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    Ok as most of you know by now I will not be around for about three weeks but I would like you all to still work on your characters. I have made two RG's and an additional OOC for the second group. If you find time after making characters you can work on your backgrounds. Everyone need not know everyone but a few links would be good even if it that you both just happen to go to the same tavern alot.

    OK here's an update and I have groups made below with your RG links. rangerjohn can jump in his grou and round it out or not as everyone sees fit.

    Character concepts
    Player                  Rolled    Character(Race - Class)
    Aldern Foxglove          YES      Human Fighter
    renau1g                  YES      Hobgoblin Summoner
    jackslate45              YES      Half elf Rogue 
    Shayuri                  YES      ?? Summoner
    Walking Dad              YES      Half-Orc Oracle (JuJu) Wasting curse
    Orius                    YES      Human Wizard
    ghostcat                 YES      Dwarven Ranger
    Herobizkit               YES      Duergar Inquisitor
    GandalfMithrandir        YES      Human Fighter
    rangerjohn                NO      ?? - ??
    CandienneBacon           YES      Human Cleric
    Savage Stampede:
    - renau1g
    - Herobizkit
    - Walking Dad
    - GandalfMithrandir
    - Orius
    - rangerjohn

    RG -
    OOC - Will still be this one. Please go over each others characters and figure out if anyone knows anyone to start.

    The Deadwatchers:
    - Aldern Foxglove
    - Shayuri
    - ghostcat
    - CandienneBacon
    - jackslate45

    RG -
    OOC -

    That should keep you all busy for a few weeks and who knows if a group is ready I will perhaps run them through a quick encounter ( I have a graveyard map around here somewhere) this Jan.

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    I'm with the evil(-ish) group then? I think I'll set the necromancer up to control rather than turn undead then. This should be fun.

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    I might make Josef evil instead of whatever, if everyone else is evil.

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    Not evil. There are some traditionally evil races on the go, but ours is more like the 'Shades of Grey' group. I think having someone Good(ish?) on the team could be a huge benefit... especially when dealing with NPCs.

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    OK, chaotic good it is then,

    side note, are you still interested in my other game? assuming you went along to the temple, because it's still limping along with three players and a knowlegable person could be useful later in the adventure I have planned.

    If you have time, of course.

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    Block rangerjohn

    Sorry, forgot about this over the holiday. Will see what everyone else posts and round out the party.

    I can get the die rolls out of the way. Here's hoping I have better luck with the dice roller.

    Looks like Rogue/Face.
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    Work in Progress
    Zeldana Female Half Varasian Elf Rogue

    Stats: 8,13,12,17,12,16

    Str 13 +1
    Dex 19 +2 racial adjustment +4
    Con 12 +1
    Int 12 +1
    wis 8 -1
    Cha 16 +3

    Rapier +3 1d6+1 +1d6 SA
    Shortbow +3 1-6

    Feats: Weapon Finesse, Skill Focus(b)

    Perception:1 rank +3 CS+ 2 Keen Senses +3 -1 wis Skill Focus=8 (9 vs traps)
    Stealth 1 rank +3 CS +4 Dex=8
    Use Magic Device 1 rank +3 CS +3 Cha= 7
    Diplomacy 1 rank +3 CS +3 Cha =7
    Knowledge, Local 1 rank +3 CS +1 Int =6
    Disable Device 1 rank +3 CS +4 Dex =8
    Climb 1 rank +3 CS +1 Str =5
    Perform, Oratory 1 rank +3 CS + 3 Cha
    Acrobatics 1 rank +3 CS + 4 Dex = 8

    Fort +1
    Ref 6
    Will -1

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    Work in Progress

    Tonko Male Half Orc Oracle

    Str: 13
    Dex 14
    Con 17
    Int 13
    Wis 10
    Cha (17 +2 racial) = 19

    Wasting Curse

    Undead Servitude

    Feats: Toughness

    Dangerously Curious
    Focused Mind

    Know (religion)
    Spell craft
    Use Magic device

    Fort +3
    Ref +2
    Will +2

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    Just saw the nice new artwork for the adventure path in the paizo blog and just realized:

    It is an adventure with much snow and ice and I submitted a jungle character

    Everyone fine if I change my character to an arctic druid with the ice/cold subdomain? Always wanted to try this and it would fit much better thematically.

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    Work in Progress

    Hagnim Male Dwarf Druid (arctic)

    Str: 13
    Dex 17
    Con (14 +2 racial) = 16
    Int 13
    Wis (17 (17 +2 racial) = 19
    Cha (10 -2 racial) = 8

    Nature bond: Ice (sub)domain

    Feats: Spell Focus (conjuration)

    Focused Mind
    Deep Guardian

    Know (nature)
    Spell craft

    Fort +5
    Ref +3
    Will +6

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