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    How about the Mordites?

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    Since your back I have a question: Do the Hyperboreans have any space ships? I would assume no if they can fly through space unassisted

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    They absolutely do. They have stats but it's on paper sadly. I'll try to get them situated. Essentially they are reminiscent of the Saiyan space pods, they look like hundred sided tetrahedrons, white steel in color, they are linked to the user's Prana, amplifying their power greatly, though the Hyperboreans don't usually fight inside their ship if they can possibly (and maybe not even then) win. They roughly are about 20% weaker than the Luna starfighter I posted about and these crafts are mainly for their weaker crews who lack star flight, mainly 'Universal' groups who have yet to break the barrier into the Pleroma, such a feat requires getting past neutronium golems so there is still some huge room for leeway.

    Stronger hyperborerans can fold space and have star flight but can have elaborate capital ships that serve as both highly decorative battle standards and fully functional and incredibly powerful star dreadnoughts.

    I really need to post one of these things. I think the mordite ship is the strongest thing I've posted so far ship wise.

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    Can you stat the mordites themselves? I am really curious.

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    "The Jacyra, the Beings in the Black Well, Darkwalkers"


    This jet black bipedal gaunt humanoid looks more like a solid shadow than a man. Red smoke swirling around it like incense.

    No discernible eyes, ears, nose, mouth or anything other than a vaguely humanoid head and bone structure. It stands 9 feet tall, its long sinewey arms end in long pointed fingers sharp like claws but with no actual nail.

    it slowly moves in place as if dancing and its weird sharp feet barely touch the floor, burning the ground away in red light and red smoke, dissolving it to nothing.

    Something about the way it disintegrates makes you very wary.

    CR 35
    N ( Unaligned) Large Extramultiversal Outsider
    Init: +10
    Blind Vision
    Speed: 100 ft

    HD: 20d20+ 200 (600 HP)
    AC: 45 (10+ 10 nat, +5 dex, +20 deflection)
    DR: --/-- (Immune to Standard Damage)

    Str: 35
    Dex: 20
    Con: 30
    Int: 18
    Wis: 10
    Cha: 40

    Fort: 42
    Ref: 35
    Will: 32

    Claws+ 53 Melee
    Black Lightning Blaster +45 Ranged Touch

    Claws: 4 Attacks 4d10+33 + Annihilation
    Black Lightning Ray: 4 Attacks 20d10+ 20+ Annihilation

    Skills: 23+ Relevant Ability Mod

    Special Abilities:

    Annihilation (Ex): All matter from any universe multiverse or cosmic space not native to the Mordite is utterly annihilated without save. Armor somehow safely fashioned from the Mordite mineral can withstand their attacks, items linked to their Cosmic String and a small amount of non native matter can affect the Mordites normally. The ground under the Mordites feet dissolves at a rate of one inch per round making them slowly 'dance' in place and leaving permanent footprints underneath them. Items touched by the Mordites dissolve at the same rate and items dissolved are permanently destroyed.

    Permanent Damage (Ex): All damage dealt by the Mordite is considered permanent damage and can only be healed by Alter Reality, Wish, or Miracle spells at a rate of 1 hp per caster level.

    Immunity to Standard Damage (Ex): All forms of standard damage, including magic, fail unless it can overcome the criteria stated above.

    Extramultiversal Grace (Ex):
    Mordites move in strange angles not known by man, they gain Evasion, a deflection bonus to their AC, and a bonus to attack, damage, saves and all strength, con, cha, and dex based skills equal to their charisma bonus.

    Blind vision (Ex): Mordites can perceive their surroundings as if they had see in darkness and true sight, they can not be targeted by gaze attacks, and can see into the fabric of time and space allowing them to ignore concealment, track targets, see through solid objects and know where an enemy teleported to or plane shifted to, etc.

    Cosmic String (Ex): Mordites are connected to this reality tenuously by small amounts of Antimatter from the same existence. This material is safe to handle and can wound the Mordites with a touch. All items made of this material are capable of doing normal damage to the Mordite and ignore their Extramultiversal Grace special ability.
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    Sorry for the delay Bootlebat. Hope you guys enjoy.
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    What alignment are the Mordites if any? Also does magic work on them or no?

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    Magic can work on them if it breaks the criteria stated in the Annihilation and Immunity to Standard Damage abilities. They'd be considered Unaligned or CN but always work with one another.

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    I would love to see stats for your Terran and the armor they use.

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