D&D 4th Edition The Future of D&D Seminar - Full Video from PAX East

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    The Future of D&D Seminar - Full Video from PAX East

    The full video from the Future of D&D seminar at PAX East this weekend is now live.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yoa_xQTya8Y"]The Future of D&D Panel at PAX East - YouTube[/ame]

    The next iteration of Dungeons & Dragons is on its way! Join D&D Senior Manager Mike Mearls and Lead Rules Editor Jeremy Crawford in a Q&A about the next D&D, and how the open playtest is using fan feedback to help shape the future of the game.

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    They really need to start using the word 'components' to stop all the module confusion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris_Nightwing View Post
    They really need to start using the word 'components' to stop all the module confusion.
    Or at least use "modular" when they employ the term.

    I will be interested to see how it plays out in terms of the settings, as it sounds like what they are proposing is what I wants. But it remains to be seen if it will be delivered.

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    I'll agree that the rules themselves have a feel to them. I, for one, never did play in any of those "classic" adventures except for Undermountain (with which I had an experience similar to Alphastream's experience with Keep on the Borderlands), yet each incarnation had a different feel to it because each incarnation had a different approach to the same problem. A prime example of this is with the way AC differs between 2nd AD&D and 3.0.

    It seems to me that any attempt to recapture the "classic" D&D feel with "modern" rules comes down to where the simplicity and the complexity come into play within the system. Look at 2nd edition AD&D as an example: When it comes right down to it, AD&D was really a simple game in spite of the A in its title. Sure, none of the subsystems could agree on a core mechanic, but each was simple in it's implementation. The complexity entered into the game with the equipment (both magical and mundane, the equipment tables had four flavors of footwear for Heaven's sake!) and the magic. Compare that with 4E, in which the core Fighter class occupies 14 pages of the Player's Handbook while the treasure parcel system and the encumbrance rules were simplified to the point of absurdity (you mean my strength 8 wizard can pack 80 pounds of gear in his backpack without even slowing down? We should ALL be so fit). This is what I find so encouraging about the idea of stripping everything down to being a function of the ability scores and then tweaking that foundation. If they can strip the core game down to a single, simple mechanic then add the complexity in through modular components like themes and kits, and subsystems like feats; then I think it is very possible for them to recapture the classic feel with a more unified, or "modern," design approach.

    Personally, it is my biggest hope that they give the next incarnation more support for homebrew elements than the 3 obscure pages devoted to it in the 4E core materials.

    Edit: Minor correction in 2nd paragraph.
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    I have to say that the guys certainly came off as doing the best they can for all of us. And I liked at least 90%+ of what I heard. Now all they have to do is make it work!
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    Guess I've gotten pretty 'easy' over the decades.

    I liked about 95% of what I heard. And the last 5% ... certainly no 'killer' for me.

    Looks like I'll be around for this next edition.

    I will say that one thing made me feel ... uneasy. The Head of R&D for WOTC, and therefore for D&D, is a man more than a few decades younger than I. Whew.
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    I must say I was impressed by both of them. This really showed me they are working hard but in a thoughtful way. It also shows me they take the need to balance out a variety play styles serously.

    PS When did David Cross start working for wizards

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    It was really, really great getting to see this - and so soon - despite being unable to attend nearly all cons. Good quality, too, so hats off to WotC for that, too.
    And thanks, Russ, for making sure we got the hook-up!

    Jeremy and Mike did a great job, and Mearls even dished out the humor, too!
    (as well as the audience member who asked about Paizo - funny stuff)

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    Standard Setting breadth I agreed with.
    Eberron and Darksun push the boundaries. They are likely to get more unique and personalized rules than a medieval fantasy world. That's cool and it brings settings back as an important element of the game as well as a more intimate and distinctive interaction at each table.

    Adventure Creation & Setting Creation guidelines hand in hand with Rules Selection guidelines for each home game are a major step forward IMHO. It is something that is sorely needed with the best stuff I've ever heard having come word of mouth in the 80s and only recently during play of OD&D.
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    I really liked what I heard, and it looks like what is coming is pretty much what I've always wanted D&D to be. The guys came across sincere about their love for the game too.
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