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    Andras sends arrow after arrow, but only one manages to find its mark. Fortunately, that arrow also marks the target for the genasi's allies.

    Standard: Race the Arrow vs Dire Wolf 1. Miss.
    Free: Rebounding Longbow's RBA vs Dire Wolf 2. Miss.
    Action Point: Paint the Bulls-Eye vs Dire Wolf 1. Finally, hits AC 26 for 9 damage and until the end of my next turn my allies gain a +4 power bonus to damage rolls against it. The roll says 8 damage because I forgot the static damage on Paint the Bulls-Eye is +3 instead of just +2.

    Andras's mini-stats
    Andras genasi Warlord 6
    Initiative: +4 | Passive perception: 18 | Passive Insight: 13
    AC: 21 | For: 20 | Ref: 18 | Will: 16
    HP: 51/51 | Bloodied: 25 | Surge value: 12 | Surges: 9/9
    Resist: 5 Fire, 5 Necrotic, 5 Poison
    Speed: 6 | Languages: Allarian, Primordial
    AP: 0 | Second Wind: not used
    Melee Basic Attack: +11 vs AC, 1d10+6 damage
    Ranged Basic Attack: +11 vs AC, 1d10+7 damage
    Powers: Paint the Bulls-Eye, Risky Shot
    Race the Arrow, Staggering Shot
    Relentless Wounding, Create Opportunity
    Firedeath, Inspiring Word (2/2), Shake It Off, Reorient the Axis
    Rebounding Longbow, Deathcut Armor, Acrobat Boots

    Skirmishing Presence:
    When an ally who can see Andras spends an Action Point to make an attack, that ally can shift four squares before or after the attack, and gets a +1 bonus to attack rolls with said attack.


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    GM: @renau1g Thanks for judging! We don't have one yet.

    I will update as soon as Quagmire's turn is posted

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    Block covaithe

    Quagmire stands, shakes his head to clear it from the previous blow, and gets ready to charge when the wolves return.

    Move: stand
    Standard: ready action to charge when one of the wolves moves up to rank BE. The ideal scenario would be for DW1 to come back up and attack Sir Ex, then I'd charge to BD74 and hit it.
    Edit: I suppose I can add the roll: 26 vs. AC for 17 damage, and possibly more; taht doesn't include any damage modifiers.

    Quagmire Weaselcrust- Male Hobgoblin Warlord 7
    Passive Perception: 12, Passive Insight: 12
    AC:21, Fort:17, Reflex:16, Will:18 -- Speed:5
    HP:40/56, Bloodied:28, Surge Value:14, Surges left:9/9
    Action Points: 1, Second Wind: not used
    MBA +11 vs. AC, 1d8+4 damage
    Wolf Pack Tactics, Commander's strike, Chainmail of Sacrifice, Throwing shield
    Hammer and Anvil, Inspiring Word x2, Hobgoblin resilience, Inspired Belligerence, Warlord's Strike, War of Attrition,
    Bastion of Defense, Stand the Fallen, Stand Tough, Vanguard longsword, Chainmail of Sacrifice, Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Throwing Shield

    • Allies within 10 who can see and hear Quagmire gain +2 initiative
    • Allies who spend an AP within sight of me regain 9 HP

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    Seeing their leader fall does not hinder the other wolve's resolve for bloodlust. Two bite into Sir ExSixTen, knocking the warforged down and ripping a huge gash into his metal plating. While Quagmire charges one, another grabs Quagmire by the leg with its teeth, throwing him to the ground as well.

    Dire Wolf 3:Move North
    Quagmire charges and hits for 17 damage.
    Standard:Bite Sir ExSixTen 26 vs AC, hit for 13 damage, Sir ExSixTen is prone.

    Dire Wolf 3:
    Standard:Bite Sir ExSixTen 37 vs AC, hit for 32 damage.

    Dire Wolf 2:
    Move: Around Quagmire
    Standard:Bite Quadmire 23 vs AC hit for 9 damage, Quagmire is prone.


    Dire Wolf:
    HP: 140, Bloodied 70
    AC: 23, Fort: 22, Ref: 21, Will: 20
    Dire Wolf 1:31/140 (marked EONT, slowed EOJaxNT, +4 to damage EOAndrasNT)
    Dire Wolf 2:82/140
    Dire Wolf 3:64/140 (marked EONT)

    Sir ExSixTen: 23
    /69, prone, bloodied
    Quagmire: 31/56, prone
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    Sir Exsixten slowly slumps, his swings growing more lethargic. When the enemy taunted him it was too much for his fragile ego. The tearing teeth of the wolves is nothing compared to the internal meltdown that is occuring as Sir Exsixten's ego-driven power source flickers and sparks...

    OOC: Missed by 1. If you don't quite kill it Dekana, you can probably do the walk-away-to-kill-it routine.

    Minor: Warforged Resolve: Sir Exsixten heals 6 HP and gains 6 THP.
    Move: Stand up.
    Standard: Brash Strike: 1d20+14+2(CA)=22 AC vs Wolf 1, miss, Wolf 1 is marked TenT.
    Immediate Interrupt: Combat Challenge: If any creature marked by Sir Exsixten shifts or makes an attack that doesn't include him, he gets an MBA (+12 vs AC, 1d12+8 damage and Sir Exsixten gets 4 THP).

    Sir Exsixten's Statblock
    Sir Exsixten, Male Warforged Fighter 6
    Passive Perception: 15, Passive Insight: 15
    AC: 24, Fort:21, Reflex:18, Will:18 -- Speed:5
    HP:6+29/69, Bloodied:34, Surge Value:17, Surges left:13/13
    Initiative +4, Action Points: 0
    Powers: Crushing Surge, Brash Strike, Combat Challenge, Hack and Hew, Sweeping Blow, Daring Shot, Warforged Resolve, Second Wind, Villain's Menace, Rain of Steel, Boundless Endurance
    Items: Potion of Healing x 2, Potion of Resistance x 1, Amulet of Resistance, Dwarven Thrower

    MBA/RBA: +12(+14 OA) vs. AC, 1d12+8 damage and enemy movement is stopped and Sir Exsixten gains 4 temporary hitpoints.
    Notes: *Sir Exsixten gains 5 THP whenever he spends a healing surge. *Sir Exsixten rerolls the first 1 on any damage roll. *Sir Exsixten does +2 damage while he has any temporary hitpoints. *Sir Exsixten does +2 damage vs bloodied enemies.

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    Dorn waves both daggers in unison, calling forth untold elemental energies. Unfortunately, he is a bit too successful - both friend and foe are sent flying in all directions from the force of his attack. (Acid Orb critical miss, which means all creatures within 5 are pushed one square. For simplicity's sake I propose we push all enemies, Quagmire, Sir E, and Jax south one square, and Andras north one square). Dorn then boldly moves in to help Quagmire, surrounding one of the wolves (Move to BB75, flanking with Quagmire)

    Dorn Stat Block

    Dorn, Half-Orc Sorcerer 8
    Passive Perception 13, Passive Insight 13
    AC 23, Fort 16, Reflex 20, Will 22 (base defenses)
    HP +5 TMP 62/62 Bloodied 31 Surge Value 15, Surges 7/7
    Speed 6, Initiative +12
    Action Points: 0

    Current Effects
    Wild Soul: poison (Resist 5 poison and ignore first 5 poison resistance)
    one dagger in each hand
    Note - Dorn uses the first d20 attack without mods for his Wild Magic boon

    Encounter Resources
    USED Bedeviling Burst
    USED Ice Dragon's Teeth
    USED Spark Form
    USED Furious Assault
    Stoneskin Armor
    Half-Orc Resilience
    Goblin Stompers
    Second Wind
    USED Use Action Point

    Daily Resources
    USED Ice Javelins
    Moon and the Stars
    Deep Shroud
    Chaotic Defense
    Luckblade Dagger
    Deathstalker Dagger

    2x potion of healing

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    Block Dekana

    Jax continues stabbing at the wolf's hindquarters. This wolf is now on its last legs as well, he reckons, so he disengages and moves to attack the next one. He catches a glimpse of Quagmire being surrounded as he repositions himself.
    "You okay there?" he asks loudly. Not that he can help really, but Jax needs to know when to flee in panic from a losing battle.

    Jax stat block / actions
    Standard: Piercing Strike vs Dire Wolf 1 hits Reflex 23 for 27 damage (includes Andras bonus). Wolf has 4 hp left. (1d20+19=23;1d4+18=19;2d8+4=8)

    Move: walk to BH76. This provokes an OA from dire wolf 1, which Sir Exsixten can hopefully interrupt. (BH76 assumes that everyone was pushed south 1 by Dorn. Jax is trying to flank Dire Wolf 3 with Sir Exsixten). Jax could use Shifty to get into the position without provoking, but I'll gamble that Sir Exsixten's OA will hit (how bravura of him).

    PC:Jax (Dekana) - L4W Wiki- Male Kobold Rogue 8
    Passive Perception: 21, Passive Insight: 20
    AC:24, Fort:20, Reflex:24, Will:17, Resist 5 cold, 5 necrotic, Speed:6, 7 while not bloodied
    HP:63/63, Bloodied:31, Surge Value:15, Surges left:9/9
    Initiative +9
    Action Points: 0 (encounter)


    Shifty, Clever Strike, Piercing Strike
    Imperiling Strike, Low Slash, Perfect Feint, Second Wind, Sly Lunge, Sneak in the Attack
    Rat Form, Raven Cloak, Mocking Strike, Press the Advantage

    Combat notes: +1 damage with CA; +2 damage vs bloodied targets

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    Block covaithe

    ooc: waiting to see how the OA resolves

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    Combat Challenge Fail
    1d20+12+2(CA)=16. Doh. Might be time to look at feats that buff my Challenge attack... though, this is the first times Sir Ex has used it and no amount of buffing helps that roll.

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    GM: Wolf OA vs. Jax, 28 vs AC, 22 damage.

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