5) hits AC 24 for 33 damage.
    Move: to S20 (move the assassin to O18 as part of move)
    Minor: TA attack vs ref (1d20+11=15) likely a miss, 3 daamge if hit.
    AP: targeted for death on big guy - vs will; cold dmg (1d20+11=23, 3d8+7+5+2=27) hits will 23 for 27 cold damage and until end of encounter Murphy can place 2 shrouds instead of 1.

    *Immediate Actions - if hit, use Shade Form as an Immediate Interrupt. (insubstantial)

    Murphy Tang Male Human Assassin 8
    Initiative: +6, Passive Perception: 18, Passive Insight: 15, Senses: Normal
    AC:22, Fort:17, Reflex:20, Will:20
    HP:31/58+5thp, Bloodied:29, Surge Value:14, Surges left:8/8
    Action Points: 0
    Executioner's Noose
    Shadow Storm
    Assassin's Shroud
    Shadow Step
    Changeling Disguise

    [s]Shadow Darts
    Army of the Night
    Shadow Jack
    Sneak Attack
    Changeling's Trick
    Cloak of Shadows
    [s]Slayer's Escape
    [s]Shade Form
    [s]Boots of the Fencing Master

    Targeted for Death
    Twilight Assassin
    Talon Amulet
    [s]Deathcut Leather Armour


    Important Stuff: When Murphy kills with a melee attack, gains 5 thp.
    When attacking with CA, add +1 damage (Talon Amulet)

    Full sheet: [url=http://www.enworld.org/wiki/index.php/L4W:PC:Siblyx_(renau1g)]

    The wizard shoots Murphy another dirty look, "I am not your servant Murphy, you'd best remember that" Janus says, but he knows they need Dextyr's assistance and so he grabs the potion and pours its contents down the bard's throat, then tosses the useless glass container away.


    Move: to T21
    Standard: Draw potion from Murphy's bag
    Minor: feed it to Dextyr - regain 10 hp and spend a surge

    asve (1d20=4) still wounded
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    OOC: Wolf AC is less than 24. It had less than 33 hp so it is dead.

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    Block Voda Vosa

    Sheng keeps zipping acid blobs to the giant on the top of the hill.
    "Your soul is mine!"

    Acid Orb: 26 vs ref for 12 dmg

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    Saraz concentrates on the big guy, trying to wear down his mind.

    OOC: Sorry for the lack of response, we had a crazy household (but still no baby!) so I can update today. Saraz will do a basic attack. renau1g, I think that Murphy already used his AP this fight, by my records and this post.
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    Sorry John. I'll keep that for next turn

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    The lone gigantic werewolf roars and charges down the slope, ignoring the conjuration of Murphy. He then runs right past the assassin and the prone bard to slice a huge claw towards Sheng.

    OOC: In order to let you guys roll, I am posting the action of the Big Boss guy. He will draw first an AoO from Murphy and then I believe Dextyr (with penalties for being prone) so go ahead and make those attacks. So go ahead renau1g and DMDanW

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