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    "Good work my friendsss!" Skalisss encourages the others as he moves around yet another of the thugs looking for a killing blow.

    "Face me!" he orders the thug, his voice filled with holy compulsion. The thug staggers as Skalisss slashes him across the chest, blood spraying. His god is pleased and invigorates Skalisss and nearby allies!


    Move Action: F11, E10, E9, F8

    Standard Action: Righteous Smite on BB2, w/ flank
    Hits for 18 points (leaving BB2 with 3 hit points), Skalisss and ALL allies within 5 gain 7 temp hit points (which is everyone)!

    Minor Action: Divine Challenge on BB2

    Skalisss' Stat Block

    Skalisss- Male Dragonborn Paladin (Natural Humanoid) 7 Character Sheet
    Initiative: +3 Senses: Normal P-Perception: 15 P-Insight: 20
    HP: 47+7temp /68 SurgeValue: 18 Surges: 10/11
    AC:27 within Zone Fort:19 Reflex:17 Will:19

    Action Points: used Second Wind: not used
    Resist: none Speed:5
    Conditions: none
    BasicAttack: - "Inescapable Longsword", +12 to Hit vs AC, 1d8+9 damage
    BasicRangedAttack: - Javelin, +9 to Hit vs AC, 1d6+4 damage, range 10/20


    Valiant Strike
    Bolstering Strike
    Divine Challenge
    Piercing Smite USED
    Righteous Smite USED
    Divine Reverence USED
    Dragon Breath
    Channel Divinity: Divine Mettle
    Channel Divinity: Divine Strength
    Lay on Hands x2
    Healing Word USED
    Paladin's Judgement USED
    Sacred Circle USED
    Healing Surge from Dwarven Plate Armor
    Martyr's Retribution USED
    Wrath of the Gods

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    Raijin moves up next to Vimak. They run he notes.

    OOC: Move: shift 1
    Standard: Stormwalk, shift and attach BA2

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    "Is this one always so stoic?" Halleck asked, hoping his cavalier attitude will help convince some of the others to retreat as well.

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    OOC: @dimsdale
    Vimak's current health makes no sense to me. He is hurt more than I thought but has still all HS in your post.

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    Vimak Stonecarver, Goliath Runepriest 6

    - adjacent allies gain resist 2 (all)

    Flames of Purity heal 4 HP on Skaliss

    Vimak smashes his halberd in the ground. Divine flames erupt, burning the bandits, who fall unmoving to the ground, but heal Skalisss.


    free: regains 4 HP from the triggered symbol.
    standard: Fire of Purity

    Mini stat block

    Vimak Stonecarver
    Perception: 15 Insight: 20 Normal Vision
    AC 22 Fortitude 18 Reflex 17 Will 19
    Initiative: +5
    Hit Points: 49 / 54 Bloodied: 27
    Temporary Hit Points: 0
    Resist: -
    Saving Throw:
    Action Points: 1 Second Wind: 1
    Healing Surge:13 Surges per day: 9 / 10
    At-Will Powers: Word of Diminishment, Word of Binding, Lightning Damage
    Encounter Powers: Rune of Mending 1/2, Stone’s Endurance, Flames of Purity, Symbol of Wrath Reversed, Walk it Off
    Daily Powers: Rune of Endless Fire, Shield of Sacrifice, Cage of Light, Extra Lightning Damage.


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    Quan walks sideways from behind the cart, his bow trained on the lone archer across the way. He gives a short high whistle so the archer looks at him, then he plunks an arrow in his leg. It drops the archer for a moment... just not off the building.


    Movement: Move to D9.
    Standard: Clever Shot vs. bandit archer 2 (BA2): 1d20+14-2, 1d12+10 → ([5, 14, -2], [9, 10]) Roll Lookup Hit AC 17 for 19 damage.
    Archer save vs. falling off building: 1d20 → [17] = (17) Roll Lookup . They're a sticky bunch. He is prone and -2 to hit with range and area attacks.

    "Quan" Thatcher- Male Human Hunter 6
    Active Stance: Aspect of the Lurking Spider
    Lurking Spider

    1. Gain +2 to stealth checks.
    2. Gains +5 power bonus to Athletics checks made to climb.
    3. While he has combat advantage against an enemy, he gains +2 power bonus to damage rolls against it

    Status: none
    Initiative: +8, Passive perception: 21, Passive Insight: 16
    AC: 21, For: 16, Ref: 20, Will: 17 HP: 32/50, Bloodied: 25, Surge value: 12, Surges/day: 7/7
    Speed: 6 squares, Languages: Allarian, Goblin AP: 0, Second Wind: unused
    Powers: Aimed Shot, Clever Shot, Rapid Shot,
    Disruptive Shot, Disruptive Shot, Reactive Shift, Assassin's Shroud 1 2, Heroic Effort
    Healing Lore, Entangling Roots, Shadowdance Leather

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walking Dad View Post
    OOC: @dimsdale
    Vimak's current health makes no sense to me. He is hurt more than I thought but has still all HS in your post.
    OOC: I forgot to add +4 to everyone 4 squares from Vimak. Since most people have moved since the last update I'll grant everyone the +4. I'll do that later today. Did Vimak use a HS? Please Pm me or ooc what you think is Vimak's HP. I can't find the mistake.

    OOC: And I didn't include this as well

    Primera can make OA:
    Trigger: Enemy leaves a square adjacent to SC without shifting
    Attack: +10 vs. Reflex
    Hit: 4 damage
    Effect: One ally within 5 squares of SC regains 4hp

    OA: 1d20+10 vs reflex: Hit for 4. MetaVoid. Let me know who you want to grant the healing to. Thanks
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    @dimsdale, why is Rocco at 9/12? He received 1 healing from Nementah last fight. In this fight he was healed with 'spend surge ' power by Skaliss and that's all...unless I forgot something?

    Also, Rocco is at full hp: last round 35 + surge (skaliss) +11 (Nementah) - 0 (bad round for the bandits) = 62/61

    Rocco strikes at the bandit, leaving wide gash and using the momentum to break away. But that's not his way and he makes a turn, closing in again in a heartbeat.

    "You think you can stand another exchange? Do you feel lucky, PUNK?"


    Standard: Brash Strike vs BB3 AC; damage (1d20+15=18, 1d8.minroll(2)+13=19) - hit, shift to I12, mark the enemy, gain +3 AC & Ref, Rocco grants CA to BB3
    Move: shift H13

    Rocco Stats

    STATUS: +3 AC & Ref

    Initiative +5; Senses Passive Insight 16, Passive Perception 21
    HP 61/61 +7thp, Bloodied 30, Surge Value 15+1, Surges 10/12
    AC 23; Fortitude 20, Reflex 18, Will 19

    0/1 AP
    Speed 5

    Dual Strike
    Brash Strike
    Combat Challenge
    Combat Superiority
    Pass Forward

    Funneling Fury
    Sweeping Blow
    Kirre's Roar
    Second Wind

    Villain's Menace
    Dancing Defense

    Foe Maker Hand Axe - daily, standard, everyone within 5 squares are marked by Rocco
    Mithral Chainmail - daily, immediate reaction, halve the damage of melee or ranged attack
    Foe chaser boots - Daily immediate reaction: Trigger: Marked enemy makes an attack that doesn't include Rocco. Effect: Rocco teleports adjacent to the marked enemy.
    Flesh Grinder Gauntlet Axe +2 - Daily free: Trigger: make an attack that attacks AC; Effect: Attack targets Fort and deals extra 1d6 damage

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    OOC: healing to Raijin to fill him up surgeless. Full post a bit later...

    Primera grazes the warrior in passing, but it's not strong enough to drop it. She moves into the group and NEmentah channels another burst of healing spirits. In vicinity of Primera, their energies are potent indeed.


    Standard: Protecting Strike vs Will (BB3); damage (1d20+10+1=18, 1d8+7=9)
    Move: Primera moves between Quan and Skaliss while
    Minor: Nementah channels another burst if life spirits (quan heals surge +8; skaliss heals Extra Healing (2d6=8)

    @dimsdale, updated!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Neurotic View Post
    [COLOR="DimGray"]@dimsdale, why is Rocco at 9/12? He received 1 healing from Nementah last fight. In this fight he was healed with 'spend surge ' power by Skaliss and that's all...unless I forgot something?
    OOC: Skalisss has used powers his last two turns which have provide the use of a healing surge for Rocco. here and here.

    I've updated the hp status for everyone. Walking Dad. I forgot to give you the healing value of the surge for Vimak. That is now taken care of as well.

    MetaVoids actions are next, followed by the bad guys.

    work in progress

    Vimak's presence in the group is now felt as he drops two more foes. The only ground force left, near death himself, misses badly against Rocco. Two more bolts fired from the lone archer bounce harmlessly from Halleck's and Rocco's armor.


    The archer stops in mid sentence as a door opens (D1) and four people exit, stopping at next to the door in clear sight of the party. One of them wears robes and appears to have a spell at the ready. Another of them, a huge thug (strikingly similar to the leader the party first killed), holds two young girls, one in each hand, with a firm grip on their hair. Each of the girls has sapphire blue eyes and a strange mark on her forehead. Yes, to the heroes' amazement, they both appear be Lerrick! The thug smiles at you and as you look back at the cart you see that she is no longer there!

    Hmmmm...we got a situation here. Which one is the real one! Ha haaaa!. He pulls at both of the girl's hair violently, both of the girls whimpering in pain. Ya like to have the right one back wouldn't ya? Haa ha! Hmmm which one. The robe one in the back smirks at you. Hank says that you guys have proven your worth. The ones you killed were wimps. He wants you to join him. What do ya say? If ya say yes, the girl is yours. If ya say no...well...heh heh...no one ever says no to Hank.

    This is getting too crazy for me! I'm out of here! The archer disappears from the roof top. The thug, currently engaged in battle against Rocco looks confused with the blade of his axe clanking against the ground.

    Come back here you coward!

    OOC: Problem Solving Time: Who is the REAL Lerrick?

    Think of creative ways to use your non physical skills to find the real Lerrick. Success is not only based on dice roll, but also creativity. So if you get a terrible roll but had a creative way of figuring out the problem, it's not a loss.

    1. If skill challenge is a success, xp granted and your party gets what is equivalent to a surprise round against the foes, choosing whatever you want to do.
    2. If skill challenge fails, no xp and the robed one's spell is unleashed, initiative rolls after that, and the final part of the encounter begins (no skill challenge xp).
    3. Should you choose to attack any of the four, the first person who attacks triggers the spell from the robed one, then initiative rolls after that (no skill challenge xp).

    Good luck


    Halleck: Hits for 5, foe misses, Vimak hits for 15 against BB2, +1 to AC and Ref

    Skalisss hits BB2 for 18 and all allies receive 7 temp HP, divine challenge on BB2

    Raijin: Miss BA2

    Vimak: kills B4 and BB2, heals Skalisss for 4, adjacent allies resist 2

    Quan: Hits BA2 for 19, archer saves vs knocked off building but -2 to all area and range attacks

    Rocco: Hits BB3 for 19, grants CA to BB3, Rocco +3 AC and Reflex, marks BB3

    Nementah: BB3 9 points damage, Heals Quan for HS +8 and Skalisss for 8

    Total Damage Tally:
    B4: Dead
    BB2: Dead
    BB3: 28 hp damage
    BA2: 19 hp damage

    Baddies turn:
    BB3: attacks Rocco Miss
    BA2: Bolt 1: Rocco: Bolt 2: Halleck: Miss and Miss


    Quan: 36/50 HS 7/7 AP 0:
    Rocco: 61/61 HS 9/12 AP 0:
    Nementah: 49/56 +4 THP HS 11/11 AP 0
    Raijin: 48/48 HS 6/6 AP 0:
    Skalisss: 53/68 HS 11/11 AP 0
    Primera: 13/13 for one round
    Vimak: 51/54 +0 THP HS 9/10 AP 1
    Halleck: 45/55 HS 8/8 AP 1

    Bandit Minions B1:1//1 DEAD
    Bandit Minions B2:1//1 DEAD
    Bandit Minions B3:1//1 DEAD
    Bandit Minions B4:1//1 DEAD
    Bandit Minions B5:1//1 DEAD
    Bandit Minions B6:1//1 DEAD
    Bandit Minions B7:1//1 DEAD
    Bandit Minions B8:1//1 DEAD
    Bandit Minions B9:1//1 DEAD
    Bandit Berserker BB1:66/66 DEAD
    Bandit Berserker BB2:41/66 DEAD
    Bandit Berserker BB3:3/66 BLOODIED
    Bandit Berserker BB4:55/66 DEAD
    Bandit Knife Fighter B1:62/162 DEAD
    Bandit Archers BA1 25/43 RAN AWAY
    Bandit Archers BA2 24/43
    Bandit Archers BA3 DEAD
    Bandit Archers BA4 DEAD
    Bandit Archers BA5 DEAD


    Bandit Minion
    HP 1; a missed attack never damages a minion.
    AC 19; Fortitude 17, Ref 14, Will 15; see also mob rule
    Speed 6
    Club (standard; at-will) ✦ Weapon
    +12 vs. AC; 6 damage.
    Mob Rule
    The human lackey gains a +2 power bonus to all defenses while
    at least two other human lackeys are within 5 squares of it.

    Bandit Berskerers:
    HP 66; Bloodied 33; see also battle fury
    AC 15; Fortitude 15, Refl ex 14, Will 14
    Speed 7
    Greataxe (standard; at-will) ✦ Weapon
    +7 vs. AC; 1d12 + 4 damage (crit 1d12 + 16).
    Battle Fury (free, when first bloodied; encounter)
    The human berserker makes a melee basic attack with a +4
    bonus to the attack roll and deals an extra 1d6 damage on a hit.
    Handaxe (standard; at-will) ✦ Weapon
    Ranged 5/10; +5 vs. AC; 1d6 + 3 damage.

    Knife Fighter
    HP 162; Bloodied 81
    AC 21; Fortitude 19, Reflex 19, Will 19
    Saving Throws +2
    Speed 7
    Action Points 1
    Wounding Dagger (standard; at-will) 4 Weapon
    +12 vs. AC (crit 19-20); 1d6 + 6 damage (crit 1d6 + 12) and
    ongoing 5 damage (save ends).
    + Dance of the Knife (standard; at-will) 4 Weapon
    +12 vs. AC (crit 19-20); 1d6 + 6 damage (crit 1d6 + 12). Effect:
    The human knife fighter shifts 2 squares after the attack and
    makes one more attack against the same target or a different
    one. The knife fighter then shifts 2 squares.
    Peerless Tumbler (move; recharge :X ji)
    The human knife fighter shifts 4 squares, ignoring difficult
    Combat Advantage '
    A human knife fighter deals 2d6 extra damage

    Bandit Archer
    Initiative +6 Senses Perception +9; darkvision
    HP 33; Bloodied 21
    AC 14; Fortitude 15, Reflex 17, Will 15
    Immune disease, poison
    Speed 6 ______
    Slam (standard; at-will)
    +11 vs. AC; 1 d6 + 4 damage.
    Bolt (standard; at-will)
    Ranged 20/40; +11 vs. AC; 1d10 + 4 damage.
    •Y Double Shot
    The arbalester makes two bolt attacks, each against a different
    target. The targets must be within 5 squares of each other.



    Note: Archers have cover -2 for hero attack rolls

    Note: If you hit a foe, please subtract damage from total hp as shown on map

    Adventure Summary


    Summary of Events
    Prevented a flesh golem from killing the Weinfurter family. Body guard turned bad.

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