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    [LPF] Ogre in the Rushes

    Monster hunting... this should be fun as long as you don't become the hunted.

    This is a short little game to bring a little fame and fortune to a few LPF characters.

    Game INFO:
    DM: HolyMan
    Judge: ??
    Starting Date: August 4, 2012
    Ending Date: unknown
    Days played: unknown

    Character INFO:
    Korey McKragg played by DrJest
    Starting XP: 460 (lvl 1)
    Last Post:

    Reianne Estril played by hemera
    Starting XP: 2,054 (lvl 2)
    Last Post:

    Tyrion Thankirk played by jackslate45
    Starting XP: 1,470 (lvl 2)

    Quillian Barthony played by sunshadow21
    Starting XP: 1,647 (lvl 2)


    giant porcupine CR 2 (600xp)
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