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    [Hanged Man Sidebar]: Rhagast's Row (DM: H.M.Gimlord, Judge! Quick! A judge!)

    GM: Welcome to Rhagast's Row

    Due to my data loss and reconstruction, the map had to undergo a minor coordinate change. I tried to stay true to each of your suggestions, but please note the differences

    Just so you know, this WILL NOT last long, so don't be disappointed if the ending is less climactic than you had hoped for. I'm only putting this in a new thread so that the tavern thread doesn't get filled with the mechanics of combat.

    @dimsdale : I'll need you to get your CS up as soon as possible. If you can't do it by the next post, at least provide your max HP and your max HS.

    Let me know if anyone else has decided to join.

    Phoenix is first up, then Rhagast.

    From then on, it's Malenkirk's Rules


    Artemis: E8 42/42HP 8/8HS 1AP
    Graven: B5 30/30HP 11/11HS 1AP
    Gil: K9 36/36HP 7/7HS 1AP
    Lerrick: -C,6 52/52HP 9/9HS 1AP
    Phoenix: I9 53/53HP 8/8HS 1AP

    Brastrix: H5 143/143HP
    Robin: N13 139/139HP
    Riannah: N12 128/128HP
    Grum: F2 270/270HP
    Grim: H1 270/279HP

    Rhagast: L12-K13 624/624HP
    Rhagast's Stats
    Brastrix's Stats
    Robin's Stats
    Riannah's Stats
    Grim's Stats
    Grum's Stats
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