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    Marvel Heroic RPG (RECRUITING!)

    New York, present day. You are one of the heroes of the Marvel Universe, and were minding your own business when, suddenly and without warning, you got wind of the emergency. Maybe a signal got through to Avengers mansion, or Nick Fury made a call to the Baxter Building. Or, more than likely, you saw it the same time the rest of the world did: S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Helecarrier is under attack! The helecarrier, and goodness knows what reactors, weapons and goods they keep locked up on there... and don't they lock up super-villains on that thing, dangerous ones? Someone, insanely, decided to attack that flying fortress, and if the flames over the Manhattan skyline are any indication, it's going to crash real fast if someone doesn't help.

    That someone is YOU! The Avengers are disassembled to the four corners of the planet on different missions, the X-men are in San Francisco, and who knows where the Fantastic Four could be. 9 Million people are left undefended... or rather, left in your capable hands.

    Maybe you fly up, maybe you jumped aboard from a rooftop when the ship listed close by, or maybe you hopped on back of one of those flying jet-ski things that are shooting the ship down.

    You didn't land alone: a handful of local heroes made it at the same time you did... but can even the combined might of a band of heroes take on whatever force is beating up SHIELD HQ itself?!

    This is for the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game, Margaret Weis Productions. I'm going to use the pre-gens from the book, if you don't have it I'll send a "modified" copy via PM of that character (slightly different so I don't get dinged for infringment, I guess).

    If you have the rules and can make a Marvel character who is equivalent ot the ones in the book (check the website, I believe there are examples), we can talk.

    The list of entries I'll allow is below (armor and sentry are out because I don't know who she is, and he's stupidly powerful even compared to Thor and the Hulk):

    black panther
    black widow
    Captain America
    emma frost
    human torch
    invisible woman
    iron fist
    iron man
    luke cage
    mr fantastic
    ms marvel
    spider man
    spider woman

    Herobizkit: Spider-man
    Victim: Daredevil
    Electronic: Storm
    Beast: Beast!
    PersistenceHunter: Ms Marvel
    Jemal: ?
    Walking Dad: Namor
    IxCptMorganIX: Iron Man

    I'm going to need people to correct those question marks and pick a character. I'll game with all of you so long as everyone actually keeps posting! A few times a week is key, or whenever you're on the internet and are tired of not being a superhero (which is I'm guessing a lot).
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