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    Caves of Chaos (Group 1, PF) - IC

    Starting an IC/RG thread for the Caves of Chaos. All players need to make their first post a character sheet post and after everyone has checked in I will start the game.

    @Disposable Hero



    To open up these caves a bit here are a couple house rules related to squares on the map.

    Half squares (1/2sqs) will be marked with a blue dot on the battlemap.

    Any square marked with a red dot will be counted as difficult terrain.

    A black dot will mean impassable (even if you can see some of the square).

    Characters count 1/2sqs normally when the wish to move on the battlemap.

    Small characters may stand and fight normally in 1/2sqs.

    Medium characters may stand and fight from 1/2sqs but count as if squeezing -4 to attack and AC; as the wall is closer to them and they don't make full swings or have room to dodge).

    This should open up the corridors a little.
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