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    I wonder if part of this deal included Lucas turning over the footage that he'd shot already for the "gritty" TV show about bounty hunters and such to Disney?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Votan View Post
    Yeah, I suspect that this will end up being a good thing, one way or the other. The best that can happen is some really cool movies. The worst is that we just pretend the series ended after Revenge of the Sith. Return of the Jedi

    Disney has a track record of success with its properties. As long as Lucas' influence on the final product is kept to a bare minimum I am pretty confident in the future of Star Wars

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    Am I in the minority in hoping the Zahn books are not the basis of the new trilogy? The anti-force lizards alone turned me off to them. I'd rather see a focus on the kids of the originals/Jedi Academy storyline. The age of the original actors is irrelevant then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dannyalcatraz View Post
    A quibble: he didn't get EVERY mistake- I have my own list of issues with the prequels that don't get covered too often...
    Yeah, I guess he did miss a few. Hard not to--there was so much. Is there a pm system so that you can send me your list without clogging this thread?

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    I have to correct myself... Disney transitioned their licensed properties to Marvel but they were gradual (they killed some floundering titles and then allowed titles to run until the license ended).

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Mahdi View Post
    I'm betting the continuous stream of similar comments is probably one of the reasons he decided to sell...
    GREAT! Anything that gets the property out of the hands of Mr. "I did it, needs to be the way I want it." is A+ in my book!

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    As someone who loathes Disney, I have a very bad feeling about this!

    Can't necessarily blame Lucas either. While he isn't a great writer, his ideas aren't all bad. The prequel trilogy had some good premises underneath it, but is was hampered in many places by weak dialogue and a few plot holes. The Star Wars fanbase very much overstates his weaknesses though. I can't blame him for being upset with the situation.

    Good or bad whatever is done here is going to throw some huge snarls in the EU. Now, there is a lot in the EU that is certainly worse than the prequels, but at least the Star Wars EU didn't have the problems of the Trek EU -- that is nothing is canon and sometimes better than what is canon. That's why I stopped following the Trek EU. Star Wars at least was easier, the movies were primary canon while the novels themseves were still pretty official.

    I dunno. I mean the OT actors are really too old to reprise their roles, and Lucas was talking about maybe making a new set of movies set at least 100 years after the OT. If they follow something like this it might not be too bad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Olgar Shiverstone View Post
    I'm disappointed.

    I don't want to see new Star Wars movies for a while.
    I guess you could wait a few years before you watch them.

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    I heard on Dutch television that the new movies would focus on Luke, Leia and Han. Don't know whether that's based on an actual announcement somewhere or just a reporter not knowing enough about Star Wars to have considered any other possibilities.

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    Any idea on how Disney handles licenses? How they treat RPGs?

    It might be pretty hectic at FFG's right now.

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