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    (Suspended) OOC The Thirteenth Moon, a Story-Driven Campaign (D&D 3.5 Eberron)

    May 27th, 2013: I have suspended this campaign due to RL demands.

    As the Artificer's Clock struck 11:59 it seemed the entire City of Towers was holding its breath. The New Year celebration was always a big to-do in Sharn. People mingled more freely between the upper and lower towers. Parties were happening in every tower, every plateau, even the City of Dead where Sharn's deceased lay in state was said to be crawling with socialites (many of them necromancers and followers of the Blood of Vol Sharnites would whisper). On this night even the most uptight monk of the Silver Flame could be seen getting off his hassock and leaping with jubilation. This night would mark the second new year celebration since the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold in 996 YK. And if you thought last year's "First Year of Peace" theme was fantastic, you were ecstatic with this year's "Wine, Women, and Warforged" theme. All the crazies were out, and no one seemed to mind. But at this moment, a hush had fallen over the city as the Artificer's Clock, large and clearly visible from all the highest towers of the city, ticked ever closer to the new year. The illusionists of the City of Towers had brightened the second hand on the Artificer's Clock for this specific moment. All you could hear was the soft murmur, almost a chant, as people the whole city round joined together to count down the final seconds of the clock's ticking. Five, four, three, two, one...

    And then it happened: a deafening and raucous cry of celebration rang out through the City of Towers. The cheers of "Happy New Year" were so loud, people would swear you could hear them across the Thunder Sea. And why shouldn't they? A quarter million people all crying out in unison was certainly a spectacular thing to hear. But as bottles of Aundairian champagne were popped and merry-makers hugged, danced and sang, a blood-curdling scream pierced the din. It was soon followed by more screams of the same nature and the reason quickly became obvious to all. A dark cloud had passed over the night sky, revealing for the first time a terrible sight, a blood-red moon in full color sitting there high in the sky. Everyone knew Eberron's twelve moons, Zarantyr, the Storm Moon, Olarune the Sentinel, Therendor, the Healer's Moon, Eyre, the Anvil, Dravago, the Herder's Moon, King Nymm, the Eye of Lharvion, Barrakas, the Lantern, Rhaan, the Book, Sypheros, the Shadow, Aryth, the Gateway, and Vult, the Warding Moon. The months of the Galifaran calendar were named for the moons and each shines a bit brighter than the others during the month of its name. But this new moon, this blood-red moon, bright and ominous, had never appeared before. There were legends about it, of course, generally boding terrible and dark things, and its appearance was an ominous sign that drove most to panic.

    Almost as soon as it had begun, the party was over. People fled to their homes and hid themselves, afraid to be caught in the light of the blood-red moon. It was easiest for those in the Cogs and the Depths, who were so far down they could barely make out even bold Zarantyr when it was ascendant. And there were far more shadows than bright places there. But for those high up, and particularly for those upon the floating district of Skyway, terror ensued. For the appearance of a thirteenth moon was a menacing omen, threatening uncertain times at best, and a resurgence of war, death, and suffering at worst. It had taken the continent of Khorvaire over a hundred years to make peace after the Last War had begun, and the omens of that conflict were far more subtle than a blood-red moon. For the moment, the entire City of Towers was gripped with fear.

    Announcing the opening of recruiting for The Thirteenth Moon, a new Play-By-Post using the D&D 3.5 system set in the fantastic world of Eberron. This campaign is going to be very story-based and heavy on narrative. In fact, players will be given the opportunity to control some aspects of the narrative themselves. Because of this, some modifications will be made to the rules of the 3.5 system to streamline combat (which will not be very common in the first place) and emphasize uses for social skills that offer hints and narrative expansion rather than simple solutions to encounters. I have drafted out some rules for Skills, Character Creation, and Combat, although these may be subject to minor tweaks before we begin.

    Knowledge of the Eberron campaign setting is not a necessity, only a desire for great story-telling and narrative, though having access to Eberron source books may enhance your appreciation for the storyline and help you to develop background for your character. The campaign will consist of two parts: short adventures or sub-plots featuring as little as one encounter, which will be designed to help immerse you in the City of Towers and develop a more satisfying sense of accomplishment (which is hard to do in PBP) and main plot adventures which will explore more about the nature of the Blood Moon and its significance for Sharn and the world of Eberron at large.

    Your characters will start young and inexperienced in the ways of the world (for the most part anyway) and will begin at 1st-level. Play will begin on the Night of the Blood Moon, as it comes to be called, and your characters will be some of those brave few who dare to venture out on this ghastly night in search of answers. I am willing to accept a maximum of four players at this point in time. Precedence will be given to those who expressed interest in the Interest Check thread if they are still interested. Alternates may apply, but I make no promises for them. I do welcome all to read and enjoy.

    I am not looking at a hard start-date. But I have developed this idea for over two years now and am ready to begin as soon as the players are.

    Rogues Gallery
    IC Night of the Blood Moon
    Mandyran, mentor to Dorius (retired)
    Kurt Karr'Aashta, mentor to Berrent (retired)
    Iyanna ir'Talan, mentor to Brad (retired)
    Hanamelk, mentor to Alise (retired)
    Lt. Zaira Dane, mentor to Vigil
    Reina Doiran, mentor to Nadia
    Lorsanna Korvane, mentor to Soranda Aurenz
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