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    Gaming w/Jemal : Circle of Champions OOC (Full for now)

    So I've been considering a game for a while. The premise is a world nearly destroyed by a combination of high-tech, magic, and super-beings.
    The year is ~2100. The 21st century saw an explosion of technological advances, genetic mutations causing super-men, the return of magic to the world, and the reveal of the previously hidden supernatural community. A busy century of revelation to be sure.

    Unfortunately, the rapid scaling up of new powers in the world lead to the third great war, which nearly ended humanity.
    The war was finally ended by an enormously powerful warlock, who forced a ceasefire and proposed an alternative.

    Thus was born the arena. It started as an alternative to the war which had wreaked havoc on civilization but quickly grew into something more. Arena matches are now the primary form of both dispute resolution, and entertainment. There's nothing the masses like more than watching exceptionally powerful beings beat the snot out of each other.

    The players in this game will be a relatively new team of arena champions. The setting is purposely as open as possible, you can be magical, fantastical, tech, mutant, supernatural, mythical, etc, etc. The only origin I'm against is extra-terrestrial.

    I'll be using the mutants & masterminds rules simply because it gives (IMO) the best combination of freedom to create whatever you want while being much easier to balance than other point based systems or D&D.
    Creation rules and more info will be posted later, just wanted to get this up and get initial reactions to the concept first.

    If you're not familiar with M&M but like the concept, there are people (myself included) who are always willing to help.
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