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    [Adventure] KOGANŮSAN (DM: Sanzuo, Judge: TwoHeadsBarking)


    An adventure for heroic PCs.


    Brenwar Holyshield, Level 4 Human Paladin
    Shrakk, Level 3 Githzerai Avenger
    Halleck, Level 3 Half-Elf Warlord/Bard who has been here the whole time.
    Karma Palminetti, Level 2 Human Cleric/Psion
    Kavac Darkhands, Level 2 Goliath Barbarian
    Shale, Level 2 Shardmind Psion

    Guy Manley, partly responsible for all the party's suffering.

    Firete, Level 4 Half-elf Bard (Defeated by RL)
    6x Mandrills
    1x Alpha Mandrill. (Fled into the forest. At large...)
    1x Demon Snake

    The Leaflet

    The honourable Mr. Guy Manley, Amazing Artificer of Reknowne is seeking a troupe of heartey explorerators to undertake a myssion of greate importance for fun and profit. Those interested in applying should do so in persone at Mr. Manley's Laboratorey in Daunton at the address(es) provided belowe.

    Disclaimer: Explorerators chosene to undertake this myssion do so at thyne own peryl. Guy Manley and the City of Daunton assume no riske or liabilitey for any injurey, psychological or propertey damage or deathe caused during the aforementioned myssion(s). If the Explorerator does not survyve to accept paymente for services renderede, arrangements can be mayde to have paymente delyvered to nexte of kine, or other successor(s).

    This message brought to you by Daunton Civil Scribe and Messenging Services, LLC.

    Crib Sheet
    Things that the players should know.
    Beginning Combat

    1. When combat begins, for the sake of speed I will roll everyone's initiatives.
    2. The only purpose of rolling initiative is to determine who (if anyone) acts before the enemy.
    3. Once that has been determined those acting before the enemy may act in any order.
    4. The enemies will act all together after the players' first round.
    5. After the enemies' first round, the enemies' base statistics will be made known to the players and the players may proceed with their turns in any order.
    6. Combat will continue in this manner until it ends. (Durr)

    Combat Turns
    Every turn, a player character gets the following actions:

    • Standard Action (May be used as a move or minor action instead)
    • Move Action (May be used as a minor action instead)
    • Minor Action

    So using this, every turn a player gets one of the following combination of actions:

    • Standard, Move, Minor
    • Standard, Minor, Minor
    • Move, Move, Minor
    • Move, Minor, Minor
    • Minor, Minor, Minor

    Status Effects
    The following statuses may be affecting you or another creature. Here is a list of what they are and what they do:
    • Blinded: You grant combat advantage to the enemy, you can't see any target (your targets have total concealment), you take a -10 penalty to Perception checks, you can't flank an enemy.
    • Deafened: You can't hear anything, you take a -10 penalty to Perception checks.
    • Dominated: You can’t take actions. Instead, the dominator chooses a single action for you to take on your turn: a standard, a move, a minor, or a free action. The only powers and other game features that the dominator can make you use are ones that can be used at will, such as at-will powers. For example, anything that is limited to being used only once per encounter or once per day does not qualify. You grant combat advantage. You can't flank.

      In spite of this condition, the creature’s allies remain its allies, and its enemies remain its enemies. (Thus, if the dominator makes the creature attack one of its allies, it does not attack an ally of the dominator.) If the dominator tries to force the creature to throw itself into a pit or move into some other form of hindering terrain, the creature gets a saving throw to avoid entering the terrain.
    • Dying: You're unconscious, you're at 0 or negative hit points, you make a death saving throw every round.
    • Grabbed: Being grabbed means a creature is immobilized. Unless otherwise noted, a grab lasts until the end of the grabber’s next turn, and the grabber can sustain the grab as a minor action and end it as a free action.

      Certain circumstances end a grab: if the grabber is affected by a condition that prevents it from taking opportunity actions, if either the grabber or the creature it’s grabbing moves far enough away that
      the grabbed creature is no longer in the grabber’s reach, or if the grabbed creature escapes. See also “Escape” and “Grab”
    • Helpless: You grant combat advantage. You can be the target of a coup de grace. Note: Usually you’re helpless because you’re unconscious.
    • Hidden: When a creature is hidden from an enemy, the creature is silent and invisible to that enemy. A creature normally uses the Stealth skill to become hidden.
    • Immobilized: You can’t move from your space, although you can teleport and can be forced to move by a pull, a push, or a slide.
    • Petrified: You are unconscious. You gain resist 20 to all damage. You don’t age.
    • Prone: You grant combat advantage to enemies making melee attacks against you. You can’t move from your space, although you can teleport, crawl, or be forced to move by a pull, a push, or a slide. You get a +2 bonus to all defenses against ranged attacks from nonadjacent enemies. You are lying down. However, if you are climbing or flying, you fall. You take a -2 penalty to attack rolls.
    • Removed from play: Some effects can temporarily remove you from play. While you are removed from play, your turns start and end as normal, but you can’t take actions, unless specified otherwise. In addition, you have neither line of sight nor line of effect to anything, and nothing has line of sight or line of effect to you.
      Restrained: You can’t move, unless you teleport. You can’t even be pulled, pushed, or slid. You take a -2 penalty to attack rolls. You grant combat advantage.
    • Slowed: Your speed becomes 2. This speed applies to all your movement modes, but it does not apply to teleportation or to a pull, a push, or a slide. You can’t increase your speed above 2, and your speed doesn’t increase if it was lower than 2. If you’re slowed while moving, stop if you have already moved 2 or more squares. You cannot benefit from bonuses to speed, although you can use powers and take actions, such as the run action, that allow you to move farther than your speed.
    • Stunned: You grant combat advantage. You can’t take actions. You can’t flank an enemy. You fall if you are flying, unless you can hover.
    • Surprised: You grant combat advantage. You can’t take actions. You can’t flank an enemy.
    • Unconcious: You’re helpless. You take a -5 penalty to all defenses. You can’t take actions. You fall prone, if possible. You can’t flank an enemy. You are unaware of your surroundings.
    • Weakened: Your attacks deal half damage. However, two kinds of damage that you deal are not affected: ongoing damage and damage that isn’t generated by an attack roll.

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