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    Block H.M.Gimlord

    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Sky View Post
    OOC: Internet has been down at our house for two days, hopefully get it up today, but might not. I'll try to update soon, but don't have long enough breaks during the day to run a turn.
    OOC: Don't ever apologize to me for a two-day delay. I just posted an update to Land Ho (finally) after almost a month of delinquency. Tenchuu, BB, WD, and VV are absolute gentlemen not to revolt on me .

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    "Hey!" Artemis yells, "The establishment frowns on customers behind the bar!"

    He jumps down from the table, and taking a few strides for momentum, makes a leap up onto the bar. His blade hums the whole while and the places the blade passes seem out of focus briefly before coming back into focus.

    As Artemis lands on the bar, he swings his blade and the impact not only impacts upon the minotaur, but also warps time and space around Artemis. The minotaur finds himself shifted down the bar away from his quarry. Artemis tries to appear intimidating standing on the bar.

    "This is your last warning. Surrender now or this is going to be very painful."


    Movement: Move down I-7, I-6. Running jump to J-3: 1d20+9 → [11,9] = (20) Roll Lookup

    Standard: Wield the Warp vs. Rhagast (fort): 1d20+13+2, 2d10+13 → ([14, 13, 2], [7, 4, 13]) Roll Lookup Thanks to Lerrick's ability, Rhagast's fort was only 28, so I hit! Rhagast takes 24 psychic and radiant damage and teleport Rhagast to J-K, 1-2.

    Free: Ironscar Rod daily: deal an additional 1d8 damage and target takes -2 to attacks TENT (Artemis) Damage: 1d8 → [4] = (4) Roll Lookup

    Total damage 28, Rhagast is -2 to attacks TENT, teleported to J-K, 1-2

    Atremis Harks- Male Human Hexblade 5

    Status: quo

    Initiative: +3, Passive perception: 11, Passive Insight: 16
    AC 21 (20): For: 16 Ref: 18 Will: 20
    HP: 42/42 Bloodied: 21 Surge value: 9 Surges/day: 8
    Resist: 5 cold

    Speed: 5 squares, Languages: Common, Primordial

    AP: 1, Second Wind: unused


    Resplendent Blade, Eldritch Bolt, Dire Fate

    Wield the Warp 1, 2 Heroic Effort, Spectral Fade

    Confusion of the Cosmos, Shard of Darkness, Inspiring Word, Ironscar Rod, Frostwolf Pelt, Lesser Planar Ally

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    Block H.M.Gimlord

    From my count, we're waitin gon @CaBaNa for Gil's actions.

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    OOC: try tonight, otherwise early tomorrow. Sorry for the delay, on the mobile currently at families.

    EDIT: Updating as you read this. rolling etc...

    @H.M.Gimlord thanks for waiting!

    Gil pulls a few vials out of his robes, and shakes them a bit while he stares at them intently. The human nods, walking closer to the bar and throws the vials toward Rhagast. He raises his arms, assuming a casting stance and spilling a number of drinks around the Minotaur. When the vials break against the spilled liquids, a noxious cloud of fumes bubbled into existence around Rhagast, choking the pirate with gaseous poison.

    The wizard then summons the caustic elements of the vapor, coalescing them into a wall of acidic fumes, further burning the Minotaur's eyes, lungs and fur.

    Great job Artemis! Keep him away from his target.


    Move to E8

    Standard Stinking Cloud area burst 2 within 20 centered at L1
    21 Intelligence vs. Fortitude on Rhagast (MISS)
    15 poison damage.
    Effect: The burst creates a zone of poisonous vapor that blocks line of sight until the end of your next turn. Creatures that enter the zone or start their turns there take 1d10 + 7 poison damage. As a move action, you can move the zone up to 6 squares.
    (When Rhagast starts in the Stinking Cloud he takes 14 poison damage

    Sustain Minor: The zone persists.

    AP Standard Caustic Rampart wall 5 within 10 in J2-N2
    Effect: Dante Mephisto Gilgamesh conjures a wall of acidic fumes. The wall can be up to 2 squares high and must rest on a solid surface, and it lasts until the end of Dante Mephisto Gilgamesh's next turn. The wall is difficult terrain and it's squares are lightly obscured. Any creature that starts it's turn within the wall or adjacent to it takes acid damage equal to 1d6+7 acid damage.
    (When Rhagast starts his turn in Caustic Rampart he takes 8 acid damage)

    Sustain Minor: The wall persists.

    Action Point uses Demon Skin Tattoo
    Gil resists 5 fire until end of encounter.


    "Readied" Immediate Actions

    Phantasmal Henchman (Immediate Interrupt)
    Trigger: An ally within 10 misses an enemy with an attack.
    Effect: Gil conjures a Phantasmal Henchman in a square adjacent to the target of the triggering allies attack. The Phantasmal Henchman stays TE of Gil's NT. Gil's allies can flank with the Phantasmal Henchman. As a move action, Gil can move the conjuration up to 6 squares. Once, before the end of Gil's NT, Gil can use the Phantasmal Henchman Attack power.


    Gil Human Hybrid Wizard|Artificer multiclass Assassin theme Scholar level 6
    AC 18 Fort 17 Reflex 20 Will 18 (additional +1 from ranged attack 5 squares away Cloak of Distortion)
    HP 32/44 bloodied 22, Surges 6/7 Surge value 11
    Passive Insight 20, Passive Perception 20, Normal vision
    Second Wind: Not Used
    Saving Throws: +5 vs Fear Effects (Battle Hardened)
    AP total 0, Speed 6, Initiative +6, Languages Common, Draconic, Elven
    At-will powers; Thundering Armor, Winged Horde, Freezing Burst, Ghost Sound, Light, Prestidigitation, Mage Hand
    Encounter powers; Twilight Falls, Phantasmal Henchman, Phantasmal Henchman Attack Power, Use Vulnerability, Shadow Step, Swift Mender, Dispel Magic, Healing Infusion: Curative or Resistive, Orb Shift
    Daily powers; Caustic Rampart, Stinking Cloud
    Action point; Demonskin Tattoo Gil resists 5 Fire TE of Encounter

    Feats; Acolyte of the Veil, Superior Implement Training Accurate Orb, Enlarge Spell, Battle Hardened, Dual Implement Spellcaster, Orb Expertise

    Items; Potion of Healing X2, Cloak of Distortion +1, Ioun's Parchment, Demonskin Tattoo, Eternal Chalk, Resplendent Gloves, Accurate Orb of Nimble Thoughts, Accurate Orb of Forceful Magic, mundane stuff on sheet.

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    Block H.M.Gimlord

    OOC: Will post tonight. @CaBaNa. I wasn't hurrying so much as making sure I wasn't late .

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    Block H.M.Gimlord

    Nooooooo! No' the fla'ware! No' the ale kegs! Blagarm is not having a good day, and it promises only to get worse as Gil's stinking cloud erupts behind the bar. Vile fumes penetrate the food, drink, dishes on the counter behind the bar as well as Rhagast's nose.

    The minotaur chokes, blowing green smoke from his flaring nostrils, "Na tha't what aye call lettiner rip says I!" *cough* "Aaaaaah!"

    Rhagast wails as the caustic vapors follow the stinking cloud.

    "NOW!" shouts Grim, vaulting the bar and attacking the pirate. Paying no heed to neither the acidic vapors or the vile fumes, the bugbear lands a solid blow on the minotaur, "Takeum that!"

    Robin and Grum (still burning with arcane fire) join the fray, attempting, once more, to subdue Rhagast. Grum manages get his arms around the pirate, but Robin can't seem to get a grip on the lumbering man-beast.

    Riannah grabs another knife from the throwing board, and, this time, manages to strike true. The knife buries itself to the hilt in the minotaur's thick hide.

    Grum's hold, however does not last long. Once again, Rhagast shakes off the bugbear like yesterday's clothes (though Rhagast has likely not changed clothes in weeks) and continues to trod on his surrounding adversaries and pull free from the stinking cloud.

    Heaving from the effort, Rhagast appears more beaten down than he'd prefer to be. Blood runs down his brow and coats his arms, forming small pools where his hooves fall, "I told you. You can't win scaler! I've got a trick up my sleeve."

    With that, he lifts his right hand to reveal an emerald ring. With his left hand, he twists the ring and disappears in a brilliant flash.

    When the blinding light subsides, a stunned, three-armed thri-kreen lies on the floor in the pool of blood where the minotaur once stood. In the claws of his arms is an emerald ring, similar to that on Rhagast's finger.
    Perception DC 18
    The thri-kreen is NOT Rhagast. This is not a disguise
    Arcana DC 18
    The ring on the thri-kreen's claw, and the ring on Rhagast's finger must be linked somehow. Twisting the ring causes the wearers of the ring to teleport to eachother's locations. It is likely that niether Rhagast, nor this unfortunate creature, knows this.

    "Huh!?...What the?" The thri-kreen looks at the crowd surrounding him, "Hello....How'd I get here?"
    He glances down at the stump that would be his fourth arm, "Aaaah! My arm! My arm! What happened to my....just kidding. I lost that a long time ago. You see, there was this big green dragon...Anybody spare a mug of ale?"
    Brastrix and Friends
    Move: to G,-2

    Standard: Charge to I0
    Target: Rhagast
    Attack: 1d20+19+1(Charge)=32 vs. AC for 2d6+8+2d6(Skermish)=23 damage

    Move: to L3 and takes 14 poison damage

    Standard: Cutlass
    Target: Rhagast
    Attack: 1d20+18+2(Flanking)=32 vs. AC for 2d6+8+1d10(CA)=24 damage

    Move: J3 and takes 14 poison damage

    Standard: Grab
    Target: Rhagast
    Attack: 1d20+11=29 vs. Reflex. Rhagast is grabbed

    Save vs. OG 5 Fire damage: 1d20+2=5 Fail

    Move: to K3

    Standard: Grab
    Target: Rhagast
    Attack: 1d20+13=17 vs. Reflex. Fail

    Move: to N4

    Standard: Dagger
    Target: Rhagast
    Attack: 1d20+18=38 vs. AC Crit for 14 damage

    Rhagast's Actions
    Move: Escape
    Attack: 1d20+15-6=29 vs. Fortitude. Rhagast is free of the grab

    Standard: Trample to H1-I2
    Target 1: Grim
    Attack: 1d20+18-6=17 vs. AC Miss
    Target 2: Robin
    Attack: 1d20+18-6=21 vs. AC Miss
    Target 3: Grum
    Attack: 1d20+18-6=32 vs. AC Crit for 20 damage and is Grum knocked prone
    Target 4: Artemis
    Attack: 1d20+18-6=23 vs. AC for 2d8+6=15 damage and is Artemis knocked prone
    Target 5: Brastrix
    Attack: 1d20+18-6=16 vs. AC Miss

    Artemis: I3 27/42HP 8/8HS 1AP, prone
    Graven: -C7 30/30HP 11/11HS 1AP
    Gil: E8 30/36HP 6/7HS 1AP Resist 5 Fire
    Lerrick: F11 52/52HP 9/9HS 1AP
    Phoenix: I5 43/53HP 8/8HS 1AP, slowed, resist 10 fire and cold, any creature that attacks Phoenix takes 1d6+15 fire damage, 3d6+24 if it's a melee attack, Shield

    Hellhound: K11 12/26 Bloodied
    Flaming Sphere: J7(+10)
    Magma Monster: F4 26/26

    Brastrix: I0 143/143HP
    Robin: K3 139/139HP
    Riannah: N4 128/128HP
    Grum: J3 192(179)/270HP Ongoing 5 fire (save ends), prone
    Grim: L3 256/270HP

    Rhagast: H1-I2 245(237)/624HP Bloodied-4 to attack rolls and defenses until the end of Lerrick's next turn. Until the end of Artemis' next turn, he has an additional -2 to attack rolls.
    GM: Rewards Submitted for Approval:

    I told you this would be short.

    XP: If it's OK with @covaithe, I'm going to award partial XP for bloodying Rhagast to the tune of 3500XP X2.

    Thus each participant gets 1400XP. Thanks for ponying up the courage to take on a brute of substantial advantage.

    I will need Phoenix to stay in this thread and interact with the thri-kreen. Anyone who wishes to stay and be part of the conversation may stay, but otherwise you are free to return to the Hanged Man thread.

    If you wish to RP your interaction with the thri-kreen, you may.

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    Phoenix snarls and, still blazing, rushes towards the Thrikreen and grabs him. "Where did he go? Tell me! I've chased him too long for him to get away now!"

    Her summoned flame-beings smolder away into ash unnoticed as she raises his arm with the ring like Rhagast's on it.

    "He was wearing one of these too, wherever you just were, he's there now! Tell me!"

    OOC: Perception 1d20+10=20, Arcana auto-succeeds (+17).

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    OOC: Anyone wanna gimme another approval for Graven? I just need 1 more anyone approval so I can actually get the xp

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    Artemis picks himself off the bar, his clothing and armor now dripping in beer and ale. He lets the astral blade disappear into the nothingness from which it came.

    "Well, you don't see that every day."

    "Course, round here there are things you don't see every day that you DO see every day..."

    He listens in to see what the thrikreen has to say.


    Hit points 27/42, 8/8 surges

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    Graven moves away from the wall, edging a bit closer to the thri-keen, trying to get a better look, wondering what kind of trick Rhagast is trying to pull. He senses magic emanating from the ring on the creature's finger, but can't determine what exactly it does.
    OOC: Figure since I don't know it's not rhagast, it doesn't make as much sense for me to be able to tell the 2 rings are linked even though I have the arcana to sense the magic
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