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    íLos Californios: The Destined! [IC]

    íLos Californios!

    The Destined.

    Monterey, several days ago..
    "Mariam, for what reason, have you sought out my company? I though scum like myself deserve to rot in a Tejas prison like a common bandit." The man smirked. "Or have you already forgotten our parting words?"

    "My husband, your brother, is dead. He was murdered."

    "Ain't that a shame. I guess all that civility he believed in done him mighty good." The gunman laughed coldly. "So, lets get to business. Besides for that bribe money you sent to my jailers, how much more are you willing to pay for retribution and whose head do you want me to return with?"

    "$10,000. The killer is known as The Snake..."

    Mission San Fernando, last night
    Pio de Jesus Pico impatiently paced back and forth along the back wall Mission's rectory as he spoke to middle aged man. "I do not see what is taking them so long. I am the speaker of the assembly, I should be Governor, or Presidente!."

    "Patience, my brother in law. Your brother AndrÚs is trying to convince our assembly that he can maintain troop loyalty. Just in case, I have heard rumors of a German who is 'expanding upon' Benjamin Frankin's scientific discoveries in the field of electricity, I believe his inventions may be of use if a rebellion were to occur."

    "Excellente! What news do you have of Los Indios?"

    * * * * *

    Rancho Cauhenga, last night.
    A small group of Californian Indians stood around the ruins of a rancho. One of the men, frowned as he raised remains of a tattered painting from the rubble.
    "(Indio) When they first arrived stole our land and forced us to work for them. Then after many years they allowed us to purchase it back in scattered pieces. Now, in envy, they destroy what we have built." The man turned to his companions," (Indio) Travel the land, find our brothers and tell them of this injustice."

    El Pueblo de Los Angeles, now
    It is a mild, cloudy winter morning in the Pueblo of Los Angeles. On this morning, the pueblo is running wild with talk and speculation about the previous day's battle at the La Provencia Ranchero and what it means for Alta California's future.

    In the center of the pueblo, not far from it's Old Church, is a two story tall yellow painted adobe saloon that is located on the southern edge of the pueblo's main plaza. The saloon has a plain wooden sign that read's La Gitana.

    There is a small crowd within the tavern consisting of mostly locals and a few travelers. As the saloon's mariachi concluded signing a song, man rushed into the establishment holding a piece of paper.

    "(English) Scarlet, venga! I have important news." Don Ramon Pe˝a grinned as he placed several shot glasses on the saloon's counter. " (English) They say that Pio Pico will move the capitol to our Pueblo. I need you to teach the girls some English. We're going to make mucho dinero from the Americans when they start coming to our pueblo!" The saloon keeper began to pour drinks into the assembled glasses as he yelled, "(Spanish) Muchachos! For the next five minutes, drinks are on the house!"

    The room broke out in a cheer as saloon's patrons began to rush toward the bar.

    OOC: When it matters, I will write down the language the speaker is talking in. If a language is not mentioned, assume that it is being spoken in a language your character understands.

    All the characters are currently in the La Gitana saloon, and yes, our Indian characters may have witnessed the scene at Rancho Cauhenga.

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