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    [ICONS] Unconventional Heroes - Vol 1. Issue 1: "All-New, All-Different" (IC)

    WARNING: This game is not for the easily offended. It will contain bizarre situations, crude attempts at humor/satire/parody, super-hero/comic-book tropes, internet memes, and will be BadWrongFun.

    Unconventional Heroes
    Issue 1: All-New, All-Different.

    New York City,
    Two months ago.

    A large group of reporters gathered on the steps of New York City's Great Hall of Heroism, the headquarters of the United Super Hero Alliance. On the previous night, the USHA announced that they were planning a press conference, an occurrence that has become so increasingly rare, that many speculated that the United State's most preeminent team of super heroes was about to announce their disbandment. The assembled crowd began to quiet as the distant bells of the St. Patrick's cathedral began its noon chime, signaling the eminent commencement of the press conference.

    There was a flash of light as the cathedral's bells ceased their chime, marking the arrival of the assembled alliance. There was a round of cheers from the assembled onlookers, and after a brief moment, The Peace Keeper! approached the podium and began his statement. "Friends, Americans, Citizens of the World! As the chairman of the United Super Heroes Alliance, it is my honor to announce that the USHA is about to embark upon a bold all-new, all-different heroic initiative."

    "The USHA will be expanding our presence in our home nation by forming an West Coast team of superheroes. As part of this endeavor, we will be holding auditions, and will be announcing the finalized team roster at this years Powers-Expo during our annual Dinner with the USHA reception and event. Sadly, I am also announcing that effective immediately, I will be stepping down as from my role as chairman of the USHA so that I may participate in the United Nations Super Heroic Team Initiative. Do not fear, for there will be no change in the levels of protection and service that the USHA will provide you, the citizens of our nation, and I expect that the transition in leadership will be rapid and unnoticeable. With that said, I will now introduce you to the new chairman of our mighty crime fighting organization, a man that you are all familiar with, Captain Superior!"

    Captain Superior smiled triumphantly as he approached the podium.....

    Los Angeles,

    Located in the sunny metropolis of Los Angeles, California, the Powers-Expo is one of the leading super hero and crime fighting conventions. As you wander through the Powers-Expo you could not help to notice the sheer number of costumed individuals, vendor booths, seminars, panels, contests, demonstrations, etc. which are all under the Staple Center's roof.

    Within your hands (or in the case of Xokzatle, stuck to his alter) are entrance tickets for the Dinner with the USHA reception.

    The reception hall has a raise dais with a table of honor and a podium, both situated before a large screen that is flanked by an American flag and the USHA banner. The screen is playing video clips depicting the accomplishments of the various USHA members (mostly Captain Superior). Your tickets allow you to enter into the VIP section of the reception hall. Within this section, you will find your pre-assigned seat at one of the VIP tables. Coincidentally, you were all assigned to sit at the same table.

    The announcement is stated to begin in about an hour, so your characters have plenty of time mingle.
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