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    Damen whistles as he looks at the fused creature. That is indeed an unusual occurrence. Quickly reloading, he waits to fire until right after Quan, his bolt almost landing in the same spot. Its percussive *thack* digs out even more from its "flesh".
    OOC: Init 21. Damen uses Tactical Trick to gain CA and attack (cancel's prone penalty) and uses Backstab: Hit, 27 dmg.
    Damen Bane—Male Drow Outlaw Thief 8
    Initiative: +16, Passive Perception: 19, Passive Insight: 14
    AC: 23, Fort: 17, Reflex: 24 Will: 20 — Speed: 6
    HP: 59/59+7, Bloodied: 29, Surge: 14, Surges left: 7/7
    Action Points: 1/1, Second Wind: Not Used, Milestones: 0
    Powers -
    Ambush Trick
    Feinting Trick
    Sneak's Trick
    Tactical Trick

    Backstab x2
    Surprise Strike
    Cloud of Darkness
    Agile Footwork
    Cunning Escape
    Slip Aside

    Shadowdance Armor +1 (daily)
    Boltshard Hand Crossbow +2 (daily)
    3 Healing Potions
    Potion of Eladrin Shape
    Lesser Elixir of Invisiblity

    Damen Bane - PCamen Bane (stonegod) - L4W Wiki
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tenchuu View Post
    OOC: Does this mean the encounter ended and a new encounter started? I need to know if my "until end of encounter" powers expired and whether my used up encounter powers became recharged.
    ooc: No, still part of the encounter. The whole thing is one encounter.

    DM notes: Please ignore


    Heroes turn:
    Quan: Hits for 17 and statue dazed (save ends)
    Nementah: hits for 12 and grants CA to Rocco
    Halleck: Hit for 15, +5 hp regain for a hit from here on out, +5 damage
    Raijin: Hit for 31, AP spent, if enemy hits Raijin, 5 more damage and enemy moved
    Rocco: Hit for 25, marks statue
    Vimak: Hit for 18, and many effects to adjacent allies
    Bell: miss, but any ally hits target for rest of encounter: regain 4 hp
    Earth: Hits statue for 58 and statue prone and slowed: overides rocco's mark, CA granted to statue; used AP
    Damen: Hits for 27
    Phoenix: Hit for 60 fire damage

    Total Damage to Enemies:
    Abomination Statue

    Baddies turn:
    Dwarf Shadow Statue: DEAD

    Total Damage to Allies:



    HP 67/67 THP 7, B 33, Surge 16, 11/11 AC 21; F 22, R 20, W 22 AP 1

    HP 11/11 AC 24; Fortitude 24, Reflex 22, Will 24

    HP 38/65 THP 7, B 32, Surge 16, 11/11 AC 25 F 21 R 19 W 21 AP 1

    HP 56/74 THP 7, B 37, Surge 18+1, 12/12 AC 24; F 22, R 20, W 21 AP 1

    HP: 58/80 THP 7, B 40 Surge 21 11/11; AC:27 within zone F 22 R 19 W 22 Resist 1 ALL AP 1

    HP: 25/65 THP 0, B 32 Surge 16, 9/9; AC 26, F 21, R 18, W 21, AP 1

    Raijin: -35+9+HS THP 7,

    HP: 60/60 THP 4, B 30, Surge 15, 5/7; AC: 22, F 19, R 23, W 22 AP 1: save vs poison

    HP: 60/60 THP 7, B 30; Surge 15, 8/8; AC 24, F 18, R 23, W 21 AP 1

    HP 83/83 THP 7; B 41; Surge 21; 12/13 AC 27; F 22; R 21; W 19 AP 1

    HP: 59/59 THP 7, B 29, Surge 14; 7/7, AC 23, F 17, R 24 W 20 AP 1

    HP 86/86 THP 7, B 43 Surge 21; 14/14 AC 25, F 20, R 18, W 19, AP 1

    HP:53/53 THP 7, B 26, Surge 13, 8/8 AC 21, F 19, R 23, W 20, Resist Fire 9 AP 1

    Hafling Shadow Statue:
    Defenses: AC 24, Fortitude 23 Reflex 21, Will 22
    HP: 100/100 THP: Bloodied 50 AP: 1/1 DEAD

    Human Shadow Statue:
    Defenses: AC 24, Fortitude 23 Reflex 21, Will 22
    HP: 81/150 THP 50: Bloodied 75 AP: 0/1 DEAD

    Dwarf Shadow Statue:
    Defenses: AC 24 (26 due to shadow power) Fortitude 23 Reflex 21, Will 22
    HP 186/200 THP 50: Bloodied 75 AP: 1/1 DEAD

    Abomination Statue:
    Defenses: AC 24 Fortitude 23 Reflex 21, Will 22
    HP ?? THP 50: Bloodied 75 AP: 2/2

    Enemy Information

    The Abomination Statue
    Abomination Statue:
    Defenses: AC 24 Fortitude 23 Reflex 21, Will 22
    HP 600 THP 50: Bloodied 300 AP: 2/2
    Immune disease, poison; Resist 15 necrotic; Vulnerable 10 radiant
    Saving Throws +2
    Action Points 2
    BMA 6 (standard, at-will)
    Reach 2; +16 vs AC; 2d10+6 damage, and the target slides 2 if it is Large size or smaller.

    Breath of the Abomination (standard, encounter) recharged when first bloodied
    Close blast 5; +14 vs Fortitude; 3d10+6 necrotic damage, plus the target takes ongoing 5 necrotic damage and is weakened (save ends both).

    Abomination Arua 1
    Triggered when Abomination is bloodied
    Any character who starts its turn adjacent to the abomination take 10 necrotic damage



    Adventure Summary

    Summary of Events
    1. Prevented a flesh golem from killing the Weinfurter family. Body guard turned bad.
    2. Dismantled the Crossed Sword and Skull Gang by killing Leader Hank the Tank
    3. Prevented a possible encounter with a pack of wolves...for the moment
    4. Alpha wolf presents orb of nature to Lerrick who gives it to Nementah.
    5. Halleck finds orb of elements after party defeats band of ogres and a hill giant. He gives it to Raijin.
    6. Defeated Bosch's dragonborn minions who tried to disrupt the ritual for removing the mark of Lerrick.
    7. Mark is successfully removed from Lerrick by brother Buchta.
    8. Encounter the great dragon Bosch for the first time. Dragon leaves but swears revenge.
    9. Party returns Lerrick to mother in Daunton, but the father was not there as he was on an urgent task for brother Navio, something related to the shield.
    10. Rocco tested for invoking a god. The party as well as other patrons at the tavern help defend Rocco from her wrath.

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    Raijin looks at the new threat, before the energies of his aura fade, he steps close and opens his mouth. Lightning and thunder shoot out at the target.

    Move: Walk to S7
    Standard: Thundering Roar vs Fort MISS
    AP: Lightning Breath vs Ref HIT for 4d8+16 lightning damage and if enemy hits me with melee they take 5 lightning and I can push them 2


    Status: 9 temp hp, resist 5 all for encounter, enemies that hit with melee take 5 lightning and pushed 2
    Triggers: First Melee attack (Dragonflame Mettle), Attack hits by 7 or less (Sudden Scales)
    Passive Perception 14, Passive Insight 20
    AC 20, Fort 21, Reflex 15, Will 22
    HP: 62/62, Bloodied 31, Surge Value 15, Surges 6/6
    Resist Force 10, Resist Lightning 5, Resist Thunder 5
    Speed 6, Initiative +3
    Action Points: 0, Second Wind
    At-Will Powers: Blazing Starfall, Storm Walk
    Encounter Powers: Blazing Bolts, Dragonflame Mettle, Promise of Storm, Sudden Scales, Teleport Bash, Thundering Roar
    Daily Powers: Adamantine Echo, Bracers of Defense, Brooch of Shielding, Lightning Breath, Slaad's Gambit, Staff of Storms, Variable Resistance

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    Bell's eyes grow wide as the new foe forms in front of her. She quickly repositions, trying to make sure her allies can take full effects of her linguistic harmonics. She tries to shift her words to those that will cause the shadow beast distress, but in her haste and fear she stumbles when jumping from Imperia to Old Allarian. She hopes only that her allies were still be able to benefit from the reinforcing tonality.


    Initiative: 21 (ignore the math in the link, it should have been +5)
    Minor: Sustain Song of Defense
    Move: Shift to Q10
    Standard: Stirring Shout Miss
    However, there is an effect. Until the end of the encounter, whenever an ally hits the target they regain 4 hp.

    Bardic Virtue(Virtue of Cunning) - Once per round, when an enemy attack misses an ally within 10 squares, you can slide that ally 1 square as a free action. (Bell will use this if she can move an ally into flanking, or a ranged ally out of melee)

    Insightful Warning (Encounter Immediate Interrupt )
    Trigger: A creature you can see makes an attack roll for an area or a close attack that includes Bell as a target.
    Effect: Bell and each ally included as a target of the triggering attack gain a +2 power bonus to all defenses against it.

    Block of Bell
    Bell Jabson, Shardar-Kai Bard 8 ()
    Init: +5; PI 17, PP 17; low-light vision
    HP: 60/60, B 30; Surge 15 hp, 8/8
    AC 24(26), F 18, R 23, W 21
    Saves: +2 Racial bonus against the unconscious condition; +2 to all death saving throws
    Speed 6; AP: 0

    Skills: Acrobatics 10, Arcana 15, Athletics 7, Bluff 12, Diplomacy 13, Dungeoneering 8, Endurance 8, Heal 7, History 15, Insight 7, Intimidate 12, Nature 8, Perception 7, Religion 15, Stealth 10, Streetwise 13, Thievery 8(10)
    Languages: Allarian, Imperia, Tsugo, Magari, Draconic, Hzakan, Old Allarian, Silentus, (Read Any)
    Rituals: Arcane Mark (Arcana), Amanuensis (Arcana), Battlefield Elocution (Arcana or Religion), Brew Potion (Arcana or Religion), Comprehend Language (Arcana), Disenchant Magic Item (Arcana), Enchant Magic Item (Arcane or Nature), Endure Elements (Arcana or Nature), Eye of Alarm (Arcana), Glib Limerick (Arcana), Purify Water (Arcana, Nature or Religion), Raise Dead (Heal), Silence (Arcana), Tenser's Floating Disk (Arcana)

    Guiding Strike, Staggering Note, Deep Pocket Cloak
    Focussed Sound, Dissonant Strain, Hypnotism, Insightful Warning, Theft of Life, Shadow Jaunt, Majestic Word 1/2, Words of Friendship, Second Wind
    Stirring Shout, Song of Defense, Satire of Bravery, Swordmage Warding, Harmonic Songblade +2, Philosopher's Crown (not equipped), Onyx Dog Summon

    Trigger (An enemy adjacent to Shard attacks Bell)
    Bite (Standard; At-Will); +7 vs AC; 1d6+3

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    Halleck stepped back into a defensive position, and attacked the mind of the abomination with a rallying cry.

    "All together now! We can defeat this creature!" Halleck commanded, giving aid to his allies as they pressed the attack.

    OOC: Effects on Everyone:
    - If you hit the abomination, you get +5 HP (starting from now)
    - +5 to damage from Heroic Effort, so long as Halleck remains bloodied.

    Note to other Players: Bravura

    Halleck has the Bravura Presence:
    When an ally who can see you spends an action point to take an extra action and uses the action to make an attack, the ally can choose to take advantage of this feature before the attack roll. If the ally chooses to do so and the attack hits, the ally can either make a basic attack or take a move action after the attack as a free action. If the attack misses, the ally grants combat advantage to all enemies until the end of his or her next turn.

    Melee characters might also want to save their AP until I hit with Withering Courage, so they can double dip on the +5 damage bonus.
    Action Block, Mini-Stats

    Action Block

    INIT: 1d20+4=14

    Minor: N/A

    Move: Shift to T11 (+1 to AC / Ref)
    Standard: Stirring Shout
    • Target1: Abomination
    • Attack1:1d20+12=23 vs Will
    • Damage: 2d6+7=15
    • Effect: Until the end of the encounter, whenever an ally hits the target, that ally regains 5 hit points

    Brash Assault

    • Target: Dwarf
    • Attack: 1d20+14=16 +2(CA)=18 Miss
    • Damage: 1d8+8=0
    • Effect: Against the target of this exploit, you gain a bonus to defenses equal to your Charisma modifier (+5) until the start of your next turn (due to Feat). The target can make a melee basic attack against you as a free action and has combat advantage for the attack. If the target makes this attack, an ally of your choice within 5 squares of the target can make a basic attack against the target as a free action and has combat advantage for the attack.


    Halleck Stat block
    Viscount Ambrose Halleck - Male Half-Elf Hybrid Warlord/Bard 9
    Initiative: +4, Passive Perception: 16, Passive Insight: 18


    AC: 26, Fort: 21, Reflex: 18, Will: 21 -- Speed: 5 (-1 Pen from armor)

    HP: 25/65, THP: 0/14 Bloodied: 32, Surge Value: 16, Surges left: 9/9
    Action Points: 0/1, Second Wind: not used
    Common, Elven, Goblin

    Basic Attacks
    Basic Melee Attack: +14 vs AC - Harmonic Spellblade Longsword 1d8+8
    Ranged Basic Attack: N/A

    On Shift: +1 to AC/REF
    On Second Wind: If bloodied, you can spend 2 healing surges
    Superior Fortitude Feat: resist 3 to ongoing damage

    Brash Assault, Vicious Mockery, Cloak of the Walking Wounded Second Wind, Boot of the Fencing Master shift,
    Encounter: Righteous Brand, Inspiring Word, Majestic Word, Shout of Triumph, Diabolic Stratagem, Withering Courage, Divine Challenge, Battlefront Shift, Boots of the Fencing Master Enc, Benefactor Armor Enc, Recoil Shield Knockdown Immediate Reaction
    Daily: Stirring Shout, Stand the Fallen, Heroic Effort, Song of Discord, Canon of Avoidance, Harmonic Spellblade Boon, Benefactor Armor Daily,

    Harmonic Spellblade Longsword +1

    Acrobatics +2, Arcana +3, Athletics +9, Bluff +9, Diplomacy +17, Dungeoneering +5, Endurance +8, Heal +9, History +3, Insight +7, Intimidate +13, Nature +5, Perception +5, Religion +3, Stealth +2, Streetwise +9, Thievery +2

    Halleck's Log
    Mark of Trogdor

    1. Thorkelson, a bald, tattooed man, entered the hangman's tavern and recruits Halleck and Vimak for a job. Thorkelson, needed some protection at the docks, but apparently had some sinister other motive, since he used drinks from the bar to drug Halleck and Vimak.

    2. Wake up in the middle of a fight, being helped by strangers. Give the bandits a beating,

    3. Get approached by the bandit leaders, who have two girls that look exactly like that one we want. The real girl is revealed, and natural, a fight breaks out. After we smash the goons, their leader, Hank the Tank comes out. And, eventually, Hank gets killed.

    4. Get the real mission: deliver Lerrick to brother Buchta, so he can remove the mark of Trogdor from her forehead. The mark is in indicator to all that Lerrick has been chosen to be sacrificed to the dragon Bosch. Your quest as of now is to provide safe passage for Lerrick to brother Buchta so that he can perform the ritual. This includes taking her to the portal, traveling thought it, and then taking her from the portal to brother Buchta's place of residence.

    5. Delivered Lerrick, performed the ritual, saved the day. However, discovered an evil dragon named Bosch who wears a necklace which makes him a juggernaut. Halleck carries a shield which should counter this effect. Adventurers now must stop the dragon.
    1. Wait at Tavern.
    2. Fight in tavern vs statues.

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    Vimak Stonecarver, Goliath Runepriest 8

    Battle Wrath
    Vimak deals 4 extra damage to enemies who hit him in the previous round.

    - adjacent allies gain +1 to attacks vs enemies adjacent to Vimak (none)

    Flames of Purity:
    Each ally (Rocco, Raijin, Earth) in the blast gains a + 3 power bonus to damage rolls until the end of your next turn.

    Vimak moves toward the last obsidain foe, unleashing a sacred flame that damaged its shady exterior and gives his allies new strength to vanquish it ones and for all.


    move: to S8
    minor: stone's endurance
    standard: Flames of Purity

    Mini stat block

    Vimak Stonecarver
    Perception: 16 Insight: 21 Normal Vision
    AC 25 Fortitude 21 Reflex 19 Will 21
    Initiative: +6
    Hit Points: 65 / 65 Bloodied: 32
    Temporary Hit Points: 0
    Resist: -
    Saving Throw:
    Action Points: 1 Second Wind: 1
    Healing Surge:16 Surges per day: 11 / 11
    At-Will Powers: Word of Diminishment, Word of Binding
    Encounter Powers: Rune of Mending 1/2, Stones Endurance, Walk it Off, Flames of Purity, Symbol of Wrath Reversed, Word of Befuddlement
    Daily Powers: Rune of Endless Fire, Shield of Sacrifice, Cage of Light

    Condition: +1 AC from friendly area(s)

    WoD (Destruction)
    W3 gains vulnerability all 2 (but 5 vs OAs) until next round

    Runestate (Protection)
    adjacent allies have resist all 2

    Dread Weapon

    Critical: +1d6 damage per plus, and the target takes the weapons enhancement bonus as a penalty to defenses and checks until the end of your next turn.
    Power (Daily ✦ Fear): Free Action. Use this power when you hit with this weapon. The target takes the weapons enhancement bonus as a penalty to defenses and checks until the end of your next turn.

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    Block dimsdale

    ooc: Jarel-karn and Skalisss up, then abomination.

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    OOC: @JRYoung: Please don't mark the abomination. If your action need to mark the opponent but you don't mind to get your mark overridden, and @dimsdale doesn't mind, Jarel-karn will simply go last.

    Jarel-karn shrug as he see the three statues merging into one abomination. He throw his sword which hit the creature. Bolster by it, he suddenly disappear to reappear next to the creature and with the surprise, hit true the creature, making a deep wound in a deafening thunder blast. Creating an opportunity, he try to take it, but the creature, recovering from the surprise attack, block Jarel-karn sword. Jarel-karn then move into a better position.

    Minor: Promise Storm

    Standard: Blade Bolt vs Fort on Abobination (1d20+16=24, 3d8+15=27) Hit, the creature takes 27 lightning damages and is Slowed (save ends)

    Action Points: Teleport to T6 and Dimensional Thunder vs Fort on Abomination (1d20+18=38, 3d8+15=29) Critical for Critical on Abomination (2d6+39=44) thunder damage and the abomination takes 5 ongoing damage save ends.

    Free: Melee Basic Attack from Bravura vs AC on Abomination (1d20+17=23, 1d8+7=12) Miss.

    Move: Shift to T5 (+1 to AC and Refl)

    Immediat Interrupt
    Jarel-karn have many immediate action. I'll list in this SBLOCK the immediate action Jarel-karn will do in order of importance. Take the first trigger that happens during the round. If many happen at once, take the first in the list.

    1) Trigger: A creature you have marked with your Aegis of Shielding target Jarel-karn and at least two allies with an attack. Power: Leather Armor of Aegis Expansion +2 Effect: The damage of the triggering attack is reduced by 7

    2) Trigger: An enemy hit in melee any ally within 5 squares, is within 5 squares of another enemy. Power: Dimensional Vortex Effect: Ranged 5; +12 vs. Will against triggering enemy. If hit, you teleport the target 5 squares next to an enemy. The target make his melee attack against the most damaged enemy and do an extra 5 damages if it is marked by Jarel-karn. If there is no target valid, he expend the attack. Teleport the creature to V4-W5 and Jarel-karn will be willing to take the AoO.

    3) Trigger: A marked enemy hit any ally within 10 squares Power: Aegis of Shielding Effect: Close Burst 10; -10 damage to triggering attack.

    4) Trigger: An enemy hit any bloodied ally (including Jarel-karn himself) within 10 squares or Jarel-karn Power: Channeling Shield Effect: Close Burst 10; You reduce the damage by 10 from the triggering attack. You next successful attack you make before the end of your next turn will do 5 more damage.

    5) Trigger: An enemy hit in melee any non-defender ally within 2 squares Power: Guardian's Counter Effect: You and your ally shift up to 2 squares as a free action, swapping position. You become the target of the triggering attack, in place of the ally. After the attack is resolved, you can make a basic attack against the attacker. (+15 vs AC 1d8+7 damage)

    Genasi Swordmage 9
    Initiative +5
    Passive Insight 15; Passive Perception 15; Normal Vision
    HP 83/83; THP 7; Bloodied 41; Surge-Value 21; Surges Per-Day 12/13
    AC 27(29); Fortitude 22; Reflex 21(22); Will 19
    Speed 6
    Action Points: 1

    Current Effects: None

    Basic Attack: Runic Longsword +15 vs AC 1d8+7 damage

    Skills: Arcana +14, Athletic +9, Endurence +18, Intimidate +10, Insight +5, Nature +5, Perception +5
    Languages: Common, Tsugo

    [ ]Aegis of Shielding
    [ ]Booming Blade
    [ ]Ligthning Lure

    [X]Promise Storm
    [ ]Guardian Counter
    [ ]Ligthning Clash
    [ ]Dimensional Vortex
    [ ]Echoes of Sword Magic
    [ ]Channeling Shield
    [ ]Armathor's Step

    [X]Dimensional Thunder
    [ ]Lingering Ligthning
    [X]Blade Bolt

    [ ]Leather Armor of Aegis Expansion +2 [E]
    [ ]Periapt of Cascading Health [E]
    [ ]Warded Vambraces [E]
    [ ]Boots of Fencing Master [E]
    [ ]Corellon's Boon of Arcane Might [Sword Burst] [E]
    [X]Corellon's Boon of Arcane Might [Dual Lightning Strike] [D]
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    Block JRYoung

    Skalisss moves up to the latest threat, supporting Rocco's left side.

    "Strike now!"


    Skalisss uses a healing surge as the Abomination forms putting him to 79+7temp hit points.

    Move Action: Q9, Q8, Q7

    Standard Action: Martyr's Retribution on the Abomination.
    Hit for 24 points for damage. This Daily power uses a Healing Surge, no hit points are regained.

    Skalisss' Stat Block

    Skalisss- Male Dragonborn Paladin (Natural Humanoid) 8 CharacterSheet
    Initiative: +8 Senses: Normal P-Perception: 16 P-Insight: 21
    HP: 79+7 temp/80 SurgeValue: 21 Surges: 9/11
    AC:27 within circle Fort:22 Reflex:19 Will:22 Resist 1 ALL

    Action Points: not used Second Wind: not used Resist: none Speed:5 Conditions: none BasicAttack: - "Inescapable Longsword", +16 to Hit vs AC, 1d8+12 damage BasicRangedAttack: - Javelin, +12 to Hit vs AC, 1d6+6 damage, range 10/20


    Valiant Strike
    Bolstering Strike
    Divine Challenge
    Piercing Smite USED
    Righteous Smite USED
    Divine Reverence
    Dragon Breath
    Channel Divinity: Divine Mettle USED
    Channel Divinity: Divine Strength
    Lay on Hands x2
    Healing Word
    Paladin's Judgement
    Sacred Circle USED
    Healing Surge from Dwarven Plate Armor USED
    Martyr's Retribution USED
    Wrath of the Gods
    Crown of Glory

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    OOC: @Velmont did your MBA include CA for dazed?

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