"Deshi, Deshi, Basara, Basara, Deshi, Deshi, Basara, Basara, Deshi, Deshi, Basara, Basara, Deshi, Deshi, Basara, Basara, Deshi, Deshi, Basara, Basara, Deshi, Deshi, Basara, Basara, Deshi, Deshi, Basara, Basara." Prisoners chating Rise in Dark Knight Rises.

Sandpoint, Varisia's light of the lost coast, holds an event that celebrates the rebuilding of their church to Desna, which was burnt to the ground several years ago. So on this day of the Autumnal Equinox on the day of Rova, the 22nd, the Swallowtail Festival begins. The festival attracts numerous amount of guests around the world!

From the Northgate of Sandpoint a bronze skin stone like gargoyle being attracts the eyes of other travelers as they enter the city. The Gargoyles good posture, and actions by cheering up some kids, proves to the townsfolk he is not dangerous. He continues his path to the square before the newly built church.

From the east spans Tanner's Bridge a rat with a sack walks across it. Almost stranger things have resided in the town, almost, for the ratfolk carries with him a musket. Guns are uncommon within the town, but have been through before. The combination of a rat with a gun is what catches the eye of anyone in sight. With eyes upon him, the ratfolk makes his way to the square before the newly built church.

To the south east another bridge named Sandpoint Bridge bridges the gap. Upon it walks two strange adventurers, one being a werewolf, yet is not a werewolf. The townfolk are terrified of the strange creature being in daylight and tend to even avoid eye contact, but gaze behind her when she not looks. The townguard keep a close eye on her as she makes her way to the square before the newly built church.

After the wolf creature closed the gap, a strange ... little ... guy ... thing, crosses the bridge with strikingly, great speed. The townsfolk don't even get a glance at whatever it was that crossed due to it's size, speed, and the wolf like creature. All that was felt was a rush of wind around the knees. To the little creature, that is it's normal speed, with a hunt for the square before the newly built church.

To the infamous Sandpoint Harbor, a boat arrives full of people around the world. First to exit the boat is a half-elf with but a mask with one eye hole. He gazes around the look of Sandpoint with his good eye before making his adventurous way to the square before the newly built church.

The crowd gathers at the square before the church for the welcoming speeches. The first to the podium is the mayor of Sandpoint, Deverin. She clears her throat, and begins

"Welcome to Sandpoint, from all of us who live here at Sandpoint, let me be the first to thank everyone for joining us. Even Larz over there torn himself away from his tanner, just for us." Every townsfolk there laughs. "But enough about jokes, here is our town sheriff to give us the rules of the festival. Please give a welcome to Sheriff Belor Hemlock" Mayor Deverin steps aside for Belor to take the stand. After everyone's applause quietens, the Sheriff begins his dour speech.

"Please be safe around the evening's bonfire. Last thing we need is another church to be burnt down. The church was not the only thing burnt down, many lives were lost. Please join me in silence for those lives lost." Everyone is silent for that moment. "To no one's surprise, Lonjiku Kaijitsu is suddenly ill, so we will skip straight to Cyrdak Drokkus" The shriff stands aside for Sandpoint's showman Cyrdak, and is up to the challenge to bring everyone's mood back up.

"Thanks for that Belor, I don't think anyone is planning for this church to get burnt down, not with how painful the process was. It was all thanks to the people here, and as a reward, my play 'The Harpy's Curse' will be playing in the followin evening. The harpy queen will be played by none other that Magnimar's star, Allishanda. Everyone here deserves it after your hard work, let me hear a roar!" The crowd gives a cheer. "Not good enough, I need you to be louder." The crowd even cheers louder! "Still can't hear you!" The crowd gives a huge roar of applause! "That's it! Yeah! Now here's Father Zantus!" Cyrdrak joins Belor and Deverin as Father Zantus steps up to the podium to give a short speech.

"Thank you all for comming, it pleases me so much that people from around the world have come. Please don't let me keep you, you've all probably been dieing for the fun and games this festival brings. I hope we havn't bored you too much, without further delay, let the festival begin!" The crowd cheers and disperses for the fun and games!

OOC: Allrighty then, that's the intro to this campaign, start things off with the festival and having fun. There are games to be had; sack races, hide-and-seek, weight-lifting challenges, balance beam contests, tug-of-war events, fortune telling, and the like. This is a way to introduce PCs to each other, and key NPCs in the town. Winners get bragging rights for the rest of the day, but for the Sandpoint residence, that is awesome! Roleplay it out, and I'll guide and help to the best of my abilities.