4E [Adventure]: The Mark of Trogdor (DM: Dimsdale, Judge ??) - Page 84
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    OOC: Whom are we waiting on? @dimsdale?

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    At the call of the warlord the party surrounds the dwarf and pummel it with a fury of blows, the last of which came from the dragonborn paladin. The dwarf crumbles to the floor. This triggers a powerful surge of energy which pulsates through the entire room. As the party members look on the energy seems to fade away. From the west wall of the room the same shadow messenger appears and moves foward a few steps, then stops.

    Rocco Shadowlost, it is time for the final test. Prepare yourself now.

    ooc: You may spend a Healing Surge here...quickly though

    Then the shadow messenger turns to the three other statues. The pulsating energy begins to resonate again, intensifying with every beat. As the it does so the shadow messenger moves back into the wall, fading into darkness. Dark energy begins to flow through the three statues facing the party. Their red eyes burns brighter. A moment later a flash of light bursts throughout the room, causing momentary blindness. As the party regains their sight, they see that the goliath and half-elf statues have activated. Instead of attacking the party, they turn towards the elf statue in the middle. In unison, they step towards the elf, which engulfs their bodies, fusing the three together to create a colossal statute of the same material as the others, only this one contains six arms, all of which wield weapons. It pauses for a moment, then immediately turns its head towards Rocco, with its red eyes boring deep into the very depths of the dwarf's soul. It then steps towards the party in attack formation.

    ooc: This triggers the damage from the flame sphere. I'll include it on the next update after everyone rolls initiative. Please state whether or not you spend a surge

    shadow abomination initiative: 11

    ooc: If your roll is higher than 11, the stats are the same as the others...except the hp
    AC 24, Fortitude 23 Reflex 21, Will 22
    If your initiative is higher you can attack.


    Heroes turn:
    Quan: Miss: SAVES vs ONGOING! Yay Quan
    Nementah: Miss: Protective roots: Resist all to JK, Ra, H, Ro, E, Be and S, OA miss
    Halleck: Hit for 30 and then takes 16 damage: +5 to ac against dwarf: OAs from everyone, OA: hit for 20
    Skalisss: Hit DS for 26, OA Hit for 25, OA hit for 20
    Raijin: Hit for 22, OA Miss
    Rocco: Hit for 27, mark until overide, trigger if DS attacks Halleck, OA Hit for 25
    Vimak: Hit for 15, adj allies have +2 resist all, Dwarf has vulnerability 2 (5 vs OA's), OA miss
    Bell: Bell misses: if DS misses then Bell has a triggered action, OA miss
    Earth: Miss, would have hit if the shadow power wasn't in play, OA miss
    Jarel-karn: Miss
    Damen: HS DS for 20
    Phoenix: Miss dwarf, trigger attack vs three statues if the start turn in current location: 1d4+15

    Total Damage to Enemies:
    Dwarf Shadow:
    -236 so far this round

    since dwarf had 186 +50 Temp, that brings it down to 0...so, dead

    Baddies turn:
    Dwarf Shadow Statue: DEAD

    Total Damage to Allies:



    HP 67/67 THP 7, B 33, Surge 16, 11/11 AC 21; F 22, R 20, W 22 AP 1

    HP 11/11 AC 24; Fortitude 24, Reflex 22, Will 24

    HP 38/65 THP 7, B 32, Surge 16, 11/11 AC 25 F 21 R 19 W 21 AP 1

    HP 56/74 THP 7, B 37, Surge 18+1, 12/12 AC 24; F 22, R 20, W 21 AP 1

    HP: 58/80 THP 7, B 40 Surge 21 11/11; AC:27 within zone F 22 R 19 W 22 Resist 1 ALL AP 1

    HP: 25/65 THP 0, B 32 Surge 16, 9/9; AC 26, F 21, R 18, W 21, AP 1

    Raijin: -35+9+HS THP 7,

    HP: 60/60 THP 4, B 30, Surge 15, 5/7; AC: 22, F 19, R 23, W 22 AP 1: save vs poison

    HP: 60/60 THP 7, B 30; Surge 15, 8/8; AC 24, F 18, R 23, W 21 AP 1

    HP 83/83 THP 7; B 41; Surge 21; 12/13 AC 27; F 22; R 21; W 19 AP 1

    HP: 59/59 THP 7, B 29, Surge 14; 7/7, AC 23, F 17, R 24 W 20 AP 1

    HP 86/86 THP 7, B 43 Surge 21; 14/14 AC 25, F 20, R 18, W 19, AP 1

    HP:53/53 THP 7, B 26, Surge 13, 8/8 AC 21, F 19, R 23, W 20, Resist Fire 9 AP 1

    Hafling Shadow Statue:
    Defenses: AC 24, Fortitude 23 Reflex 21, Will 22
    HP: 100/100 THP: Bloodied 50 AP: 1/1 DEAD

    Human Shadow Statue:
    Defenses: AC 24, Fortitude 23 Reflex 21, Will 22
    HP: 81/150 THP 50: Bloodied 75 AP: 0/1 DEAD

    Dwarf Shadow Statue:
    Defenses: AC 24 (26 due to shadow power) Fortitude 23 Reflex 21, Will 22
    HP 186/200 THP 50: Bloodied 75 AP: 1/1 DEAD

    Abomination Statue:
    Defenses: AC 24 Fortitude 23 Reflex 21, Will 22
    HP ?? THP 50: Bloodied 75 AP: 2/2

    Enemy Information

    The Abomination Statue
    Abomination Statue:
    Defenses: AC 24 Fortitude 23 Reflex 21, Will 22
    HP ?? THP 50: Bloodied 75 AP: 2/2
    Powers ??



    Adventure Summary

    Summary of Events
    1. Prevented a flesh golem from killing the Weinfurter family. Body guard turned bad.
    2. Dismantled the Crossed Sword and Skull Gang by killing Leader Hank the Tank
    3. Prevented a possible encounter with a pack of wolves...for the moment
    4. Alpha wolf presents orb of nature to Lerrick who gives it to Nementah.
    5. Halleck finds orb of elements after party defeats band of ogres and a hill giant. He gives it to Raijin.
    6. Defeated Bosch's dragonborn minions who tried to disrupt the ritual for removing the mark of Lerrick.
    7. Mark is successfully removed from Lerrick by brother Buchta.
    8. Encounter the great dragon Bosch for the first time. Dragon leaves but swears revenge.
    9. Party returns Lerrick to mother in Daunton, but the father was not there as he was on an urgent task for brother Navio, something related to the shield.
    10. Rocco tested for invoking a god. The party as well as other patrons at the tavern help defend Rocco from her wrath.
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    Initiative 13

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    Block MetaVoid

    Nementah DOES NOT spend a surge (she's at full hp)

    Initiative (1d20+6=17)

    Nementah was ready for the change and Primera charges in, blocking the statue.

    "Phoenix, you might consider moving that pyre so that our fighters can get to the statue. It's blocked by the wall, we could freeze it in place!"

    She proceeds to call upon spirits of this evil place to beffudle the mind of the great statue, confusing it for a moment who is it, exactly, this test for.


    Move: P10, Primera to Q6
    Standard: Haunting Spirits vs Will (abomination); psychic damage (1d20+11=29, 1d6+8=12) - statue grants CA to Rocco TENT

    OOC: if somebody else thinks he needs CA more, call it

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    "I suppose I could share it with the rest of you," Phoenix says. She gestures to the small phoenix hovering by the statue and it rises above it, suddenly erupting in a swirl of fire.

    OOC: Turn Summary: Flaming Sphere is now 1 square above the statue. Statue takes 60 damage, 5 more if it ends its turn adjacent to the flaming sphere.

    Start of the Statue's Last Turn: 1d4+15=19 fire damage.
    Minor: Sustain Flaming Sphere.
    Move: Move Flaming Sphere two squares vertically.
    Standard: Argent Rain(Close Burst 1 centered on the Flaming Sphere): 1d20+15=26 vs statue's 21 Reflex, hit, 1d10+15=23 fire damage and it will take 5 fire damage if it ends adjacent to the Flaming Sphere.
    Start of Statue's Next Turn: 1d4+15=18 fire damage.

    Infernal Wrath(Free): If hit by an attack by a non-minion enemy within 10 squares, Phoenix will trigger Infernal Wrath, dealing 1d6+9 fire damage to the target.
    Shield(Interrupt): If hit by an attack that would miss if Phoenix' AC or Ref were 4 higher, she triggers Shield to gain +4 AC/Ref TenT.

    Status Effects: +2(+4) AC, 10 Fire/Cold Resist, Enemy take 2d6+9 damage if make melee attack vs Phoenix

    Phoenix' statblock
    Phoenix, Female Tiefling Mage/Swordmage 8
    Passive Perception: 20, Passive Insight: 20
    AC: 21(23), Fort:19, Reflex: 23, Will:20, Resist Fire 9(10), (Cold 10) -- Speed:6
    HP:53/53, Bloodied:26, Surge Value:13, Surges left:8/8
    Initiative +7, Action Points: 1
    MBA: +8 AC, 1d4+1 damage. RBA: Range 20, 10 force damage.
    Powers: Magic Missile, Scorching Burst, Hypnotism, Infernal Wrath, Burning Spray, Fire Shroud, Ardent Rain, Fire Burst, Shield, Second Wind, Flaming Sphere, Summon Magma Beast, Fire Shield, Swordmage Warding
    Items: Spidersilk Mantle, Dagger of Speed, Healing Potion x 1, Flame Bracers
    Notes: *Phoenix does not provoke OAs for Ranged or Area attacks. *Phoenix's attacks ignore fire resistance. *Phoenix gains +1 to hit and +2 damage against bloodied foes. *Phoenix does +1d6+2d8 damage on a crit.

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    Init (1d20+6=21)
    Rocco spends a surge to get to full.

    Rocco almost flies over toward the abomination, shouldering between Halleck and Skaliss. He strikes strong blow, turning full circle and coming at the abomination again menacing it.

    EDIT: just realized the statue is large (I thought the orange field is from the sphere)

    Move: S7
    Standard: Villain's Menace vs abomination AC; damage (1d20+14+2=29, 2d8.minroll(2)+10+5=25) - MARK, Rocco gets +2 to hit and +4 to damage (power bonus, @Tenchuu is Halleck's bonus also power bonus? that is, are they cumulative) for the encounter - Rocco shifts to R7 and gains +3 AC & Ref TENT

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    OOC: Does this mean the encounter ended and a new encounter started? I need to know if my "until end of encounter" powers expired and whether my used up encounter powers became recharged.

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    Block Voda Vosa

    Earth with his usual resolution, approaches the giant creature, and at the call of "Abomination!" he strikes it down with a thunderous sweep of his stone hammer. Once down, he batters it with two blows of his dreadful weapon. No doubt that if the creature had ribs, they would been piercing it's lungs, shattered in pieces.
    At Halleck's call, He keeps hitting the creature viciously.


    Initiative: 20
    Form of the thunder mountain attack:
    31 vs AC for 8 dmg, +5 thunder damage + 5 linghning dmg + Knocked prone
    Using breach Bracers to maki it gain 5 vulnerability.
    AP: Earth gift attack:
    30 vs AC for 18 more dmg +5 vulnerability.

    Free MBA: hits AC for 17 extra dmg and the abomination is slowed.
    Resume: Creature is prone, slowed, and took 58 dmg, and is marked by Earth.
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    Block MetaVoid

    @Voda Vosa, Halleck grants you free MBA on AP if you want to risk granting CA (not a great price for extra damage)

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    "Yeah. I thought I saw a lot before I started hanging out with you guys..."

    He notches another arrow and with great focus, finally hits one of the statues. The arrow pierces deep and knocks the statue off balance.


    Free: Spend Healing Surge.
    Initiative: 1d20+9 → [11,9] = (20) http://invisiblecastle.com/roller/view/3260785/
    Movement: Move to V-13
    Standard: Disruptive shot vs. abomination: 1d20+15+1, 1d12+8+3 → ([5, 15, 1], [6, 8, 3]) Roll Lookup As my bad rolling continues, I will use Heroic Effort, gain +4 to hit. Hits AC 25 for 17 damage and statue is dazed (save ends).
    Free: Assassin's Shroud: abomination statue

    "Quan" Thatcher- Male Human Hunter 8

    Aspect of Pack Wolf
    Pack Wolf

    1. Quan does not provoke opportunity attacks when leaving squares adjacent to his allies.
    2. When he makes a basic attack against an enemy adjacent to two or more of his allies, he gains a +1 power bonus to the attack roll. He gains a power bonus to the damage roll against the enemy equal to the number of allies adjacent to the enemy.

    Initiative: +9, Passive perception: 22, Passive Insight: 17
    AC: 22, For: 19, Ref: 23, Will: 22
    HP: 56/60, Bloodied: 30, Surge value: 15, Surges/day: 5/7
    Speed: 6 squares, Languages: Allarian, Goblin AP: 1, Second Wind: unused

    Powers: Aimed Shot, Clever Shot, Rapid Shot
    Disruptive Shot [1] [2] [3], Reactive Shift, Assassin's Shroud [1] [2], Heroic Effort
    Healing Lore, Entangling Roots
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