D&D 4th Edition [Adventure] KOGANŮSAN (DM: Sanzuo, Judge: TwoHeadsBarking) - Page 11

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    "Mind your own enemies, shardmind, lest I taunt you as well!" The warrior troubadour jested in mock-anger.
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    You should reroll your attack. As I stated on my post, I had Channel Divinity: Divine Guidance readied if needed, so go ahead and hit him hard
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    Quote Originally Posted by Otakkun View Post
    You should reroll your attack. As I stated on my post, I had Channel Divinity: Divine Guidance readied if needed, so go ahead and hit him hard
    I rolled it. I'll use my results unless he rerolls before I post the round summary.

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    It is a well known fact that mandrills obey owls without question.

    The tides of battle begin to turn in favor for our explorers. Shale makes a flashy exit from melee, but can't seem to get a grip on the creatures' minds. Kavac meanwhile, seems to only be exacerbating his wounded condition flailing madly at his agile foe. Karma uses a blast of telekinetic energy to hurl one of the beasts off of him then summons holy energy to reinvigorate him before he succumbs to his injuries. On the other side of the battlefield, Brenwar decides to start doing his job and flexes his defender muscles. After nearly killing a healthy mandrill in a single mighty strike from his weapon, he summons a nimbus of incorporeal holy owls which send the nearby mandrills into a frothing fury. Shrakk and Halleck consolidate their efforts, and after a furious exchange of blows, manage to hold several of the animals at bay.

    The best the mandrills can do is cavort and flail their arms about. Brenwar laughs off several pathetic blows and one of the beasts struggles atop the paladin trying unsuccessfully to wrench his helmet off. The rest make several halfhearted attacks and two of them retreat to the relative safety of the trees.

    Player Actions: You keep forgetting to roll saving throws!
    • Shale: Teleports, moves, attacks F9 with Kinetic Thrawl; miss
    • Kavac: The saddest turn I have ever seen. You made your save though.
    • Karma: Force punches mandrill for 12 damage, pushes and automatically breaks grapple. Healing Word on self for surge + 9. Shift. Fails saving throw.
    • Brenwar: Crits with Valorous Smite for 31 damage; marks 3 enemies; Uses Virtue
    • Shrakk: Oaths Mandrill; Breaks free; succeeds on saving throw
    • Halleck: Battlefront shifts and moves to E5; Uses Brash Assault
    • Shrakk: Interrupts with Divine Guidance
    • Halleck: Misses with Brash Assault (both rolls);
    • Mandrill: Free action attack misses Halleck
    • Shrakk: Free action attack hits Mandrill for 10 damage

    Woo, interrupts and readied actions.

    Enemy Actions:
    AC: 17; Fort: 15; Ref 16; Will 14
    MBA: +8 vs. AC; 1d10+5 damage and target is grabbed (until escape)

    • Mandrill E12: Misses Brenwar with an attack, leaps to E18
    • Kavac: Misses with opportunity attack
    • Mandrill C10: Shifts to D11; misses Brenwar with an attack
    • Mandrill F9: Shifts to E10; hits Brenwar for 7 damage and grabs him; misses Brenwar with a bite
    • Mandrill F4: Misses Shrakk with an attack; Leaps to A1
    • Shrakk: Hit with OA for 19 damage.
    • Mandrill I3: Shifts to H4; misses Shrakk with an attack
    • Mandrill J4: Leaps to H6; misses Karma with an attack


    Player Status:
    Brenwar: 3 damage resist (until SONT), 7 temp HP, grabbed by mandrill E10
    Shrakk: 15 damage taken
    Halleck: Fine
    Karma: -1 Healing Surge, 1 healing surge spent, -2 on attack rolls and skill checks, 5 damage taken, 5 ongoing damage (save ends)
    Kavac: 24 damage taken, bloodied, 5 damage resistance (until EONT)
    Shale: -1 Healing Surge, -2 on attack rolls and skill checks, +2 defenses (until EONT)

    Enemy Status:
    Mandrill A1: 29 damage taken, bloodied
    Mandrill D11: 8 damage taken, marked by Brenwar
    Mandrill E10: Granting CA to Shale
    Mandrill E18: 31 damage taken, bloodied
    Mandrill H4: 25 damage taken, bloodied
    Mandrill H6: Fine


    Forest and Pond = difficult terrain

    Kavac - Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!

    Karma - Your healing word heals you a surge plus 1d6+3. I rolled 6 on a d6 for you.

    Your Turn!
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    Watching Brenwar control the situation, Shale reasons he'd do best helping those fighting at the other side of the clearing. Wary of the barely seen monkey on the trees, he moves away from it while spending the last of his mental energies on a mental attack on two far away monkeys.

    Move to I12 (move) manifest 1 pp augmented Dishearten centered on I5; hits H4 for 10 damage, who can't take AoEs and suffers a -2 penalty to attacks until end of my next round. Use that to flank and finish it!

    Shale, shardmind Psion 1

    Passive Perception: 14, Passive Insight: 19

    AC: 14, Fort:11, Reflex:14, Will:16 -- Speed:6

    HP:24/24, Bloodied:12, Surge Value:6, Surges left:6/7

    Initiative +0, Action Points: 0, Power points 0/2

    Powers: Dishearten, Telekinetic Thrawl, Far hand, Foreceful Push, Shard Swarm, Telekinetic Anchor

    Opportunity Attack: +1 vs. AC; 1d8-1 damage.

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    I made a couple mistakes involving Shrakk's actions. I'll fix it in the morning. Sleep now. ZZZZZZZZZZZ

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    "You there! Get your dirty paws off him!" Halleck yelled across the clearing, moving with haste toward the paladin. Again, dropping his guard to provoke attack, he lunged at the monkey grabbing Brenwar. The attack was true, his blade slicing through the back of the monkey's shoulder; the blade tip punctured through to the other side of the animal before he withdrew.

    "You should learn to walk backwards, beast; this side is much more palatable!"

    Action Block, Mini-Stats

    Move, Attack Monkey who grabbed Brenwar. CRIT! Brash Assault triggers an OA, if the enemy wants it. But if the enemy takes it, it will have to let go of Brenwar and it allows Brenwar to take an OA with CA. +4 to defenses from E10 monkey!

    Action Block

    Move: E5 to E6 to E7 to E8 to E9
    Minor: N/A
    Standard: Brash Assault vs Monkey (AC)

    • Target: E10 Monkey (CA)
    • Attack: 1d20+6=26 +2(CA)=28 CRIT!
    • Damage: 1d8+3=11 damage
    • Effect: Against the target of this exploit, you gain a bonus to defenses equal to your Charisma modifier (+4) until the start of your next turn (due to Feat). The target can make a melee basic attack against you as a free action and has combat advantage for the attack. If the target makes this attack, an ally of your choice within 5 squares of the target can make a basic attack against the target as a free action and has combat advantage for the attack.


    Soon, I promise!

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    Karma retreats to a better firing position and propels psionic energy at the two stragglers away from the me-lee.


    Shift to F6
    Dishearten targetting, I5 hitting both H4 & H6
    Attack roll vs H4 Roll Lookup = 15total
    Attack roll vs H6 Roll Lookup = 8total
    Damage roll Roll Lookup 4+4= 8damage

    Saving throw Roll Lookup = 13 pass

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    Kavac grits his teeth and channels the pain he's feeling into renewed energy. He moves up behind a distracted monkey through the trees and gets into position to attack.

    Kavac's Stats and Actions

    My best turn yet, 8 healing and a defence buff. Maybe Kavac is really a leader.

    Standard: Second Wind. +2 Defences until end of next turn, +8HP.
    Move: C13-B12-C11
    Minor: -

    Kavac - Goliath Barbarian 1
    Racial Features: Mountain's Tenacity, Powerful Athlete, Stone's Endurance
    Class Features: Barbarian Agility, Rageblood Vigor, Rampage
    Passive Perception 18, Passive Insight 11
    +2 Defences until end of next turn.
    AC 16, Fort 17, Reflex 14, Will 13
    HP 17/33, Bloodied 16, Surge Value 8, Surges 11/12
    Speed 6, Initiative +2
    Action Points: 1/1, Second Wind
    At-Will Powers: Pressing Strike, Howling Strike
    Encounter Powers: Desperate Fury, Swift Charge, Stone's Endurance
    Daily Powers: Swift Panther Rage
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    Corrected action
    Shrakk did a lot more damage with that free attack than I thought, also he got an opportunity attack that I missed and did 19 damage. A1 monkey is way more hurt that stated previously.

    I should mention you would have realized by now, their monkey leap allows them to move their speed and ignore difficult terrain. They also can ignore an opportunity attack from one person (but only one.) That's skirmishers for you.

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