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    Originally posted by The Forsaken One
    Kanalyr had a little chat by pure chance heheeh (THX TURUK!! )

    Grtz Kris~
    My pleasure. It's there for anyone to use if they should want to. For plotting, Planinig, or just to talk.
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    Now we have a map of the Flanaess right on this thread for everyone to see.
    And your idea of coloring in factions is a great one, too!

    Add a few names, if you can:

    To the south of Ull, down where the Sulhauts branch off from the Hellfurnaces (south of the Sulhauts is the Sea of Dust) mark Istivar.

    Above Istivar mark Spirit Empire of Garnak and a pointer pointing west off the map.

    A little higher up, mark (but still south of Ull) Esmerin / Celestial Imperium, and put in a pointer pointing west off the map.

    To the south of the Black Ice, north of the Burneal Forest, and east of the ocean, in the northwest part of the map, mark Heimmorj.

    In the ocean east of the Dark League, mark The Sky League of the Isle of the Phoenix, and put in a pointer pointing east off the map.

    In the ocean west of Hempmonaland and east of the Amedio, mark Varnaith, and put in a pointer pointing southwest off the map.

    The area controlled by Acererak is not that big. Only about a 10th that size.
    You have everything from the Great Swamp clear up into Southern Medegia colored in.

    The Iron League is not a part of the Dark Alliance, nor is Sunndi.
    Those areas should not be colored.

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    Edena how do you calculate power levels of mighty inviduals?
    And out of it the world was made. For Darkness alone is worshipful, and the Lord thereof (Melkor) may yet make other worlds to be gifts to those that serve him, so that the increase of their power shall find no end"

    Sauron to Ar-Pharazon, Silmarillion.

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    Yes, I am Riot Gear

    So yeah, I'm him. I am the Solistarim and Anabstercorian.

    ((Ok. I am removing Riot Gear from the Lists, and replacing it with the name Anabstercorian.
    I am doubling the Power Level of the Solistarim. I had originally conceived of them being much stronger than I gave them power for.
    For balance, I lessened their power. But now there are a zillion powers on the board, and I am giving the Solistarim back their rightful strength.))

    A few things:

    I have no points in the Magical Arms Race because I have no ability to cast 10th+ level spells, despite the fact that I have an army of level 9th+ wizards. That makes sense, and it defines the Magical Arms Race nicely - I take it my massive army of wizards is factored in to my base power level?

    ((It is a mistake on my part. The Solistarim have been working on learning Arcane Age magic for a hundred years.
    I will change the rule concerning the Magical Arms Race to factor this in, and the Solistarim will benefit.
    Otherwise, yes, the great Host of Wizards of the Solistarim is a part of their Power Level.))

    Also, my 'planars' - My salamanders, efreet, fire elementals - Those are also factored in to my base power level, right?

    ((Yes. But the Solistarim can join in the Planar Arms Race also.))

    My technological know-how is nixed, due to the fact that all of my neato guns from Toril don't work here, right?
    ((What items you brought from Toril are pretty much useless. However, Anabstercorian's Strength Level is still a 4 ... his very high level makes up for the loss.))

    In that case, I have to ask this: Edena, until Anabstercorian can lay his hands on weaponry of
    AT LEAST American Civil War level technology, his Power Level is 2. It will then go up to three.
    Once he can dual-wield SMG's again, his power level will go back up to 4 - Possibly even higher as he gets better, more powerful Technomagic weapons and armor.

    ((Hehe, don't worry. You'll be back up to Civil War levels in a real hurry. Take a look at how fast you can advance in the Technological Arms Race, if you can talk people into helping you!))

    I'm assuming my character has been nixed in power a bit, as I made him a bit excessive in the last IR - Tell me if this is reasonable.

    ((It is not reasonable, for he earned his levels. So he stays at Power Level 4.))

    Illithid Fighter20/Gundancer10/Psion(Nomad)10/Cleric(Ilsensine)5/Loremaster5, with all of his level boosts to abilities split between Intelligence, Charisma, and Dexterity. His feats are based around advanced gunplay and laying down the psychic smackdown of Ilsensine (I.E., Improved Mind Blast, Mind Blast Mastery, Psychic Smackdown of a Mind Blast, Mind Blast of Oblivion, Show-No-Mercy Mindblast, and Psychic Smackdown Mind Blast of Screaming Agony And Bloody Hemhorraging.)

    ((Heh, nice imagination. Nasty!))

    (Edit: I added 15 levels to fighter and 5 levels to Nomad after Lord Melkos's anecdote. I just want to know - If I'M that level and power level 4, what level is Vecna? What level is Acererak?

    ((I don't know what level Acererak is, and - I suspect - nobody WANTS to know what level Acererak is.
    Let's just say he's over 40th level in 2nd edition terms, and leave it at that.))

    How many character levels equal a Power Level?

    ((I wish this question was not asked of me. However, since it has been asked, I will make a ruling on it.
    A character of 30th level 2nd or 3rd edition would have a Power Level of 1.
    A character of 60th level 2nd or 3rd edition would have a Power Level of 2.
    A character of 90th level 2nd or 3rd edition would have a Power Level of 3.
    A character of 120th level 2nd or 3rd edition would have a Power Level of 4.
    A character of 160th level 2nd or 3rd edition would have a Power Level of 5.

    If the character has innate magical powers, and huge numbers of high powered magical items (and/or artifacts) his power level can increase further.

    Thus Anabstercorian, who is over 90th level 2nd Edition, and has a huge arsenal of magical items (that survived the crossover from Toril) has a PL of 4.
    I hope you'all don't bring more than one Player Character apiece into this.
    This is a situation where characters can get killed, and I DO NOT WISH to have the make rulings on whether a Player Character survives or not.

    The above applies to NPCs.
    It applies to the famous NPCs of Oerth.
    An NPC who is a demipower, like Iuz, has inherently greater power than the norm, and this places him out of the above scheme.

    Before you all tear into me, remember that someone asked me what the relationship between character levels and Power Level was.
    I have been forced to make a ruling on this.))
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    Planar Arms Race

    Edena I've got the MotP right in front of me and I found that formians live in LARGE numbers (as in SWAAAAAARRRRRMMMM!!!!!) on the plane of mechanus So I guess I'll be summoning some of my kind from that plane to Oerth to help bring more slaves and more lands for the Queen and the Hive. Does dis bring the formians up to 10 +1 per .......? According to the planar arms race I guess does :P

    So my final claims are


    - The Modrons (The Planars of Mechanus, lawful neutral)
    - The Outerplane Formians (The Planars of Mechanus, lawful neutral)


    The Formians of the Southern Hellfurnaces (Formian Giant Ants, lawful neutral) PL 7
    The Kuo-Toa of the Hellfurnaces and Crystalmists (kuo-toa, slaves of all types, evil) PL 5
    The Illithid of the Hellfurnaces and Crystalmists (illithid, slaves of all types, evil) PL 3
    The Trogolodytes of the Hellfurnaces and Crystalmists (trogolodytes, slaves of all types, evil) PL 3

    The rest of the Kuo-Toa of the Underdark (kuo-toa, slaves of all types, evil) PL 8

    The Unseelie of the Flanaess (every type of Dark Faerie, evil) PL 13

    It seems me and Kalanyr (him also speaking for his friend) have come to a agreement who plays which factions. I'll have it all relocated among the hellfurnaces and the crystalmist moutains and the rest of the west and south. They will divide the rest of the underdark. We will very likely have a alliance to combine the might of the whole underdark to bring darkness to the dispicable light world above!!!!!!!!

    And Edena the savages in the jungle in the south, east of the hellfurnaces, do they have a name in the list, I didn't find them because I'll like to claim them other wise to complete my nice rulership over the southwest

    And for the Isles of Woe and The Skyleage, hmmmm I'll have to think about those claims because they don't make any sense at all but just have a nice PL....... Ah while typing I get a the solution haha. Mr Draco, I'll accept your offer for releasing my claim for your offer that you mailed me.
    As for the Skyleage I'll just need a good "reason" :P To retract that claim so William (i think). Mail my about what to do with them. And if a new person comes and wishes to only play the Skyleage he can have them no problem with that. But if someone who already has a big power wants them I'll contest for them.
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    Melkor wrote:

    Edena you know about the fact that there are already undead( two Shadowlords are liches and command many of their kind) and evil outsiders( both native to The Plane of Shadow and renegade fiends from lower planes, these are commanded by Shadowlord Baelros, renegade Demon Lord{35th hit dice} High Captain of The Host of Shadow) in Shadow Empire and I consider them a part of our 77 power level, okay?

    ((Yes. These are already factored into your Power Level. Of course, the Shadow Empire will be getting into many Arms Races, but you haven't started yet!))
    ((Anabstercorian is over 90th level, 2nd edition. He is incredibly powerful, hence his PL of 4.))

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    What is this? Looks interresting. Where do I go to join? Can I?

    Please forgive me if I have been ignorant with my questions but I'm new and try so hard to understand

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    Yay! New member! Welcome Bonedagger

    Everyone can join, just look at the huge list of factions on the first page and pick one you'd like to play.

    Edena, I've tried adding most other factions that make sense to my less-than-encyclopaedic knowledge of the Flanaess, along with the additions you suggested. I'm sure people will find issue with their territories (or the colour I've picked for them mostly at random ), if so maybe it's best to mail me at maudlin@pandora.be and I'll do my best to sort it out. I should have it mostly figured out by the time we start. This is a stripped-down map showing mostly just geography, I'll try putting up the full-featured one too.

    Updated faction map

    Sorry about the Sunndi thing, I guess I had acre-envy with that huge purple blob above me They're toast in round 1 though

    Edit: Sunndi, I mean, not the purple blob. Hello, friendly superpower neighbour! *waves nervously*
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    Yes, Bonedagger.

    The IR will start on February 20th, here in In Character.

    At that point, a being known as the Wanderer is sending everyone an important message, a worldwide telepathic broadcast to the world of Greyhawk.

    Pick a power, any power.
    The list of powers available is the now gigantic post on page one.
    It is the 5th post on the page.
    It lists each Power, what alignment and type they are, and what their Power Level is.

    If you wish, you may choose a Power claimed by someone else.
    If you do that, and you and the other person cannot agree as to who controls it before the 20th, that Power is considered to be in civil war, until the matter is resolved.

    You may pick as many powers as you wish.

    This is not a game as in a roleplaying game where we go to a chat room, and have an actual game.

    This game is based upon what you post to the thread.
    You state what you are going to do on the thread.
    You can also roleplay, ask questions, threaten any and all of the other Powers, make deals, make alliances, betray people, and do anything else you wish.
    The whole thing is going to be run in Turns of 200 posts each.
    Each Turn represents one month of game time.

    So, you may post as many action posts (statements of what your Power is doing) as you think you can get away with in one month.

    At the end of 200 posts (maybe more), I will call Time Out, and that Turn ends.

    Then, I will post the final results of the Turn's actions to that thread, for all to read.
    And ask the Moderator to close that thread.

    Shortly afterwards, I will start a new thread, and the next Turn will begin.

    That is the IR, which stands for Industrial Revolution.
    For indeed, it would appear that Oerth, the World of Greyhawk setting, is entering an industrial revolution.

    Assuming, of course, that these maniacs don't blow up the world first!

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    Maudlin, move Istivar off the mountains, and up right into the yellow patch just north of there.

    Take the pointer off from underneath Spirit Empire of Garnak - that IS where it is.

    Color in the Istivar and Garnak region as being a part of the Baklunish Confederation (all the color directly northward, over Zeif, Ekbir, Tusmit, etc.)

    Put Solistarim on the map, to the right of the words Black Ice (but not in the ocean!)
    Color in Heimmorj and Blackmoor to the color the Solistarim have chosen (if they haven't chosen, choose a color.)
    Do not color in anything south of the Burneal Forest (that long green forest south of the Black Ice.)
    Do not extend the color southeast into the Howling Hills, nor eastward into the Barrens ... stop at the eastern borders of Blackmoor.

    Thanks for the map!!!
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