4E [Adventure]: The Mark of Trogdor (DM: Dimsdale, Judge ??)
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    [Adventure]: The Mark of Trogdor (DM: Dimsdale, Judge ??)

    [Adventure: The Mark of Trogdor]

    1. Skalisss: Lvl 7 Dragonborn Paladin (Jryoung) Defender
    2. Raijin: Lvl 6 Genasi Dragon Magic Sorcerer (Johnmeier1) Striker
    3. Quan: Lvl 6 Human Hunter (FourMonos) Striker
    4. Rocco Shadowlost: Lvl 6 Dwarf Fighter (Neurotic) Defender
    5. Nementah: Lvl 6 Wilden Protector Shaman (MetaVoid) Leader
    6. Halleck: Lvl 7 Half-Elf Warlord/Bard (Tenchuu) Leader
    7. Vimak: Lvl 6 Goliath Runepriest (Walking Dad) Leader

    Lady Chelsea escorts the party to a waiting horse drawn wagon. Please climb aboard as there is no time to waste.. As the body guard enters the wagon last, the woman motions to the driver to move out. I know that I have said a lot. Do you have any question? I will answer them the best I can.

    OOC: Perception roll from everyone please


    Borrowed from H.M.Gimlord and Mal Malenkirk...and Johnmeier1

    Player Info: Include mini stat blocks in your posts. Mini-stat blocks allow you to keep track of your own healing surges, power usages, acquired items, etc... without having to ask the DM all the time. It's not the end of the world if you forget, but please be sure to include it when you are posting an action block. It also make it easier for me to check basic stats.

    Example mini-stats:

    Triggers: Fox's Cunning Trigger - Immediate Reaction to the First Enemy that attacks me in melee
    Status: Bloodied
    Init: +5 Speed: 5 Perception:22 Insight: 20
    AC: 21 F/R/W:17/18/22
    HP: 30/61 Surges: 4/8 Surge Value: 15 AP: 1
    Languages: Allarian, Imperia, Draconic
    Str:8 Dex:14 Wis:14 Con:14 Int:10 Cha:22

    At Will - Jinx Shot, Cutting Words
    Encounter - Second Wind, Fox's Cunning, Twin Strike, Grappling Spirits, Hunter's Quarry, Majestic Word (0/2), Words of Friendship, Chord of Dissonance, Rhyme of the Blood-Seeking Blade, Virtue of Prescience
    Daily - Arrow of Ill Omen, Arrow of Warning, Bracers of Archery, Inevitable Shot, Songbow of Vanishment, Warding Arrow

    Full Character Sheet

    Passive checks: I will use Perception and Insight and put information in private sblocks for certain players. If you are not one of the intended characters, please do not read these spoilers. The character, however, is welcome to, in character, reveal the contents of the spoiler to the others in game, remember that talking is a free action (but keep in short)


    Players roll initiative individually, bad guys roll one initiative roll
    Players with higher init than bad guys go first then all the bad guys go
    Then all the players go. From this point, we alternate players vs bad guys
    Good guy turns happen in first post - first acted order.
    Illegal post-overs will be resolved in that round
    Legal post-overs stand even if each didn't know the other was posting (Please use Go Advanced or Preview Post to avoid this)

    DM Posts during combat will include:

    Status of all players, monsters, NPCs etc... indicating Name, Location, HP/MaxHP, State, Healing Surges Left, Action Points left (i.e.:: Arkavas I6 -1/41 Dying HS 0 AP 1)

    Map in the form of a grid, hopefully with coordinates

    Enemy Mini Stat Blocks including HP, AC, Fort, Refl, Will, Immunities, Resistance, and Basic Attack. If there are more specialized powers, I will post them at the time of their use. Trigger powers for bad guys. If you provoke an AoO or a listed power during your turn you can roll the result (it will make less work for the DM and give you a rapid response)

    Time: II will give players 48 hours to post, at the end of which time I reserve the right to RP the player's character on his behalf. I will use the most appropriate actions and At-Will powers only.

    Exceptions: If you will be out for a long time and unable to post, please let the party know and assign responsibility to either myself or another, willing player for RPing your character, or I can write in a scenario that takes you out of the picture until your return (The former is preferred).

    Treasure: Keep a wish list on your character sheet up to date with what you would like, and I’ll try to accommodate within reason. Items will be given relative to player level. Parcel Gold/Items will be evenly divided at the end.

    Die Rolling: Roll your dice on Invisible Castle. If invisible castle is down, you can also use the Enworld Dice roller (but please select the SMALLER results in your profile) In IC, highlight the die roll in your post and use the 'Insert Link' button to post a link to your die rolls.

    Out of Character Content: Post out of character content (i.e.: complaints, tactics, mechanics, etc...) in a spoiler with the letters 'OOC' in the title or the OOC tag.

    More on Treasure

    Throughout this adventure treasure in the form of a magic items will be handed out at various points. Please PM me an item on your wish list (N, N+! or N+2) that you want and I'll roleplay it into the storyline. All gold will be awarded at the end of the adventure.

    Dimsdale as DM: Pros and Cons

    1. This is my first attempt at being a DM. Please feel free to help me out if I make a mistake...or two...or three
    2. I am terrible at spelling and grammar.
    3. Map tool I am using is barbaric. Sorry in advance. I'll learn a better one as time goes on. Any of you that have been a dm in the past or currently, please feel free to pm me. You'll need to be specific on what i'll need to do since I am a noobie when it comes to maptools.

    1. Hopefully and interesting storyline and challenging combat
    2. No long term posting droughts from me. I post daily and will keep the adventure rolling as fast as everyone wants to proceed.
    3. I'll think of more later
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    Block JRYoung

    Skalisss gets in the wagon, it creaks in protest under his weight.

    "Lady Chelsssea, it hasss been a tenday sssince the mark hasss appeared on your daughtersss forehead, how sssoon do you expect her abduction?" Skalisss asks.

    Skalisss' Stat Block

    Skalisss- Male Dragonborn Paladin (Natural Humanoid) 7 Character Sheet
    Initiative: +3 Senses: Normal P-Perception: 15 P-Insight: 20
    HP: 68/68 SurgeValue: 18 Surges: 11/11
    AC:26 Fort:19 Reflex:17 Will:19

    Action Points: not used Second Wind: not used
    Resist: none Speed:5
    Conditions: none
    BasicAttack: - "Inescapable Longsword", +12 to Hit vs AC, 1d8+9 damage
    BasicRangedAttack: - Javelin, +9 to Hit vs AC, 1d6+4 damage, range 10/20


    Valiant Strike
    Bolstering Strike
    Divine Challenge
    Piercing Smite
    Righteous Smite
    Divine Reverence
    Dragon Breath
    Channel Divinity: Divine Mettle
    Channel Divinity: Divine Strength[/U]
    Lay on Hands x2[/U]
    Healing Word
    Paladin's Judgement
    Sacred Circle
    Healing Surge from Dwarven Plate Armor
    Martyr's Retribution
    Wrath of the Gods

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    Block MetaVoid

    Perception (1d20+12=31)

    "I will be glad to be out of the city, if only for a while."

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    Rocco gets out, fitting his strange weapon over his hand and adjusting the shield on his back. His eyes flit around, but he's more concerned about climbing behind Nementah then with his surroundings.

    Perception (1d20+11=17)

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    Raijin's neutral expression turns dark at this story. I have seen such heinous acts attempted in the fanatic pursuit of prophesy and lies in the stars.

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    Quan doesn't offer any comments as he follows the group to the carriage. His dark eyes take in every detail.

    1d20+11 → [19,11] = (30) Roll Lookup

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