4E [Adventure] KOGANŮSAN (DM: Sanzuo, Judge: TwoHeadsBarking) - Page 14
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    OOC for cute-hydra
    Unless you protest, I plan to leave my actions as stated, and wait until next round to revive you, when big ugly isn't all up on you (i.e., when the big ape is no longer adjencent).

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    No protest, not that I can as I am kinda lying unconcious on the floor... besides if I get up I will just get killed right now I can call the DM an evil man if he coup de graces people on the first encounter :P.

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    Halleck and Kavac
    Brenwar killed your target, so I adjusted your actions slightly. I hope that's alright.

    Shale manages to wrestle the treacherous beast off of him and backs off, clutching at his wounds. Brenwar, roaring with effort and shining with radiant light, finally pummels his foe into paste with several holy strikes. Then he, Halleck and Kavac all surround and concentrate their attacks on the next mandrill. Halleck's wild swing leaves him open for a monkey paw to the groin while the goliath manages to carve a deep slash in the animal's flank. Somewhere, distant in Shrakk's unconscious, he hears Halleck's voice calling to him. He manages to scramble away from the alpha mandrill, get to his feet and retreat near Shale's position while quickly downing a healing potion.

    The alpha mandrill doesn't pursue Shrakk, however. It saw Brenwar slay another one of its pack. It roars again and bounds over to the crowded melee, swinging its arms in wide haymaker-like sweeps. Halleck manages to duck under its blows, but one of its fists clobbers Brenwar in the side of the head, sending a tooth flying and the paladin hard onto the floor. The remaining mandrills pounce on the rest of the party. Shale once again has a monkey on his back smashing the shardmind with impunity. On the ground, Brenwar gets pummeled and bitten before the creature leaps away. Kavac manages to cut it again before it vanishes into the trees, but as soon as it's gone two more mandrills jump on the goliath and Halleck from behind.

    Player Actions:

    • Shale: 5 ongoing damage, break grapple, shift
    • Brenwar: Miss E10 with Majestic Halo for 11 damage
    • Brenwar: Action point hits E10 with Virtuous Strike for 8 damage, killing it.
    • Halleck: Uses Majestic Word on Shrakk, shifts to D10, misses D11 with Brash Assault
    • Shrakk: Free shift to I6
    • Mandrill D11: Hits Halleck with free Slam attack for 13 damage, Halleck is grabbed
    • Brenwar: Misses D11 with free virtuous strike
    • Shrakk: Stands up, second wind (free shift to I9)
    • Shrakk: Action point drink potion
    • Karma: Succeeds on Death Roll
    • Kavac: Breaks grab from D11
    • Kavac: Action point misses D11 with Swift Panther Rage for 13 damage

    Enemy Actions:

    • Alpha Mandrill: Uses Howl
    • Mandrill E8: Free shift to D9
    • Alpha Mandrill: Moves to E10, Uses flailing arms missing Halleck and critting Brenwar for 16 damage and knocking him prone
    • Mandrill I13: Shifts to I12, hits Shale with slam for 11 damage
    • Mandrill D11: Divine Sanction from Brenwar, hits Brenwar with Slam for 9 damage and grabs him, bites Brenwar for 5 ongoing damage (save ends), leaps to D17
    • Brenwar: Misses with OA on D11
    • Kavac: Hits D11 with OA for 6 damage
    • Mandrill A1: Leaps to A7, charges Kavac to B10, hits Kavac for 9 damage and grabs him
    • Mandrill D9: Shifts C10, hits Halleck with slam for 8 damage and grabs him, hits Halleck with monkey bite for ongoing 5 damage (save ends)

    Monster Stats
    Alpha Mandrill
    ? HP
    AC 19, Fort 17, Ref 17, Will 16
    OA: +10 vs. AC, 2d6+4 damage and target is knocked prone

    45 HP
    AC 17, Fort 15, Ref 16, Will 14
    OA: +8 vs. AC, 1d10 + 5 damage and the target is grabbed (until escape)
    Player Status:

    • Brenwar: +1 defenses, +2 saving throws until SONT, 15 damage taken, prone, 5 ongoing damage (save ends)
    • Shrakk: +2 defenses until EONT, 5 damage taken
    • Halleck: Grabbed by C10, 13 damage taken, 5 ongoing damage (save ends), bloodied
    • Karma: 29 damage taken, prone, unconscious, dying
    • Kavac: Grabbed by B10, 25 damage taken, bloodied
    • Shale: Grabbed by I12, 22 damage taken, 5 ongoing damage (save ends), bloodied

    Enemy Status:

    • Alpha Mandrill: Fine
    • Mandrill I12: 31 damage taken, bloodied
    • Mandrill D17: 21 damage taken
    • Mandrill B10: 29 damage taken, bloodied
    • Mandrill C10: Fine


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    Brenwar stands up from the alpha's pounding spitting blood. Brenwar gives feints at the mandrill long enough to heal Halleck with some divine power.

    Combat Actions

    Move: Stand up from prone

    Standard Action: Virtuous Strike vs. Alpha (1d20+9=10, 1d10+5=8)

    Minor Action: Lay on Hands Halleck (Gain surge value +4). I spent a surge so I gain 3/- until the start of my next turn.

    EOT: Saving Throw (1d20=5)

    Combat Stats

    Brenwar – Male Human Paladin 4
    Initiative: +1, Speed: 5 Passive Perception: 15, Passive Insight: 20
    AC: 24 Fort: 17, Reflex: 17, Will: 19, Resist: 1/all
    HP: 35/47, Bloodied: 23 , Surge Value: 11, Surges Left: 11/13
    Action Points: 0
    Feat Note: Whenever Brenwar spends a healing surge, he gains 3 resistance to all damage until the start of his next turn.
    OA Basic Melee Attack: +9 Virtuous Strike (Vanguard's Hammer) 1d10+5 Damage
    Powers At-Will Powers:Divine Challenge, Ardent Strike, Virtuous Strike, Enfeebling Strike Lay on Hands (2/3 Remaining)
    Encounter Powers: Valorous Smite, Righteous Smite, Virtue, Channel Divinity, Second Wind
    Daily Powers: Majestic Halo, Magic Item Daily

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    Shale manages to slip free of the monkey once again. He's however too weak to do anything else, as the crystals that compose his body start to desorganize and shake. He only manages to direct a stern looking at the monkeys attacking the rest of the group before starting to lose consciousness.

    Move action escape grab, incredibly succeeding with another 20, sliding to J10. Standard to manifest Dishearten on B9, but can't hit because of the disease penalty.

    I fail my ST again, so I'll be down next round.

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    Kavac is getting used to fighting the monkey's grip. He doesn't have much trouble breaking the grap the mandrill has on him and getting some space between them. As soon as the mandrill is on it's feet Kavac pounces on it and lands a solid blow with his fullblade that almost guts the mandrill. Neither Kavac or the mandrill look in good shape, the fight has taken it's toll on them. They are both covered in blood, some of it is their own, and their movements are laboured. Neither appear like they will be fighting much longer but the barbarian looks to have the upper hand.

    Kavac's Stats and Actions


    Move: Escape and shift to D13 - 1d20+10=27
    Standard: Charge monkey B10 and do 13 damage with Howling Strike - 1d20+8=21, 1d12+1d6+4=13
    Minor: -

    Kavac - Goliath Barbarian 1
    Racial Features: Mountain's Tenacity, Powerful Athlete, Stone's Endurance
    Class Features: Barbarian Agility, Rageblood Vigor, Rampage
    Passive Perception 18, Passive Insight 11
    AC 16, Fort 17, Reflex 14, Will 13
    HP 8/33, Bloodied 16, Surge Value 8, Surges 11/12
    Speed 6+2, Initiative +2
    Action Points: 0/1, Second Wind
    At-Will Powers: Pressing Strike, Howling Strike
    Encounter Powers: Desperate Fury, Swift Charge, Stone's Endurance
    Daily Powers: Swift Panther Rage

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    Halleck stumbled, holding his bruised crotch, and then struggled, as he was grabbed by one of the monkeys. Brenwar's quick touch closed up his wound, though he could feel some kind of venom from the bite still burning his skin.

    "Karma! You must get up! We need your help!" He called. Somewhat surrounded, he made a rallying call to strength his allies and weaken his enemies.

    "You beasts cannot defeat us!" A wave of energy burst from him in the scream, sending the two adjacent monkeys stumbling back, and allowing his allies a moment to reposition.

    Action Block, Mini-Stats

    Inspiring word on Karma (He gets HS+4), Shout of Triumph hits Alpha and the monkey grabbing me, pushing them both away. Allies in close 3 get a free slide 1. Fail save vs ongoing. Shift.

    Action Block

    Effect: Healed 10 hp by Brenwar, taking 5 ongoing. Hp = 17
    Minor: Inspiring Word on Karma (Healing Surge + 4)
    Standard: Shout of Triumph (fort)

    • Target: Alpha Monkey
    • Attack: 1d20+4=23 Hit
    • Target: C10 Monkey
    • Attack: 1d20+4=21 Hit
    • Target: B10 Monkey
    • Attack: 1d20+4=10 Miss
    • Damage: 1d6+4=8 damage
    • Effect: Push C10 to B9; Push Alpha (E10) to F9. Slide each ally in blast 1 square.

    Move: Shift to D9
    Save vs ongoing damage: 1d20=5 Fail

    Against the target of this exploit, you gain a bonus to defenses equal to your Charisma modifier (+4) until the start of your next turn (due to Feat). The target can make a melee basic attack against you as a free action and has combat advantage for the attack. If the target makes this attack, an ally of your choice within 5 squares of the target can make a basic attack against the target as a free action and has combat advantage for the attack.

    Halleck Stat block
    Viscount Ambrose Halleck - Male Half-Elf Hybrid Bard/Warlord 1
    Initiative: +2, Passive Perception: +12, Passive Insight: +14


    AC: 18, Fort: 13, Reflex: 13, Will: 15 -- Speed: 5 (-1 Pen from armor)

    HP: 17/25, THP: 8/8 Bloodied: 12, Surge Value: 6, Surges left: 8/8
    Action Points: 1/1, Second Wind: not used
    Common, Elven, Goblin

    Basic Attacks
    Basic Melee Attack: +6 vs AC - Longsword 1d8+3
    Ranged Basic Attack: N/A

    Brash Assault, Vicious Mockery
    Encounter: Righteous Brand, Inspiring Word, Majestic Word, Shout of Triumph, Battlefront Shift
    Daily: Stirring Shout


    You each get a slide 1. I'm now in D9. Monkey in C10 is now in B9. Alpha in E10 is now in F9.

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    I Defended The Walls!

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    I'll shift to D10.


    Stay within a square of me so I can heal you.

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    Shift to D11

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    I am on exactly 0, which means I am still out. BTW: according to the status updates does my near death experience cancel out the -2 penalties that I was taking or was there not enough space to put every grievous effect I am under :P.

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