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    [November] What are you reading?

    I'm about two-thirds of the way through World Without End by Ken Follett.

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    Got bogged down in "Jane Eyre" by Bronte. I had hoped to finish that last month, but I'm only a quarter of the way through.

    This month's books are "Moving Pictures" by Pratchett, the latest Pathfinder Adventure Path (when it arrives), the "Plague of Shadows" by Howard Andrew Jones, "HMS Surprise" by O'Brian, and "Sense and Sensibility" by Austen. The odds of me getting through all six are... not good.

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    Halfway through Red Country by Joe Abercrombie. Not as good as The Heroes, but still very good. Looking forward to finishing it so I can get back to Cloud Atlas and try to finish that before I see the movie.

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    About halfway through the second Monster Hunter book by Larry Correia. After that, I'll do a quick read of the third book, and then read Side Jobs and Ghost Story again in preparation for the release of the new Dresden Files book at the end of the month.

    I don't honestly think I'll get further than that this month, but if I do, I'm going to finish Don Bassingthwaite's Legacy of Dhakaan trilogy (I've read the first two books, but have the third still to go) and then probbaly dabble in some of FFG's Arkham Horror novels.

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    Just started Blackout by Mira Grant the other day. Finally going to finish the Newsflesh series. Then, it'll be on to The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch by PKD.
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    Finished The Shadowed Sun by NK Jemisin. I didn't like it as much as Volume 1 of the series, but it's still a very well-imagined world, with Egyptian influences, and some deep characters.

    Next up is Drifting House by Krys Lee, and possibly The Hammer and the Blade by Paul Kemp.
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    Reading "Total Recall", the Arnold Schwarzeggar autobiography. It's fascinating.

    What an amazing, inspiring guy. Yeah, I know most people will just point to his infidelity (and he's gotta own that), but I'm willing to look past that at all the amazing stuff he accomplished. I really admire the guy.

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    I just started reading 'The Church', a supplement for Ars Magica 5th ed.

    I have a large backlog currently regarding Ars Magica supplements, so I plan on reading them until I get my pre-ordered Kindle Paperwhite. I'm expecting to buy few 'real' books from that point on.
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    Depending on where I'm sitting, I'm currently reading [ame=""]REAMDE[/ame], [ame=""]Nonsense on Stilts[/ame], [ame=""]Storm Front[/ame], or [ame=""]Down to the Sea[/ame].
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    Almost finished all of Gemmels books. The KickStarter has slowed me down but I get 1-2 hours in every night.
    When finished with those I have Fairy Tale by Raymond E Fiest to reread. Then jumping to the American 2050 series
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