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View Poll Results: What is the status of your DDI subscription?

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  • I have an account and will continue to subscribe.

    136 37.36%
  • I had an account but canceled even before they announced the web based CB.

    35 9.62%
  • I had an account and decided to cancel it when they announced the web based CB.

    35 9.62%
  • I had an account but have decided to cancel it after trying the web based CB.

    91 25.00%
  • I was occasionally subscribing to update my CB, but will no longer be subscribing.

    16 4.40%
  • I was occasionally subscribing to update my CB and will be getting a full subscription now.

    2 0.55%
  • I was using another persons subscription and will now be getting my own subscription.

    0 0%
  • I was using another persons subscription and will not be subscribing.

    9 2.47%
  • I was not subscribed, but will be starting a subscription or have started one recently.

    4 1.10%
  • I am not a DDI subscriber and have no plans to subscribe.

    36 9.89%
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    Your DDI Account Status

    I am really curious about how the recent upheaval of DDI content is affecting the number of subscriptions.
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    I gave up. Told my players that we'll stay using offline CB. My last 4E book was Dark Sun. I'm done. My subscription expires in july 2011, then I'll let it die.

    Won't spend any cent on Wotc before 5E, except for some miniatures.
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    Well, my current subscription is up in January sometime. At the moment, I have no real desire to renew it. If the CB becomes usable by that point and they finally get around to releasing something like an encounter builder/campaign manager, I might reconsider. Otherwise, the offline CB and MB should suffice for me.
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    No option for:

    I had an account, decided to subscribe for at least 1 more month to test out the CB, and will decide before my renewal is due as to whether I wish to continue or not.

    Undecided at this time, will give it until end of renewal period.
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    I lapsed my subscription months ago, but I was still able to view stuff and update the offline CB. The hole plugged Nov. 16th. I will do a short reup before Januuary and do a year if things are improving.
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    My annual sub runs out in, oh, March or so. At that time, I will re-up if two or more of the following things are true:

    • The online Character Builder AT LEAST matches the utility of the old one;
    • There is a Monster Builder that AT LEAST matches the utility of the old (very buggy!) one;
    • The Virtual Table Top shows signs of being cool and usable soon;
    • The monthly content in Dragon and Dungeon is something I look forward to reading.
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    Put another vote down for "I have a long term subscription that I may or may not renew when it's up, depending on how things look months from now." Why decide now?
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    I've canceled and asked for a refund.

    I'm concerned about privacy. (I'm sure its a psychological problem with a long unpronounceable name.)

    I don't rent software. Ever. (Well... if its free or nearly so, like Portal or Team Fortress.)

    Even if they fix their bugs, I'm afraid I just don't like the new user interface. Its too hard to locate information, and I can no longer do it at a glance. For example the original weapons table was handy.. Now? I get tendinitis trying to find figure out potential character options.

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    Let my subscription lapse last month, due to lack of interesting Dungeon and Dragon content.

    An Online CB and a VTT will not change that. More/better Dungeon and Dragon content would.
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    I discontinued my auto-renew, though I am paid up until January. I did that after the update that wasn't. Having now seen the online character builder, I don't think I will continue it unless there is a notable improvement in the next month. Last night I tried to load my character to update it after our last session, and it crashed four times just trying to load a character from the cloud. Unacceptable.

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