Any way to turn off the "tweets" button

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    Any way to turn off the "tweets" button

    I notice a new Tweets button on the left edge of the browser. Any way to turn off this visual annoyance?

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    I've used the UserCSS extension to do this, until/unless we get a switch.

    div#tb_wcont_wtb { display: none !important; }

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    It is annoying. I hate scaling toolbars, etc. on the side (or bottom/top) of the screen that follow me around when they're something I have absolutely no interest in. It makes sense to utilize it for people that want it, but is there a button I can click somewhere to get rid of it?
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    Seconded, er, fourthed, whatever.

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    I can't wait until StreamoftheSky sees this one
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    Another vote for the possibility of removing that button.
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