You awaken in pain, coughing fluids out of your lungs while writhing on the damp, wet floor of a cave, naked and cold. You blink painfully in the little light that penetrates the cave from the outside. Your squinting eyes and straining ears detect other coughing and naked bodies around you, in the same vulnerable and frightened state that you are in. You stand on wobbling legs, wondering why you feel so weak and why it takes you a moment to get used to feeling your muscles once more. The cave has several standing containers, and you count the other humanoids among you and realize that all of you must have fallen out of the vessels. As a group you stumble towards the cave entrance, partly for the sun's warmth and partly to find out where you are. As the gaggle of you walk out, a horrific scene greets you. The sand-covered land you stand upon and the humid air you breath are painfully hot, and yet you see no sun in the bright, mist-covered sky. All around you is blasted wasteland, with the broken bodies of two destroyed and dead armies laying in front of you. The bodies near the cave you walked out of are predominantly human, while the opposing force was a strange combination of anthromorphic monstrosities ranging from werewolves to serpent men. It is evident that the outnumbered humans died protecting you, unleashing cataclysmic magic that wiped out both forces. But you also realize that you are lost in confusion. Except for a first and last name that comes unbidden to your lips and the knowledge of martial skills and powerful magic, you have no idea who you or the dead around you are.

The corpses rest on a sand-covered wasteland, with a handful of dead, barren trees. The sand itself is burned to black in a number of places where scorch marks made a permanent imprint onto the grains. As you face the battlefield, you notice that you are on a small peninsula, with a sulfuric-smelling pale sea behind you and to your sides. Something about the colorization and smell of the water warns you away. The mists that are in the sky hang low, perhaps only twenty feet or so above you. You do see some signs of vegetation a couple of miles ahead of your position, though the mists block out enough of your view to remove the possibility of greater detail.