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    Legacy of the Silver Dragon (Swords and Wizardry Core, 4th Ed)

    This is a new PbP based on the Swords and Wizardy Core (4th edition) ruleset. I aim to get started between next weekend (August 20th) and the end of the month, depending on how things flow.

    Here you can find both the free PDF, and the print edition of the 4th edition rules (if you decide to order the print edition from another vendor, be careful as there are multiple editions still available):


    Below is a quick description of the campaign, more will be provided soon.


    The backdrop is a small town on the outskirts of human civilization that had a protector in the form of a Silver Dragon named Eliaesel, who lived in a mountain nearby. She was effectively the ruler of the town, although she empowered a council to overrule her rulings if 3/4 of the members agreed to do so. The council was made up with equal numbers from all facets and races of society.

    And then Eliaesel vanished (not sure how long ago, likely 5-10 years before the start of the campaign). The town hoped she would return, but none sent to the mountain to search for her were able to find her lair, or if they did - none that did returned. Instead they found hostile humanoids, which had left the town alone due to its protector.

    Currently the town is in a state of flux. The Council attempts to hold onto its power, but without a strong leader over it, they get little done. They have called for a vote by the populace to elect such a leader, and numerous people have thrown their hat into the ring.. but the politics have grown fractious, and no matter who wins - large portions of the populace will likely be unhappy.

    And, those aforementioned hostile humanoids are beginning to realize that the town is no longer as well defended as it once was... Caravans need guards, the town's threats need to be scouted, and there are rumors of items in ruins and caverns in the mountain which could be used to protect the town. Within the town itself, factions try to dig up dirt on those who wish to become the leader of the council. There are opportunities aplenty for those who would style themselves a hero... or for those who just wish to change their lot in life and level of income.
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