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    Morko looks over the dwarf's shoulder and spots a crumbling piece of flagstone on the outside of the fascia. He points it out to Calisto. With something tangible to grab onto, the tiefling is able to smooth over the rest of the conversation with the dwarf.

    "Alright Jennifer, tell you what I can even take you in myself. We ain't never see anything out here so maybe it'll be a bit more exciting with you near me. By the by, my name's Billar" he says gesturing for you to follow. He leads you through the front doors and shuts up the guards there with a withering look.


    "So you'll need to sign in, just in case, gotta follow proper procedures. Ok, so just sign on that line print your name and the division of the government you work for." Billar says, handing you a clipboard with a bottle of ink and a quill. He then leads you to their receiving area, you notice that it's pretty quiet around, you haven't seen another person.

    "So this is the grain comes in from our suppliers, what? Oh yeah the night shift was told not to come in tonight. Kinda odd, but I heard the brew ain't selling so good this year. Oh, just ignore that" the dwarf says, as a small rodent peers out from a sack of grain and then rushes away. "Our rat catchers must be off tonight too...weird." he says, somewhat embarrassed. "This won't be in the report right Jessica?" he says, then continues to lead you on. The next area is the our prized brewing area, he tells you, "We can put out about 500,000 barrels each year now, we ship all over the Seas. But what else would you expect from the King of Beers, yessir when you say Bouldweizer you've said it all." as he shows the area. Again, the vats seem in marginally good condition, nothing glaring here. You walk past a room on your way to the next area, its closed door is not labeled.

    Brewing area

    Perception DC15

    You see a light on inside and hear movement that quickly stops once you move closer to the door

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    Ghorgor looks around with animosity, smirking when the guard mention that Bouldwaizor isn't selling so well.

    Perception (1d20+2=20)

    His eyes light up when he notices the suspicious activity. He points out silently to the rest of the crew, behind the guard. He mimics kicking down the guard with an inquiring but enthusiastic look.

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    Nejs Radan, Half-Elf Ardent 1

    Nejs notices nothing..


    Perception (1d20+1=5)

    Mini stat block

    Nejs Ragan
    Perception: 11 Insight: 18 Low-light Vision
    AC 16 Fortitude 14 Reflex 12 Will 15
    Initiative: +2
    Hit Points: 28 / 28 Bloodied: 14
    Temporary Hit Points: 0
    Resist: -
    Saving Throw: -
    Action Points: 1 Second Wind: 1
    Healing Surge:7 Surges per day: 10 / 10
    At-Will Powers: Demoralizing Strike, Energizing Strike
    Encounter Powers: Power Points: 2/2, Ardent Surge 2/2, Ardent Outrage, Virtuous Strike
    Daily Powers: Implanted Suggestion


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    Block stonegod

    OOC: Perception 19

    Fissure frowns when he sees something up ahead, and pats away Ghorgor's hand as he eagerly tries to warn them.

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    "I agree, you are truly the King of Beer." tells Calisto. She spot the moveemnt and see that Fissure have spotted it too.

    Go take a look, with discretion. Bring Ghorgor , I'll distract our host a moment so he doesn't ask too many question. tells mentally Calisto to Fissure.

    "And don't fear for the rat. You have a large building and you handle a lot of comestible material. Rats is to be expected, but as you have a rat catcher in your staff, that's a plus for you, not a bad note." tells Calisto. "Are you always on the night shift or are you doing rotation? Do you start early or do you have a chance to do something before going to work?" she asks, with a hit of interest in her voice that could let suppose the dwarf that question is more for personal matter.

    Perception (1d20+6=25)

    Use Send Thoughts on Fissure. He can answer mentally with 25 words of less.

    Create diversion for Ghorgor and Fissure: Bluff (1d20+11=20)

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    Will try to be quiet-like. the big guy thinks. Fissure taps the other large goliath on the shoulder and nods towards the unmarked door with a shushing gesture. But its hard to hide an 8-foot tall giant...

    OOC: Stealth 7. Trying to get to that door.

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    Ghorgor eagerly drags behind, then walks on the tip of his toe, hunched like a fat cat and giggling like a little girl and humming a theme song for his infiltration.

    No rolls. Either Calisto successfully distract the guard or he doesn't and he sees ghorgor make a fair imitation of Kronk from the Emperor's new Groove!

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fv-sKP17xTw"]YouTube- Kronks Mission.[/ame]

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    Billar begins smiling lasciviously at Calisto when Ghorgor opens the door, Fissure joins him, quiet as one would expect of him.


    You see what looks like a small brewing operation in this room, nothing on the scale of the one that the guide showed you, but looks like it is in use. A man is adding reagents to a large barrel, a large stir-stick is moving of its own accord as he throws in some leaves. He looks up as you open the door. "What in the hells are you doing here?" the man demands and as he speaks you spot a tiny, nearly invisible cube on the man's shoulder. He quickly moves forward and levels his wand at the goliath, a black ray springing out, but Ghorgor's natural fortitude fights off the effect.

    Billar turns as he hears the duo moving about but it is too late to stop them from opening the door. "I really wish you hadn't done that" he sighs as a black beam slams into Ghorgor's chest, but he seems fine


    The platform is 20' up, the stairs are Difficult terrain.

    The man moves up and points his wand at Ghorgor, but the goliath is fine

    vs fort; vs fort; necrotic (1d20+10=11, 1d20+10=14, 1d8+4=5)

    init (fissure, bad guy; Ghorgor) (1d20+4=13, 1d20+4=23, 1d20+2=16)
    init (nejs, morko, calisto) (1d20+2=15, 1d20+2=22, 1d20=8)

    Bad Guy
    Everyone else - feel free to post in any order, we'll adjudicate as posted. (Mal's rules). I'll post defenses when hit and once bloodied I'll post hp.
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    Damn it, I almost wish he had hit. Way to waste my battlemind resilience.

    -''Is bad guy! Is bad juju shooting at me. Only bad guy use bad juju black ray!'' Gorgor shouts happily. ''Hurray! Ghorgor knew Bouldwaizor be bad guys!''

    He then dutifully takes the point.

    Double move to G-3


    Everyone else - feel free to post in any order, we'll adjudicate as posted. (Mal's rules).
    I am always amused when someone mention 'Mal's rules'. But I was far more amused when, checking on an unrelated adventure, I noted that the DM, whom I had never interacted with, posted the rules for his adventure under the header: 'Mal Rules' instead of 'Mal's rules'.

    I was sorely tempted to post OOC in his adventure just to say: 'Yes. Yes I do.'
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    I've seen that more than a couple times and it always makes me chuckle...indeed you do


    "Malenkirk Rules"

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